Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 8 Part 2




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[Cleansing Flow, Dragon’s Breath!]


Mikoto sends another electric current throughout her body, twitching and spasming from it like crazy. Because of the youmas aphrodisiac, the sensation that should normally be painful and unbearable was nice and pleasant.

(Uuuhhh, aaahhh…… N… No, I can’t……)

Unable to stand on her own feet any more, Mikoto collapses on the ground, letting go of her sword. It falls to a small crack in the ground, becoming unable to reach from Mikoto was laying right now.

[Fuah, haah, fuh, nnh…… Uuugh!?]

All of a sudden, the youmas that were only watching up until now rushed in towards Mikoto again. They weren’t attacking, only approaching and observing for now.

With the youmas drawing closer, Mikoto’s Exorcist instincts kicked in yet again. She knew she had to defend herself from them, and so she tried to reach out towards Raikou. By some miracle she managed to grasp it and then brought the shining blade closer to her body. Even if she was unable to swing it, the blade was still capable of discharging lightning at the youmas, and it was a far better method of self-defense than nothing at all. Now she needed to be extra careful. If she does it right, she might be able to get rid of all the youmas inside of her womb. But if she fails…… She’ll become vulnerable for another assault.

She bent her bod so that the sword would find itself in between her thighs. The back of the blade was rested in between her breasts.

[Purification…… Wave……]


Mikoto’s back arched and her breasts bounced heavily in response to the sudden shock that ran through it. Her eyes opened wide and she found herself gasping for breath. Hard rocks were digging into her delicate flesh, but feeling the pain from them was a luxury that she couldn’t afford right now.

[Kah…… Haah……]

Mikoto’s face was flushed red from the mixture of emotions she was feeling. Her eyes were all watery with tears and there were droplets of saliva falling from the corners of her mouth.

(T… This time…… This time for sure…… I……!)

Her clitoris felt as though it was pierced by a hot needle.

Violent sparks were running through her erect nipples.

As the warm feeling inside of her belly escalated even further, Mikoto’s pussy and asshole convulsed and twitched strongly.

[Miko, too……]

Suddenly Takeru, who was sleeping comfortably up until now, awoken and grabbed Mikoto by the legs. Her moist hands were sticking to Mikoto’s skin like glue. Her slender fingers were just like talons digging into Mikoto’s flesh.

Takeru’s eyes behind her glasses were filled with mysterious light. She probably became like that after hearing her sister’s lustful voice.

[T, Takeru…… Aaugh!?]

*Kiss*, *Smooch*.

In response, Mikoto could feel Takeru passionately kissing her right below the knee. Her lips felt so sweet and delicate against Mikoto’s skin. The feeling of Takeru’s hot tongue brushing against Mikoto’s leg sends shivers up Mikoto’s legs and assaults her genitals.

[Yah…… Uhh, nhh…… Don’t, Takeru! Auugh!?]

But it was already too late. Raikou was already starting to glow with bright lightning in Mikoto’s hands. But Mikoto’s concentration got broken in that moment and the sword itself as well as its sheath disappeared like a puff of smoke, since Mikoto was unable to maintain their existence in this realm.

(N, no way…… It’s af if…… the youmas……!?)

While Mikoto was thinking that in distress, she could feel Takeru’s cool touch on her cheek.

[Uugh!? Ah… S-Sui……!?]

It was Sui. She joined Takeru on the other side of Mikoto, with a cloudy look in her eyes and a lewd smile on her lips. Her black eyes were hot and moist, and her cheeks were furiously flushed red.


Sui’s red lips let out a lots of hot moans as they approached Mikoto’s face.

[No, stop it, Sui……! Both of you, please…… pull yourself…… pull yourself together……!]

Mikoto shouted while trying to step back and escape, but Sui firmly caught her in between her hands. Sui’s hot tongue began to crawl all over Mikoto’s face, coating her nose, cheeks and lips in sticky saliva. Mikoto wanted to pushe her back with her hands, but,

[Fuh! Aaahhh!?]

Takeru’s kisses under Mikoto’s knee became more intense, proving to be too much for Mikoto and devouring her body of strength. The wet sounds from around Mikoto’s legs and face, causing her face to blush furiously and her strength to diminish even further.

Takeru holds Mikoto in place and eventually puts her down on the ground, while Sui’s tongue was tirelessly going all over Mikoto’s face and neck, coating them with saliva.

All three girls had their stomach bloated. They were so big that they looked as if they were about to burst, and their breasts were so filled with milk that their blazers were unable to contain them.

All of a sudden, the small youmas started to approach all three girls. It looks as though the raising amounts of aphrodisiac coursing through their veins worked as bait for all youmas, endearing them to approach in such a bold manner. Slugs, sea anemones, huge flowers…… the youmas from all around were fast approaching.

[The youmas are, the youmas are…… Augh!?]

Mikoto wanted to say something more, but then Sui pressed her lips against hers, effectively shutting her up. Then Sui forcefully pushed her tongue inside of Mikoto’s mouth, tracing with it all over Mikoto’s teeth and gums. Their saliva mixed together as one, filling Mikoto’s mouth with sweet taste and aroma.

[Muh, nnh…… Puah!]

Finally, Sui separated her lips from Mikoto’s leaving a thin and shiny thread of saliva connecting them in the dim light.

[Youmas, you say? They are here, see? Right here inside of my belly~.]

Says Sui in a sweet way while looking at Mikoto with her glossy and wet eyes. It was a face of someone who was robbed of all of her reason and common sense.

[See? Take a look…… See how they are moving inside of my belly? My precious children?]

[……!? D-Don’t, stop it, Sui! Stop it! …… Aah!?]

Sui smiled in a mysterious way and then straddled Mikoto’s face without any warning. She pressed pussy lips to Mikoto’s face, forcing her to inhale its smell and taste its taste. Then she began to rub herself against Mikoto’s face, using her nose and mouth like a sex toy. Mikoto could feel the movements inside of Sui’s womb, and for a moment out here she thought she could see something peeking out of Sui’s deepest parts.


Mikoto’s face was moisturized by the thick drops falling out of Sui’s genitals, filling her nostrils with thick womanly scent. Even if Mikoto was trying to turn her head away and not to inhale it, the smell was already filling her nostrils completely.

[You see, my pussy, look how sloppy and wet it is…… Nhh, aaah!]

Sui’s hands reach down towards her pussy, and she spreads her nether lips so wide that Mikoto could practically see every inch of her insides. Accompanies by the gush of her love juices, and the strong smell of a woman in heat, Mikoto could even see Sui’s cervix, so red and swollen right now.

(S-Sui…… For her to be this wet……)

Her insides were wet and shiny, like the petals of a flower early in the morning. Even though they were both women, the sheer sight of that caused Mikoto’s heart to skip a beat.

He even began to wonder: is her own pussy so wet right now? Or even wetter than that?

It was so moist and so plump, so perverted and so alluring, so rich in smell and intricate in taste. How was that even possible?

[Fuhah!? Ahh, yah!? T, Take, ru……!? Nnh!?]

Takeru’s hot kisses gradually started to go higher and higher, and right now she was kissing Mikoto only slightly below her pussy. Takeru’s hair were even irritating Mikoto’s privates, their delicate touch like an electric current passing through her nether regions.

[Mikoto, the truth is, you’re rather wet down here yourself, right?]

Said Takeru while lifting Mikoto’s belly and looking at her secret parts with an indecent smile and look in her eyes. With both of her hands massaging Mikoto’s thighs, she reached out one of her fingers towards Mikoto’s entrance ––––


Her insides almost exploded with pleasure when they were exposed to the cool air of the cave. That, combined with Takeru’s hot breath, was making a combination that was quite impossible to fight against.

[Me too, you know? ….. See, look…… you understand? The youma babies inside of my stomach are rampaging inside of me so much because they wat to get out as fast as possible.]

Looking closely, Takeru’s stomach was deforming and bulging almost without stopping. Takeru was no completely in control, Mikoto was at her mercy. She could torment her however she liked, while also pleasure her at the same time and there was nothing Mikoto could possibly do about it.




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