Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 5 Chapter 6.5

At that point Tsurezure-senpai said, 「Ahhh」.

「The condition for participating in the 《game》 was that you must have a Nanana Collection, right? 」

「In our Adventure Club, Isshin-sama has the 《imitation glasses》, and the little one has the 《amulet of evil warding》 that she got at the 《ruin》 the other day. We have a teapot in the club room, but it’s forbidden to take it out, so we can’t count it. In that case I, Kagetora, and Yama will not be able to participate in the 《game》.」

Excuse me, I actually have one myself.

「It’s as Ibara says. We don’t know when the《game》 will be held, but if the password to find out the details is released today, it means that it will be soon. It would be difficult to find another 《ruin》 right now. So this is a good opportunity for us. 」

「That’s what I mean. It’s ok. If you win you’re in. 」

That’s IF we win…

「This could be a trap」, mutters Tensai.

I agree. This is the same reasoning I used when talking to Vice-Chairman Taisei Amagi last time in the warehouse 《ruin》. We need to have a clean game so we can settle the matter neatly and get the other team to lose peacefully.

We have no intention of joining Nishi-san and the others, but we have to have a clean game, and if we lose we will have to abide by the terms we had agreed upon. In other words, transfer to the Seventh High School and join the community.

「If I have to change schools, I’m sure I’ll move. 」

「I see. But unfortunately I don’t intend to move. After all, I’m quite happy with my current residence. 」

Ibara-senpai wrapped her arms around our shoulders and grinned.

「So, if we win we’re in. 」

「Hmph, but Ibara-dono. You forgot something. There are no limits this time. In other words, our opponents are going to use their Nanana Collection. 」

「….oh」, said Ibara-senpai, who just now seemed to have realized that.

「And we don’t have any with us. And if Amagi has six, Nishi and the others probably have some too. They probably have about 10 in total! 」

「Hmph, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in such a hopeless situation. 」

Ibara-senpai’s smile gradually fades during our analysis. It’s become an unpleasant atmosphere.

「Eh, it’ll work out somehow. 」

I smile at them to break the tension.

「Hmph, aren’t you the positive one, Juugo」

「We may not have a bunch of Nanana Collection, but we do have a very strong Tsurezure-senapi. And the brains of Tensai. And Ibara-senpai’s… violence. 」

「Yo Yama. Why did you stutter only for me? 」

「I..I don’t know what you’re talking about. Anyways. Even if they have Nanana Collections, I think that our individual potential is higher. 」

「Hmph, that’s right Yama-kouhai. 」

I saw the blind devotion in senpai, then looked at Ibara-senppai and Tensai, then started talking.

「Let me say something a little lame here. 」

「What is it Yama? 」

「I probably never trusted any of my senpai until now. Of course I didn’t trust Tensai or D’Ark. If I want to make sure I get results I have to do it on my own. That kind of thinking seems to be deep rooted in me… I even had the Nanana Collection hidden on me the other day in the warehouse right? I think that was a sign of how I was feeling. 」

I might sound like I got this all figured out while saying this, but to be honest, I wasn’t even aware of this until Yukihime-neesan confronted me about it today. It’s embarrassing.

「Well, in our case it’s understandable that Yama would be cautious because of what happened to Isshin-sama. 」

「That’s not all though. 」

It’s not just the last time. It has always been that way. I have to do everything myself, no matter what. And the reason I have to is because I can only trust myself. I don’t care about Yuiga’s traitorous streak or Tensai’s selfish rivalry with me. Whether or not that is the case I would have done the same thing.

I, who deny the 《festival》 that aims to save others, was once again reminded that I could not trust other people.

But I don’t regret it. I don’t think I’m wrong. Because that’s still what I believe. After all, I don’t think I want to help a person who despises and laughs at those who try to help others. I don’t want to believe in them.



「But it looks like that won’t be the case this time. No matter how much I struggle alone, I never seem to be able to win. But I have to win. So this is a selfish request, but please let me believe in you. You’re all my friends for now. 」

Then Ibara-senpai suddenly jumps at my confession.

「Don’t get cocky with me, you dumb kouhai! 」

Ibara-senpai puts me into a headlock and grinds her fist into my scalp.

「I..Ibara-senpai! That really hurts! 」

「I never doubted you. To be honest, I don’t really care. What, you think you’ve become the leading role of life on earth? Don’t make me laugh. 」

「I’m sorry, I got carried away! 」

「But now that you have honestly said this, Yama is someone I care about. You are my kouhai, so you should treat me as your senpai. 」

「No, I’ve given you enough respect up till now. 」

「Shut up! 」

Once again I struggled to get my point across.

「Well, what I’m trying to say is that you can trust me. Because we are kouhai and senpai of the same club. 」

I was hit on the head with a pop. When I looked up I saw Ibara-senpai smiling at me. It was not the cold eyes I had seen so many times before, nor the fake smile that President Yuiga uses. It was a smile as bright as the sun.

The smile I saw shocked me.

「Thank you Ibara-senpai. 」

「Oh yeah, if Isshin-sama tells me to I’ll betray you, so please take care. 」

「She immediately declares her willingness to betray me! 」

「Naturally. You are just trash compared to Isshin-sama. 」, answers Ibara-senpai with a straight face.

「Wow, seriously. That’s awful. 」

「But well, Isshin-sama isn’t even here this time, so don’t worry. You can count on me to be a reliable senpai. As long as you pay your tribute. 」

If I have to pay a tribute in return for their trust, then is that really trust? Well that was my first though, but I’m convinced that this is just how Ibara-senpai shows her concern. … I approve.

Ibara-senapi wasn’t the only one to call out to me.

「Yama-kouhai. I am a shinobi. I am destined to betray and be betrayed. However, at this time and place I promise you, you and I are companions who can trust each other. 」

My senpai stuck their fists out and I gave them a bump.

「Thank you very much senpai. 」

And last but not least is the great detective.

「I don’t trust you because you are my rival. 」

「Eh?! 」

「But right now we are friends. Our interests are aligned. That’s it. 」

The great detective turns away. Well, let’s just interpret that as being insincere.

Looking around at us, the vice president of our club barks, 「Yo, let’s gather up! 」

「Ah, ok…」

Ibara-senpai grinned as everyone formed a circle like a sports team.

「Well how should I put this? We aren’t a club like other clubs. We each have our own agendas. But since we are all in the same club, I think it would be nice to work together as a team once in awhile to achieve victory. 」

「That’s hot isn’t it Ibara-senpai? 」

「What’s that Yama? Do you dislike this kind of speech? 」

「No, I don’t dislike it at all. 」

「Me too. 」

「Pff, me too. 」 Tsurezure-senpai laughs.

「I’m not so sure about that, but it’s ok once in awhile」, says Tensai who is not being honest.

It’s kind of weird. When Ibara-senpai is in charge instead of President Yuiga, I feel like it’s completely different.

And then, strangely, I feel the heat come over me.

「Well, that’s why I’m sure we’ll win! 」

「YEAH! 」, says everyone.


「Taisei, why did you make such a stupid bet? 」

When Taisei returns from making the match with the members of the adventure club, Asumi approaches him.

「It’s not stupid. 」

「Asumi won’t regret it will she? Everything they say is a lie! 」

「! 」

「You’e been duped, betrayed, and made to pay for your sins, and you’re not to blame for any of it. 」


「Ahh, yeah that’s right. No matter how much we explain, once their mind is made up they will not believe our words. As Asumi did, it might be a good idea to attract their interest by presenting them with a way to profit. However, I don’t like the idea of going through all that trouble, and I don’t like the idea of Asumi being misunderstood for even a second longer. 」


「First we have to win here and force them to join us. That way they’ll quickly understand that Asumi isn’t that kind of person. 」

Taisei’s words touched Asumi’s heart. And it wasn’t just Taisei who said this to her.

「Chairwoman, we know you very well. 」

「That’s right, Nishi-kun. 」

Both Misao and Masaaki smiled at Asumi.

She smiles back.

「Don’t cry you idiot. 」

Asumi wipes away her tears after being nudged by Taisei.

「I’m ok now Taisei. I won’t lose now. 」

「As long as you keep moving forward Asumi, we will make your wishes come true. 」

Taisei grins while looking into Asumi’s eyes.

「I’ll help you get your revenge. 」


The Tanabata Festival, which was held at the special venue, is over. The five members of the GREAT 7 are lined up on the stage.

Out of the group Ikkaku Shunjuu takes a step forward. He then weaves words for the people in the audience and all the people on the island.

「Once a year, on this night, a bridge is built over the river that runs through the sky. Let’s wish for peace, rest, and a hopeful future for everyone living on this dream-fulfilling island. And each year, we will look up at the starry sky and remember. On this special night, let us look up at the river running through the sky and ask ourselves. 」

「Whom is this for? 」

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