Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 6 Part 5




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



A bunch of thick and obscene sounds resonate through the air in here. Both Sui and Takeru’s fingers are wet, warm and sticky with the love honey they were scooping out of one another, crushing each other’s insides under many different angles to find that one sweet spot that would feel the best for them.

With each move of their fingers, the scent of their love juices was growing thicker and more and more intense.

[S, stop it, please, both of you…… Sto, aaah!? … Aah!?]

The hands of the men reached out towards Mikoto’s chest, tearing the remnants of her blazer off of her, leaving only her ribbon intact. Her big and springy boobs wrapped in white bra were out in the open right now, pushing against her face for every men to see.

[Now, those boobs are might fine.]

[D, Don’t touch, me! Aaagh!?]

Rubbed my men’s crooked finger’s Mikoto’s boobs shook and swayed as she felt an electric-like jolt run through them. Responding to this sudden pleasure, the skin around Mikoto’s breasts started to turn a slight shade of pink.

[Don’t you think even for a second that you can command us. Look how cheeky you are! So high and mighty! Instead, focus on feeling this! There! It feels good, right!?]

[L, like hell, it would… feel, good…… at all! …… Aaaahhhh!!!]

Then, Mikoto’s bra was shifted upwards with one sudden, violent movement. Her breasts, freed from the constraints of her underwear, bounced heavily, now for everyone to see in all of their glory. Her nipples were so erect at this point that when the bra’s fabric rubbed against them on its way up she thought she was almost about to fain from the pleasure.

[Still can’t be honest with yourself, huh? Oh well, guess it cannot really be helped.]

Next, the small jar was brought closer to Mikoto’s bouncing boobs. The man drove his chopsticks inside of the jar and scooped out another portion of small youmas out of it.

[Wh…… Wha the hell are you doing!? Stop it, no, no, no, no, no, NOOOOO!!!]

Even though Mikoto was pleading and screaming so feverishly, her voices of protest were ignored and many small youmas were being placed on top of her chest. Almost immediately, the youmas began to bounce on them, running around and feeling their new environment.

[Hyiii!! Ahh, aaahhh!? T, there’re coming, iiinnn, don’t, hyaaaaaahhh!!!???]

When the youma’s discovered Mikoto’s nipples, they searched for an opening in them and began to insert themselves inside of them, sending ripples of violent pleasure throughout the insides of Mikoto’s boobs.

At that moment Mikoto felt as though there was lightning striking at her boobs.

As the youmas move their way inside of Mikoto’s breasts, she could feel as though there were about thousands of small needles poking at her insides at that moment. She was also starting to feel increasingly hot.

(I, I cannot… lose……! I cannot lose……! I… lose… can……No way!!!)


[Ah, hyiii!?]

She had to help Sui and Takeru, she had to save both of them! She had no time to be squirming around like that and feel pleasure form her body being violated by youmas! So she shook her ponytail about, trying as hard as she could to resist it all.

There was this sharp sensation piercing through Mikoto’s clitoris again. It must have gotten even more erect as a result of her feeling this obscene pleasure, and now the youma was biting its teeth into her yet again.

But the intense feelings of pleasure were not limited to that one place alone.

The youma that went up Mikoto’s urethra was now wildly thrashing about inside of her bladder, drinking all of her urine. The stimulation it was giving her was so strong that if Mikoto didn’t control herself, she was afraid she would end up peeing right on the spot.

The youmas inside of her pussy also happened to grow, feeding on Mikoto’s love honey. Each of their bead-like segment right now was the sized of an eyeball, and her pussy felt so stuffed that she felt as though they might rip her apart from the inside. It was the strangest kind of feeling she ever felt.

[Nnnaaahhhuuuggghhh!? Sh, so hooot! My pushshy, it feelsh, sho incredibly hooot!]

It was Sui’s voice. There was something wrong with. Something that made Mikoto turn towards here and look what was wrong. Of course, all the while the youmas violating her would not stop, casing her body to shiver and convulse in perverse pleasure.

[M, me tooo!!! More, please scratch me down there more!!! Reach even deeper inside of me!!! ……Aaahhh!!!]

Takeru moaned in an embarrassed fashion, and for some reason her feelings resonated with Mikoto. Takeru wiggled her body around Sui’s pressing her boobs against her strongly. Her nipples rubbed against Sui’s, and after a moment they both grabbed them and pinched them in between their fingers, milking out as much pleasure as they possibly could for one another.

[Suuui~~~!!! Takeru~~~~!!! S-Snap out… of it……!!!]

Mikoto cried out as her own womb was drowning in more and more pleasure!

It was like small flashes of pain going through her body. Being violated in so many places at the same time caused her holes to itch and become agitated even more, and her love nectars responded accordingly by increasing their volume.

[Kuh, ugh, uuuhhh……!!!]

Alongside the waves of her love juices, Mikoto’s voice also erupted loudly as she was unable to stop it from coming out. She bit her lips in a hurry, trying to stop her voice from leaking out,

[Pussy, my puuuuuussssssyyyyyy!!!]

[Nooooooaaahhh!!! More! More, more, more!!! Please, do me some mooore!]

Pleasuring one another, Takeru and Sui raise voices so soaked in pleasure that one could think they have gone mad from it.

Looking at them, Mikoto couldn’t stop herself from starting to feel slightly jealous.

If they are moaning so wildly like that, just how good must this feel for them? Would it feel equally as good for her? Or maybe even better?

[What’ wrong? Could it be that you would like us to shove something inside of here as well?]


The men must have seen that the lust she was feeling was slowly starting to overtake Mikoto’s body and sense of reason, for they started to trace their fingers around the entrance to Mikoto’s pussy. As new waves of electric shocks strike at her genitals, and her body shakes strongly in response. Her youma gobbled clitoris was hurting so much as if it was about to be bitten off, and that feeling was only intensified by the ever increasing pleasure. Even her breast, flushed-red from the youmas stimulation feel overly sensitive each time they rub against her chin and the fabric of her clothes, making her sweet agony that much more painful.


The men’s fingers kept on rubbing the lips of her pussy, gradually making their way deeper and deeper inside of her, trying to reach all the way down to the entrance to her womb.

[Kuh, aah, uuh……!!]

The pleasure was growing too intense for Mikoto to handle, and her cervix was feeling it all too much. Her breasts were growing increasingly hot, and her swollen nipples started to slowly drip droplets of transparent liquid out of them, leaving shiny trails on her smooth skin. Right in front of her Sui and Takeru continued their lewd dance, their moans filling Mikoto’s mind completely and their love juices so abundant that the puddles around their feet looked as though they have wetted themselves.

No more, please, I can’t stand it anymore! As Mikoto started to think like that, the last remnants of her pride and reason slowly started to evaporate, leaving only animalistic lust behind.

[P…… Put it… in……]

Finally, she managed to squeeze out her trembling voice. It was way more sweet and lusty than she thought, and her face burned bright red because of that.

However ––––

[Oh, now you want it? Well, too bad, because it is too late for that now.]


The men’s fingers that were running rampant inside of Mikoto’s pussy for a while were now being pulled out one by one.

[Until Shitsukemush-sama assumed his true form, your pussy is strictly off-limits. After all, we don’t want to get our dicks stabbed with a poisonous needle now, would we?]

[N… No way!? Aaagh!?]

As soon as the men’s fingers left Mikoto’s pussy, it started to contract on the youmas that were inside of it even strongly and more violently. Without the thick and strong fingers ravaging her insides, Mikoto was feeling strangely lonely for some reason. Because of the aphrodisiac being spread around her insides by the two youmas, Mikoto was sure that if they were to stick something even bigger and thicker into her it would feel unbelievable better than just their fingers alone. The occasional jolts of lust throughout her genitals were only making her feel that it was the truth.




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