Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 8 Part 6




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[Naah! Hyiii…… Aaaugh!? My… My pussy is…… Ngaah!?]

Hearing the sound of her female ejaculation, a completely new kind of sensation awakened in the depths of Mikoto’s pussy. Alongside that, a new batch of youmas came out of the shadows, hungry for their love juices.


Youmas assault Mikoto’s cervix and squeeze their way through it all at once. While her most precious place was violently spread open like that, a torrent of baby youmas overflowed through her pussy and ran towards the exit, being ejected into the world, scratching their mother and scraping her all the way.

[Yah, uuugh! Yeaagh, yeaagh, ngaaagh!? Sh, sho hard, sho rough…… I’m going… I’m going crashy……!!!]

This sensation left Mikoto breathless for a moment. The moment of her climax, one that would usually quickly dissipate, now assaulted her one after another with rapid succession.

And then ––

[Kuh…… Uuugh!? Ahh, aaagh!! I’m, I’m giving birth!!! Uaaahhh!!!]

The moment when her cervix was forced open and the youmas flooded out of it, unspoken amounts of pleasure overcame Mikoto. Her babies run towards the exit out of her while paying no mind to any harm they might have been doing to her and popped outside of her, separating from their parent.

Those of them that managed to already get out, were now crawling all over Mikoto’s body, looking for precious body liquids they might feed on.

[They are booorn, they are boorn……!!! My babies…… so much of them…… got born……! Hyaaaggghhhnnn!!!]

While the youmas gets ejected from inside of Mikoto, her whole body jerks uncontrollably while messed up words spill from her mouth without stopping. The stronger babies already managed to latch themselves onto their mother, crawling all over her in search of precious love nectar. No matter what she would try to do, there was no way to shake them off right now.

The pleasure which Mikoto’s ass was feeling plunged her mind deeper into the depths of climax, adjusting to the violent movements of the tentacles that kept on going deeper and deeper, hitting the back of Mikoto’s bladder, urging her need to urinate. It felt like hot needles piercing her mercilessly.

[Fuh, nnh, kuh…… Aaagh!? Boobs! My boobs……!]

The tentacles that were squeezing Mikoto’s boobs strengthened their grip once more, forcing more milk out of her boobs to feed her babies. Did they knew that the young youmas needed their nourishment?

(So, rough…… It’s so rough, but still……!)

Each time a new portion of hot breast milk squirts out of her, pleasure pierces Mikoto’s body, making her forget all about her current situation and the youmas that were surrounding her.


[Kuh, nngh!! Aaah, aaagh!? So deep, so, deep, so deep, sooooo deeeeep~~!!! It’s coming out, it’s coming out….. Healthy, strong…… my babies are all coming ouuuttt!!!]

Mikoto’s insides, the most delicate and sensitive parts of the female body, were shocked by so much pleasure that it was almost numbing and robing her of her senses. Each time a new youma was ejected from her insides, Mikoto’s hips squirmed so strongly it seemed she could fall from the tentacles grip.

The pleasure was causing her body to twitch so strongly and moan that it created a certain kind of unique body melody. The roar of youmas inside of her uterus, the bulging of her stomach, the hot moans and ragged breaths, it was grotesque, but at the same time quite fascinating.

Still, the pleasure she was experiencing from giving birth was something that couldn’t possibly be replicated by anything else.

[Ahh, uhh, ohh, my pee…… I’m going to pee…… I’m going to wet myself……!?!?!?]

Splash, splash –––– loosened and irritated by the tentacles, Mikoto’s bladder finally gave up and released everything that was accumulated inside of it. There was something especially liberating in relieving herself out in the open like that, sprinkling her urine all over the baby youmas. Something that felt so wrong but was also so right at the same time.

The golden drops make a splendid arch in the air and fall onto Mikoto herself, moisturizing her boobs and dried lips. Mikoto tried to shift her face away from that, but that in turn caused her cheeks and throat to get wet with her pee, filling her mouth and nose with a strong smell of ammonium.

[Puah, fuah…… Ahhh, agyaaah!! Good, my babies…… It feelsh shoo good when they come out……!!]


When the baby youmas gather around her urethra to feed on her urine, Mikoto sees white lights exploding in front of her eyes. They were slowly making their way upwards to Mikoto’s love juice-coated pussy, sensing that it would provide them with nourishment they needed to grow. Each step they took towards their goal would cause new set of sparks to glow in front of Mikoto’s eyes.

By the time Mikoto’s stomach expelled all the youmas from inside of it and returned to its original shape, her whole body was already one big erogenous zone, with even her hair and fingernails being able to feel pleasure. The sweet smell of her own love juices mixed with urine was like the most expensive perfume, filling her mind with sinful bliss.

Even leaking a sigh was enough to cause her pleasure from the hot air stroking against her lips. Not to mention her togue stroking against her gums or saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth –––– and,

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[Naah…… Aaagh!? Npuah!?]

Then a red tentacle assaulted Mikoto’s mouth. It was one of the small creature, a sea anemone-like youma that was slightly bigger from all the rest. The tentacles were growing directly from its back and they resembled a human penis so much that even its tip was almost an exact copy of it.

Smear, smear –– it run all over Mikoto’s lips spreading its dirty fluids all over them, as if applying some sort of grotesque demonic lipstick on her mouth.

(Dick, dick, dick, dick…… Aaahh, I want it! I want some dick right this instant……!)

The aphrodisiac deep down Mikoto’s throat made her become entranced with this new phallic object that appeared right in front of her. She didn’t even realize when the tentacles loosened their grip over her arms so that her hands could raise up and take a hold of other dick-shaped tentacles, beginning to jerk them off intensely.


Her hands felt so hot and slimy. The tentacles felt slimy and elastic to the touch, but right underneath their skin they were surprisingly sturdy and stiff.

[Dick…… Penis….. Cock…… Uhh……]

While her hands started to take care of the cock-tentacles she was grasping, Mikoto opened her mouth slightly and let her tongue out, gently licking the tip of the tentacle that was pressing itself against her lips. In response, the tentacle tensed up and swayed wildly, as if was trying to communicate that it felt good.

It came even closer to Mikoto’s face, thick droplets of some cloudy liquid dripping from its tip like crazy.

Another tentacles soon joined in, rubbing themselves against Mikoto’s forehead and hair, causing Mikoto do sweat a lot.

[Fuh, aah…… Nmuah!?]

The tentacle then sneaked right into Mikoto’s mouth, leaving her gasping for air. It was so thick that it was crushing her tongue and stretching her cheeks to the sides. Mikoto reflexively tried to close her mouth but with something like this inside of her it proved to be impossible and only narrowed the space inside of her mouth, embracing the tentacle even tighter.

(Good, shoo good…… The dick is… shoo tashty……!)

Its thick smell was evaporating every last shred of reason left in Mikoto.

With that, her eyes narrowed, her mouth relaxed and she began to try to wrap her tongue around the piece of meat in her mouth, trying to give it as much pleasure as she possibly could.

But the giant sea anemone was not the only youma that wanted to be pleased.

Mikoto was unable to see this, but there were big shadows approaching her from behind.

[Nnnh, more!? There’s more…… Eaaagh!?]

Her body devoid of any power to fight back, numerous tentacles wrapped around it and began to play with it as they saw fit. They were trying to force their way into Mikoto’s mouth and running themselves against her armpits and boobs. Her legs were extended and spread apart wide, causing her body to shift so that now her pussy and ass were both facing the ceiling. Her pussy wet with mixture of love juices, sweat urine, it was so shiny in the dark that it might have been a becon for all the tentacles around here, showing them to come this way and inviting them to ravage her.

(Are…… Are they going for my pussy……?)

But she also felt the tentacles rubbing themselves against her butt. A big and nasty smile blossomed on her lips in that moment.

There was no light of reason or shame in that smile anymore.




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