My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 7 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Chapter 7: Liliana-san And the Miraculous Properties of An Eel




「I wonder, what should we make for today’s meal?」


It was a mundane, casual sentence spoken up into thin air, directed at no one in particular.


When it comes to Tatsuya, he quite honestly thought that no matter what kind of meal Liliana would prepare for them, it would still be delicious. However, he also knew that if he was to give her an answer like that, it would only serve to upset her before anything else.


When it comes to preparing meals, there are a whole lot of options that one can think of on the spot, such as: curry, pork cutlets, or grilled pork. And that is only naming a few of the seasoned dishes, besides countless other options.


「Hmm, that’s right….. How about we try to cook some eel? After all, the Day of the Ushi is right around the corner.」


「The day of…… the Ushi?」


「Umm, how should I explain this? You see, Liliana-san…… It’s an ancient superstition that says that if you eat something that starts with “U” (TL NOTE: “Eel” is “Unagi” in Japanese) during the summer, you will be able to keep the sickness away (TL NOTE: there is the word “shinai”, meaning more or less “to not get……”, used here. It’s basically a play on words) from you. That’s why it’s a long-standing tradition to eat eels that are delicate and delicious, so that they would help you survive the hot days of summer…… Well, in reality, eels are more of a winter season thing, but can be enjoyed in summer as well. Hence the “Day of the Ushi”. But in reality, it’s more of an PR thing rather than anything else.」


From the perspective of both the economy and marketing, you could easily say that it was nothing more but a conspiracy of the Eel shops across the country and an entirely made up story meant to boost their sales off season, but it was actually not all that bad. After all, it is true that eels are delicious and have a whole lot of precious nourishment, so there might have been an actual particle of truth in that story.


Yes, indeed. Even though summer was not exactly the season for eels, the fact that you could easily grill them over charcoal and have their plump and juicy bodies served with a little bit of sweet sauce was more than enough to justify all of the above things. In the end, if the food is a fragrant delicacy, it doesn’t really matter at what season you are actually going to eat it.


And while Tatsuya was completely eager to go and eat some eels, it would seem that Liliana was quite troubled by that suggestion, looking all lost in deep thoughts.


「So, they can also boost one’s vigor, huh……?」


When Liliana accidentally muttered those words out loud, it took only a moment for Tatsuya to actually understand where she was going with this and why she seemed to be so lost in thoughts there for a moment.






For a moment out there was an awkward silence, as there was a subtle gap that suddenly a subtle gap was born between the two.


If you were only paying attention to that aspect of the story and discarded everything else, the resulting misunderstanding would only come as natural. So it was small wonder that Liliana must have thought that Tatsuya wanted to eat eels because he wanted to engage in some sort of a taxing and intense play.


In fact, just imagining something like that was more than enough to make Liliana blush furiously all over her face.


That being said, it is not that Tatsuya was completely uninterested in that aspect of the eel, but it was also not his main intention here. So it was actually really awkward that a misunderstanding like that would occur. However, realizing her mistake, Liliana was quick to act to correct herself, way faster than Tatsuya was with a proper explanation.


「I understand. Well then, I guess we are going to have ourselves some eel for dinner tonight.」


Liliana clasped her hands enthusiastically and declared something like that with passion burning in her eyes.


「Umm, y-yeah…… But please remember, Liliana-san. It’s only so that it can work great against heat fatigue. Nothing else. Yeah.」


Seeing just how motivated Liliana was and that her passion was simply too overwhelming for him, Tatsuya found it really hard for himself to actually be able to correct the misunderstanding here, and so he just decided toad that little remark there and just leave it at that for now.


「Well then, since eels are best prepared and served when they are still fresh, I’ll go but them right away, so that we can get all of their healthy benefits!」


「Umm, I don’t really think that you can get a fresh eel at your local supermarket, Liliana-san!」


But Liliana was no longer even listening to him. Before Tatsuya’s words could reach her, she already darted out of the apartment with the speed of a speeding bullet.




「I never actually thought that you had to buy those things while they are still alive……」


While soaking in the bathtub, Tatsuya remembered all the things that the two of them had to go through during the day. 


Some time after their initial exchange about eels, Liliana finally returned to the apartment empty-handed, unable to find any raw eels at the local supermarkets. That was when Tatsuya finally let her in on the information about where you could get them fresh, and the two then went to Tatsuya’s go-to fish market.


For Tatsuya, it was actually the first time that he saw an eel that was still alive and unserved. And since he was slightly taken aback by it, he thought that there would be no way in hell that Liliana would be comfortable with it, either, but actually……


After they came back home, Liliana darted straight towards the kitchen and started to prepare the eels. And she was doing so in such a skillful and natural way that it was actually unreal. After all, you needed years of careful training and practice in order to be able to serve the eels in the best way possible.


「Yes, it was really surprising to see Liliana-san being so skillful with an ingredient that she had witnessed for the very first time in her life. I wonder, where did she learn to cook eels so skillfully? Or maybe she saw it somewhere being done before?」


And why Tatsuya was stunned by seeing how skillfully Liliana was handling both the knife and the eels, when he asked her about having any prior experience with that kind of food, Liliana only shook her head and said: “I just want to give it my very best, since this is all for your sake, Tatsuya-san”.


It was at that point in time when Tatsuya decided to stop thinking about it any longer and just let Liliana handle the matter of dinner herself.


In the end, as long as the food tastes great, the actual process of making it taste good does not really matter all that much. So Tatsuya decided to let Liliana handle everything herself, since there would not be anything that he would be able to help with, either.


And the end result was truly just as you could imagine it: the dish that was lined up on the plate on the table was so exquisite in taste that I was unlike he had ever eaten in the past.


Just remembering it made him feel like he could have eaten only those eels from now on, even if the side dish to accompany them would be plain old white rice.


「It was delicious, truly…… A truly, truly delicious and wonderful meal……」


Tatsuya turned his gaze directly below himself, where he saw his little buddy that was already bulging and curving while soaking in the warmth of the bathtub. 


The rugged blood vessels swell and grew, and there was no sign of it wilting away at all any time soon.


And he was also sure that Liliana’s crotch must have gotten all sloppy and drenched with just the thought of the effect that feeding him eels would invoke.

And it did not actually take all that long until Liliana realized that her delusions were by no means delusions. They have become a reality.

「–––––– I’ve been waiting for you, Tatsuya-san.」 


And it also just so happened that Tatsuya’s own premonitions turned out to have hit the bullseye.


When Tatsuya returned to the living room after taking his bath, Liliana was already waiting there for him, being all ready to go, rubbing herself with her own fingers, completely naked save for a small choker she was wearing on her neck.


Naturally, when Tatsuya witnessed Liliana in such a sensual state, his already hard and erect manhood swelled and hardened even more, becoming so sturdy that it was actually hurting a little bit.




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