Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 6 Part 4




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Then, a number of stiff and smelly dicks were rubbed against Mikoto’s forehead and cheeks. As the hot meat rubs all over her face, Mikoto could feel her nostrils filling with heavy, stinky odor.

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(S, so… filthy……!!!)

The odor was so thick and heavy that Mikoto’s thoughts were having trouble to focus properly.

The inside of Mikoto’s head was getting all fuzzy from the intense smell, and her youma-violated genitals felt as though they were on fire. Her insides were clamping tightly on the youma that were already inside of her, and the other youma that was digging into her erect clitoris was also injecting it with lots of demonic aphrodisiac. Mikoto’s pussy lips gape and shake from all the stimulation as her love juices overflow from inside of her like a burning lava.

All of the dicks smearing all over her, the youmas penetrating her pussy, hot sensations filling up her head…… It was all turning Mikoto into one big mess.

[I don’t need it…… I don’t need it…… I don’t need it…… I, don’t need to, feel good… from something like this……!!!]

Mikoto tried to tell herself that over and over again in an attempt to calm herself down, but it was of no use. She was already unable to control her own moans and shrieks.

[Ahauu, S, Sui… Suuui~~~!]

[T, Takeru, Takeru-chaaan~!!!]

Mikoto could hear some loud moans and voices right next to her.

Takeru and Sui were right there, forced on all-fours and repeatedly raped by the men’s stiff dicks, smacking their lips together and rubbing one another with their painfully erect nipples.

*Smack*, *chuu*, *kiss*, *lick*, *smooch*…… The two girls greedily combine their lips together and keep on twisting their tongues around one another. The tops of their uniforms were torn off of their backs as well and right about now the men’s hands were groping them all over. Violently kneaded and deformed, their nipples were rubbing against each other, causing the girls to leak hot moans without stopping.


[Nhh! Hnnhn!?]

Each time their nipples rub against one another, Takeru and Sui’s face twists in violent pleasure and their bodies jerk so strongly as if they were having a seizure of some kind. Held in place by the men, they try to readjust their positions so that their boobs can cling together more and more, giving them even more pleasure in return. The most terrifying thing was that they were doing all that of their own free will.

[Take a look at that. You friends over there seems to be a whole lot more honest with themselves than you are right now.]

[W, who’s honest with themselves, you assholes!? Takeru, Sui! What are you doing! Please, snap out of it!]

Mikoto shouts out loud at her younger sister and her friend, wanting them to snap out of it and stop showing the men their perverted and indecent appearances. However, none of them were actually able to her Mikoto’s words, since they were being too busy with kissing each other and being penetrated by the men’s dicks.

[What, can’t you see how delighted they are? Oh well, I guess it cannot be helped.]

The men laugh mockingly while grasping a firm hold of both Sui and Takeru, shifting their positions so that Mikoto could see them clearly. She could also feel that the rope binding her was also loosened a little bit so that she could shift her gaze towards her precious friends.

(W… What!? W-what’s this…… Aah!?)

Both Takeru and Sui right now were right in front of Mikoto, and she could see their faces and genitals clearly. Both of their pussies were flushed red and gaping wildly, as if not having a dick inside of them were making them feel lonely. There were huge droplets of love nectar dripping from the insides of both of their pussies, looking as though their genitals were crying.

Right about now, the men’s obscene dicks were vigorously penetrating Sui and Takeru’s assholes.

[See? Take a good look? Can’t you see just how delighted your friends look over there?]

Mikoto was forced to watch how thick and obscene dicks were stretching the holes of her dear little sister and friend, all the while making wet and sloppy noises. Their pussies gaped so hard that it was possible to see their reddish insides. All the while, their love honey was dripping out, starting to form small ponds on the floor.

[Kuh, uuh, ugh, nnh!?]

Their faces warped in obscene pleasure, their genitals leaked love juices almost without stopping. Mikoto was trying to move her head away so she wouldn’t have to look at them in such state, but she could still hear them moan and it was causing her ears to turn bright red. She could also smell the sour scent of their body fluids penetrating her nostrils.

(Nnh, uuh, aah…… Noo, my head…… It feels as though… it’s going to melt……)

The sweet and sour mixture of scents permeating the room was rendering Mikoto defenseless, turning the inside of her head into a mushy void. Every time she inhaled she could feel her body becoming increasingly hot, and the men’s fluids covering her face were starting to irritate her delicate skin.

[Those gals look a lot better than this one here. I want to do them so hard!]

Said one of the men while looking at Mikoto with disinterest, playing with her pussy and poking at the youma that was stuck on her erect clitoris.

[Kyahyii! Hii, higyaaah!?]

Youma’s hard teeth gnaw harder on Mikoto’s clitoris. It was biting her so hard that she thought her clitoris might get bitten off at any moment now.

She tried to shake the youma off of her by flapping her legs wildly and shaking her butt, but upon seeing that the men put their hands on Mikoto’s legs and butt and pushed on them firmly, locking her in place and preventing her from resisting in any way.

They spread her pussy open again and Mikoto realized that they were bringing something closer to her yet again.

[S, stop it, please! I don’t want to ––––!!! Get that thing away from me!!!]

As if reacting to Mikoto’s moans, both Sui and Takeru started moaning even harder than before. Then their bodies started to press against one another once more and the moans stopped, muted by the wet and sloppy sounds of them exchanging passionate kisses. The men also resumed the pistoning of their assholes, causing them to make sloppy noises as the droplets of thick juices started to fly in the air and an obscene smell filled the room, being so intense that Mikoto thought she was about to suffocate from it.

[Stop it, you say? Get that thing away, you say? Are you retarded? Don’t you get the position you are currently in, you stupid bitch!?]

The man smiled in a cruel way, holding his chopsticks in such a way that Mikoto could see just what kind of creature was going to be inserted inside of her this time. It was a slim and long white youma, which reeked of urine and some other bodily fluids. When it was brought closer to the entrance to Mikoto’s pussy, it slowly started to wiggle its way through her nether lips, until it eventually found the opening of her urethra and inserted itself right there, aiming towards her bladder.

[Fuhyah!? Kuh, aah…… Aaauuuggghhh…!?]

There was an earthquake-like shock reverberating throughout Mikoto’s bladder, and her clitoris became even bigger and hotter in response, making the youma’s bite ever so more painful. Having her urethra violated like that, Mikoto’s pussy spew out new portion of love nectar, and her back and butt jerked uncontrollably, balancing on the brink of actually hurting Mikoto.

[Nhyii, nnnhhh!? T, Takeru, -chyaan!?]

Sui moans over Mikoto’s head, reaching her slender fingers towards Takeru’s pussy and inserting them inside of her.

[Aaauh!? S, Sui……! Nhhmm!!!]

[Hehe, I’m reaching so deep inside of you that maybe I’ll bump into something on my way even deeper?]

Could it be that both Takeru and Sui were feeling so much pleasure from being raped like that? As if in some kind of trance, Sui kept on moving her fingers feverishly inside of Takeru, while still crushing her huge boobs against Takeru’s chest, reaching out to her mouth with her own. Occasionally, she would even say something lewd and vulgar on her own.

[My pussy, please…… Please do lots of lewd things to my pussy as well……]

[A, as you wish, Sui…… I… I will fuck you pussy…… Until you go insane from it……]

–– *SQUISH!*

Right in front of Mikoto’s eyes, Takeru’s thin fingers delve deep inside of Sui, starting to stir her insides up energetically with obscene movements.

Lots of love juices accumulated inside of Sui’s pussy cause her to make loud and wet lewd sounds. Takeru’s fingers soon become coated with thick layer of Sui’s nectar, as Sui’s insides were clamping on her really hard, trying to stop Takeru’s fingers from leaving her.




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