Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 3 Part 5




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



The men squeezed Sui’s breast forcefully, trying to milk her and moving their hands from the root of her breasts all the way to their tips. The hard pleasure that was filling her was now reaching all the way towards the core of her breasts ––

[Eh, ohh…… Noooh, nngh!!]

Such violent pleasure wouldn’t normally be possible for a human being, but since Sui’s body was now alternated by the youmas, she was feeling it completely. Each time the men’s hands move, Sui’s breasts felt increasingly hot, increasing Sui’s craving for semen and filling her head with white fog. When her erect nipples rubbed hard against the futon, the pleasure that spread across Sui’s mammary glands was so intense that she could no longer stop herself from moaning wildly.

[Omuooh, muh…… Chyuuu……]

While the pleasure was affecting Sui, she kept on sucking aggressively on the dick that was now rubbing against her throat. “I want semen”, “I want semen”, “I want to suck on dicks and drink delicious semen that will fill my stomach to the brim!” –––– Such thoughts were surging through Sui’s aphrodisiac-filled mind, further feeding the flames of desire inside of her. Both shame and lust were causing Sui’s love nectar to overflow.

(Sperm…… Semen…… Spunk…… Shpermmm…… Shpermmmmmm…… I want it……)

There was only desire left in her head right now.

She wanted to drink some thick and smelly white liquid, which was causing her tongue to aggressively caress the dick inside of her mouth and her hips to wiggle impatiently.

At the same time she kept on sucking the man’s suck like mad, adding as much saliva and friction as she possibly could, all for the sake of milking him of his semen as fast as possible.

[Nnnh…… Eahh!? Ahh, muh…… Eaahh!?]

A think popsicle was pulled out of Sui’s pussy and a new, thicker one was being screwed inside of her immediately after.

It was horrendously thick.

It was so cold that it actually hurt.

A tremendous sensation exploded inside of Sui’s mouth and ran down her spine.

(Ah, ah…… so, deep, inside of me……!? All the way back……!?)

Her hot insides were trying to escape from the cold candy, and its hard tip was pushing right against Sui’s belly. The pleasure was slowly invading Sui’s womb, where all of her love honey was being stored.

That alone was enough to make her mind turn blank and her consciousness to fade –––.


The semen ice-cream was intensly moved in and out of Sui’s pussy. Her flesh folds felt numb from the cold and it was as if tiny ice needles were piercing her insides.

[Nhh! Eaah!? Noo, stop it! Stooop ittt! I’m breaking! I’m going to break…… Mupuah!!]

The intense stimulation was making her head thrash about like mad, bu then she was firmly held down by other men. The hot glans were then thrusted all the way down her throat. The inside of her mouth was squeezing around the meat shaft, and its pre-juices were oozing out down Sui’s throat, causing her excitement to surge even further.

[Soon, just a little bit more. Just leave everything to us and focus on enjoying it as much as you can.]

The men who played with Sui’s breasts smile in a nasty way as they accelerate their hand movements. Her nipples gave her even more pleasure as they rubbed against the futon.

[Ehh, ooh, aaahhh!?]

Sui’s breasts were filled with hot sparks that were exploding one after another.

Sui’s vagina was being violated by the cold popsicles, her nipples rubbed against the futon, her boobs were being squeezed violently, her throat scratched by the hot dick –––– all of those things and feelings mixed with one another, sending shivers and electric shocks down Sui’s spine. Her consciousness was fading more and more with every second.

[Nnnnnnnnn!? Nuh, aah!? Fuh, fueh, fuhaah, nnh, euhh, mufuaaahhh ––––!!!]


Sui’s body twitched all over and her face spasmed heavily.

The penis inside of Sui’s throat spasmed as well, releasing some amount of hot liquid down Sui’s throat.

[Nnnhhh!? Nnn…… hhh!!!]

Huge amounts of hot and thick liquids pour down Sui’s throat, making it hard for her to breathe.

Slowly moving forward, the hot lava-like liquids descend down Sui’s throat and fall into her stomach, causing Sui to spasm even more than before. Its amount was so big that Sui’s mouth was unable to contain it all, causing some of the precious semen to spill outside of her lips.

The insides of Sui’s pussy were melting the semen popsicle as well, making the cloudy and thick sperm to overflow from her nether regions just like the liquids filling her mouth.

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The insides of Sui’s squeezed breasts felt hot. She felt as though there was boiling lava inside of her breasts as well.

Sui’s crotch also felt like burning up. The cloudy drops of sperm were non-stop spilling from her insides, mixing with drops of blood and love juices.


There was also another kind of liquid spilling from inside of Sui. This liquid was golden in color and bore the faint scent of ammonium.

Droplets of milk also fall out of Sui’s nipples, moistening the futon that was already damp from all of her sweat, love nectar and melted sperm.

[Muaaah, aaahhh, puah, eaaahhh……]

All of the liquids that were spilling out of Sui right now were making her head spin. Even her swollen clitoris was starting to feel it right now, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.

[Your breast milk look so good and delicious. You are sure to give birth to good and healthy babies.]

The grinning men were coming closer and closer to Sui, while also picking up a pair of chopsticks and a small cup from the futon. Then they used the chopsticks to pick up and collect all of the small youmas that Sui managed to push out together with her breast milk.

After all the youmas were collected, the men quickly rearranged the messed-up futons and wiped Sui’s body with dry towels. Then they fixed Sui’s clothes and rearranged everything in the room just like it was the moment they entered.

[Listen up, Missy. Keep quiet about what happened here today. Don’t talk to anybody about it. Especially your friends. If you keep quiet about it all, we will come visit you again and do something really nice to you.]

[O…… Okay……]

Sui’s face returned to normal. The rearranged talismans managed to quell the youmas that were still raging inside of her, bringing her a temporary relief. The only thing that was left in her was the lingering climax that she almost managed to reach. But ultimately she was deprived of this wild pleasure herself.

(I think it’s okay if I…… keep quiet about it……)

Smiling comfortably, Sui fell into a deep slumber again.




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