Inyouchuu Kyou Chapter 3 Part 6

「…… Huh?」

That information was actually news to Sui.

It might have been common sense for Mikoto and other Exorcists, but Sui, who hadn’t even learned the basics of being an Exorcist, had no idea.

(If that’s true, I might actually be safe until Mikoto-chan comes to my rescue……)

In that very moment Sui found a ray of light amidst the darkness, and her tension eased ever so slightly.

Smiling at the girl, the Director picked up a bottle and opened its lid.

「My hypothesis is that this ability is somehow connected with the power of thought. If you feel strongly that you don’t like something or you don’t want something to happen, it changes the hormonal balance inside of the woman’s womb and prevents the egg from settling properly.」

Then, he inserted a long pair of tweezers into the bottle and picked out a lumpy and sweet potato-looking creature from it, about the size of his index finger, with a poisonous pattern in fluorescent colors on a black background of its segmented body.


As soon as Sui saw it, a scream leaked out from her mouth, even though she did not mean to scream.

There was a round tip on top of the creature’s head, accompanied by two large and glossy compound eyes. It seemed to have two heads because two pairs of long and thin tentacles extend from its front and back. Its belly, which was stretched and curled, had many pairs of small, sharp legs, looking like buds on a tree.

「In just about a moment, I’m going to put this little fellow inside of your lewd pussy. It will burrow itself deep inside of your cavity in order to lay its eggs there and crawl all the way to your womb. My hypothesis here is that if you strongly feel that you do not want those eggs to settle in and hatch, it should not happen. Now please give it your best.」

「Nooo! Ahh! Aaahhh!! Noo!! Don’t!!! Stop it! Stop!!!」

「Yes, yes! That’s it! That’s exactly what I want! Just vividly display how you don’t like it! This little fella is just going to wiggle its way inside of you, it won’t cause you any serious harm. Just imagine how much you don’t want to become a youma seedbed and everything should be just fine.」

「N-No, no way……! This isn’t real! This isn’t happening! Hyah!? Uhh!! Ahhh!?」

The petals of her mucous membranes, which had been unfolded by the accident, burst open with a slight pain, and a certain amount of weight was placed on them. The weight, which felt like a small dot at first, soon stretched out into a long, thin shape. And then it undulated and slowly crawled forward.

「Hyah!? Ahh…… Aaahh!! Nnh!? I-It’s coming inside!? Aaahh!! Noo!! Please, don’t! It’s entering!!! Uuhh!!」

A hard and round object about the size of her index finger was pressed against Sui’s virgin cavity and moved up and down and left and right. Even if she desperately lifted her pale face, she couldn’t see her crotch because her big breasts were in the way, which were glowing with cherry blossom hue and swaying heavily. She could only imagine the horror that was happening down there.

「Noo!! Ahh! Ahh! Uuuhh!! Kuh! Fuh! Nnnhh! Uuhh……!!」

Her delicate virgin mucous membranes were squeezed over the hard head of a small youma that swayed forward, and was pushed and distorted in all directions. Rows of embarrassing, honey-soaked flesh folds were then grabbed, scratched, and released by its tiny, sizzling legs.

The two pairs of tentacles on its head and butt were too thin and soft, and Sui couldn’t even feel their touch as they crawled all over her privates. But the swaying and groping around Sui’s vagina and womb was reassuring her that the youma was still there and that it was not going anywhere anytime soon.

「Now, if we were to reverse the logic of my entire experiment.」

The Director continued with a disgusting smile on his lips after picking out another potato-like youma from the same bottle.

「If you were to think that it feels good, the youma’s egg will easily be laid inside of you and you will die as a result of it hatching before long. You will become nothing more than a youmas’ seedbed…… Do you understand what I’m getting at?」

「I…… I understand! I understand! So please, stop it! I beg of you! Please, take it out! Aaahh!! No, don’t! Noo, don’t! Please, noo!! Please, make it stop! T-There’s two of them now…… Aaahh!!」

Desperately twisting her slender body tied to the delivery table, Sui let out a hoarse scream as her cherry-red breasts swayed heavily from side to side.

However, the second potato-like creature was still put right next to her pussy without any sort of resistance.

Without waiting for it to actually slip into her cavity, the end of the youma gradually started to unravel and elongate, and then it slowly started to make its way inside of Sui, one segment of it’s nasty body after another. And since her privates were already so stretched out and wet with her love juices, it wasn’t even all that hard for the youma to get where it wanted to go.

「Fuwaah!? Kufuuh……!! Nnnhh, nhaah…….! Ngyaaah!? Ahh! Ahh! …… Aaahhn!?」

Sui’s virgin cavity was pried open by the long and thin youma that crawled inside while wiggling all over, struggling greatly. Her thin folds were squeezed by its stretchable body segments, and its small legs managed to stir her even further.

Each time the youma did that, a spark-like pleasure flashed and disappeared in front of Sui’s eyes, even though she was yet to know the pleasure that a man can grant a woman. It was a painful, itchy, subtle sensation of a kind she had never felt before in her life, which was difficult to describe properly with words alone.

But if anything else, it was something that felt incredibly good.

(T-This is disgusting…… I know that this feeling should be disgusting, but…… But……!)

Biting her lip reluctantly, and trying hard to suppress her overflowing voice, Sui thought that while staring at her own wavering chest.

If she would not desperately try to hold herself back, she felt that her embarrassed voice would leak out without any kind of reservation. She was still clinging to her disappearing sense of rationality, but her body clearly felt that the youma rampaging inside of her womb was something that was supposed to ‘feel good’.

It was not that she believed the nasty Director’s words one bit, but if she could really prevent being impregnated with the youma’s eggs just by convincing herself that it was not feeling good, then it was something she was willing to do here.

(You can’t feel good from it…… You can’t be made to feel good from it…… You can’t…… Y-Youma-san…… the thing that it does to me makes me feel sick…… T-this feeling doesn’t feel good at all…… Hyaah!?)

A faint pleasure gradually overflowed from the depth of her pussy that was being stirred by the crowd of potato-like youmas, but Sui, who had greasy sweat all over her forehead, denied it with all of her might.

「Fuh, kuh…… nnnhhh, ahh…… Haah, uuh…… Nkuuh……!!」

She desperately tried to suppress her embarrassing sighs that were coming up from the depths of her throat.

She tried to endure it with all of her might as she wriggled her white, stretchy legs on the leg rests and her supple arms bound to the left and right of her head.

「Yes, that’s it, do your best. Once you feel comfortable with it, it will be all over. In that moment you might as well become the youma’s seedbed without even trying to resist it any longer.」

The Director, who seemed to be enjoying the show that Sui was giving him, picked up a large wide-mouthed bottle and opened its lid next. He then drew closer as if he wanted to pour its contents all over Sui’s chest.

「Uwaah!? Huh!? Ahyiiih!?」

Sui let out a hoarse scream as her throat was lifted as the bottle containing the youma was placed on her white big breasts that were swaying with her writhing movements.


Many small and sharp needles of pain pierced her burning skin all over her boobs.

The bottle was then slowly lifted, and the colorful youma inside of it behaved like an avalanche and spilled all out. They scattered on the left and right breasts of the girl that bounced and swayed greatly, spreading their thin legs with ridges and clung to them.

They were really small.

Their flat shells were only a few centimeters wide, and even when their legs were spread out, they were only ten centimeters at best. They looked like brightly colored crabs, but there were dozens of them.

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