My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 2 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



And then there is that one thought that got Tatsuya thinking: it just so happens that he has seen Liliana’s naked body more times than he has seen her wearing a swimsuit. A weird thought indeed, but a rather amusing one.


Getting lost in his own wild imaginations, it was the kind of situation that would cause Tatsuya’s penis to quickly perk up, despite the fact that he went into the bath in order to relax. But how could he not become hard when he could clearly see Liliana in her many different swimsuits with his inner eye?


Of course, the matter was not even set in stone quite yet. There were still some uncertainties here, but that was not a problem for Tatsuya’s meat stick. It was already taking delight in the sights its owner was projecting inside of his mind.


「Aaahh, Liliana-san……」


Tatsuya really wished for Liliana to have the best time of her life during this summer vacation, but at the same time he was just a man, so it was pretty much impossible for him to separate himself from his twisted desires. 


As Tatsuya’s delusions started to grow wilder and wilder, busy with imagining different kinds of swimsuits covering her body, he did not even realized when he spoke out Liliana’s name out loud. He also failed to hear the sound of the door to the bathroom being opened.


「Did you call for me, Tatsuya-san?」


「–––––– Huh?」


Being called out all of a sudden like that made Tatsuya’s heart almost jump out of his chest.


It was so much fun for him to imagine Liliana in various different swimsuits that he simply could not notice that Liliana herself heard his voice and entered the bathroom. 


What’s more, Tatsuya even failed to notice that he managed to get an erection from his wild fantasies. But that was hardly ever important right now.


「L-Liliana-san!? W-What’s wrong……? Is there something you need?」


「Yes. Actually, I thought that I might wash your back for you, Tatsuya-san.」


While Tatsuya was actually at a loss for words hearing that sudden proposition, his mind was already working full throttle, imagining the sights of Liliana’s naked body washing his back for him lovingly. 


And then Tatsuya came back to his senses. He closed him mouth, which was now left agape, and tried to cover his crotch in order for Liliana to not be able to see his stiff hard-on. 


However, since he was too slow with answering her, Liliana must have took that as a silent sign of approval, because she entered the bathroom from the dressing room without actually waiting for him to collect his thoughts.


「Tatsuya-san, please pardon my intrusion.」


「Uhh, ahh…… No, it’s no big deal……」


Judging by Liliana’s current appearance, which was only a small bath towel wrapped around her body, she must have been getting ready to enter the bathroom the moment she called out to Tatsuya.


The way the towel was wrapped around Liliana’s body distorted her brown-colored breasts heavily and pushed the upwards, and the two huge protrusions were barely even covered by the thin fabric right now. At the same time, even though they looked ready to spill out of the towel’s confines, they still somehow managed to stay inside of it.


The way in which Liliana’s chocolate-skin was lustering in the midst of the steam vapors was nothing short of spectacular, and even though Tatsuya was clearly puzzled to why she was here in the first place he could simply not bring himself to peel his eyes off of her.


「I hope that I’m not troubling you, am I? Tatsuya-san?」


While Liliana just stood there in place Tatsuya continued to ogle her whole body from the top all the way to the very bottom. However, he quickly realized what he was doing and turned away while clearing his throat.


I was only just now that it occurred to him that his staring was rather rude and it might have offended her greatly.


「N-No…… No in the least! So please, don’t feel bad about it, Liliana-san! There’s no way that you could ever trouble me or be a bother! I just couldn’t reply because I was shocked just how marvelous you looked just now! Rather, I should be the one to apologize! I’m sorry for staring at you so much!」


Noticing his blunder, Tatsuya first shook his head and then he bowed it down really low in the gesture of apology. Then he left the bathtub in a hurry and stood right in front of Liliana.


Even today he has been staring at her so much and so intently that it seemed that he might actually burn a hole through Liliana’s body. And right now, even though there was a towel covering her body, this small and thin piece of cloth was only amplifying Liliana’s natural allure, creating the atmosphere on a whole different level of erotic than when Liliana was naked and covered in sweat before.


If it was not for the fact that he was doing everything in his power to control himself, Tatsuya would have long since jump towards Liliana and push her down on the spot, without actually thinking what he was doing.


「C-Couldn’t take your eyes off of me……? Fufu…… Knowing that you felt like that, Tatsuya-san, it makes me really happy.」


While saying that, Liliana’s somewhat tense expression softened quite a bit, and her cheeks were flushed red with embarrassment in an instant. 


「Well, in that case…… Could I ask you to wash my back for me? Please?」


Realizing that from all that ogling he has done now his penis was stating to become hard once again, Tatsuya turned his back towards Liliana, trying his best to conceal the fact that the sight before him managed to excite him so much.


Now he was just hoping that Liliana would not notice.


「As you wish, Tatsuya-san. Well then, I am going to start now.」


「Y-Yeah, please do.」


Hearing Liliana answering him from behind, for a moment Tatsuya just sat there all tense and nervous. Then he heard Liliana drawing closer to him, and then next thing he saw was her brown hands reaching for the bottle of body soap. 


All of the steam and humidity in the bathroom were making her skin all glossy and shiny, and the sight was making Tatsuya’s heart beat extremely fast.


Of course, he had seen Liliana’s naked skin all moist and glossy like that before, but this time around it felt extremely erotic and naughty, because they were currently somewhere else than their usual bedroom. So the location was only the factor of extra excitement for him about now.


Then, Tatsuya was so nervous that the very moment when Lilian pressed the soft soap—soaked sponge against his back, his shoulders jerked and trembled in response to this ticklish sensation.


Unlike Tatsuya, whose head was for some time now filled with nothing but lewd and naughty thoughts, I was as clear as day that Liliana was trying to do her very best for his sake. 




「T-Tatsuya-san? Is there something wrong with the way I’m rubbing you with the sponge?」


「Ah, n-no, that’s not it…… It’s not your fault, Liliana-san. It’s just that…… No one has ever washed my body for me before, so I was just surprised that it felt completely different from when I was doing it myself. But it’s not that bad of a sensation. I really like it.」


「…… Right, I’m glad.」


Tatsuya answered her awkwardly while his face turned bright red, but Liliana just carried on with her back scrubbing without paying at much attention to his reaction.


「Touching Tatsuya-san’s back in this way…… For some reason, it feels really fresh to me as well……」


Liliana said gently, her hands squeezing the sponge and constantly being on the move, not stopping even for a moment.


「Ah…… Y-yeah……?」


Although the two of them had a whole lot of physical contact on a daily basis, most of the time it was the lusty kind of contact, while their bodies were closely entwined with one another while they were having sex. 


Now, as for the time where the two of them could just lie right next to one another and feel the touch of their skins under their fingers…… Those times were there as well, but there were not all that many of them. 


That is why Liliana wanted to use that occasion to touch Tatsuya’s skin as much as possible.


At the same time, while Tatsuya could not see Liliana, but only feel her body touching his own, that very sensation combined with the memory of her moist and glistering skin were enough to make Tatsuya’s crotch become hot and his penis starting to grow large and hard.


(In the first place, why am I even acting embarrassed for……? I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time that Liliana-san has seen me erect. So what’s even the point of trying to hide it anymore……?)


Looking at Liliana’s face in the bathroom mirror, she was also blushing and was bright red all over her face. However, even though she seemed to be embarrassed as well, her hands were still firmly holding onto the sponge and moving around with confidence. She was not overreacting like Tatsuya did just now.




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