Chapter 17: Broken daily life




There’s still no one in the classroom.
Those guys doing their morning practice still isn’t at the time where they’d come back…there’s still some time before the students go to school.
There are two people in the classroom.

Shirasaka-san took her seat…
The second and third rows from the window…are brimming with light.
She took out her phone and made some rummaging sound.
I wonder if she’s reading the mails Endou sent last night…?

I also sat on my own seat too.
My seat is from the fourth from the corridor wall…A dark seat where light doesn’t hit.
It’s a blind spot from the entrance of the classroom.
I’m originally a thin shadow in the class.
I’m an existence that’s mostly forgotten by the other students…

I’m gazing at the appearance of Shirasaka-san bathed by the light of the morning from the shadow of the seat.
…Just like usual.
I’m watching Shirasaka-san from the usual angle.
The usual Shirasaka-san in uniform.
But…it’s already different.
What’s there is my own exclusive prostitute…!
I can do what I want with that body for this whole week…!
I recall the naked Shirasaka-san in my head.
Under that uniform are her breasts.
The pink nipples.
Cute stomach.
And…the honey pot that has just lost its purity…!
I know all of it…
I’ve confirmed it with my eyes.
I’ve touched it.
This penis…raped her!!!
…I know that!
Endou doesn’t’ know…everything about Shirasaka-san’s body!!!

「…Don’t look this way! Don’t grin…it feels gross!」

Shirasaka-san told me.
Am I looking at her that way?
Un, I looked at her…with quite lewd eyes…
However…it’s really shocking to be told by the girl you like words of hate.

「…S-Sorry. I’m sorry」

After I apologized, I noticed!
Ah…I should be a bit more aggressive!
I even threatened Shirasaka-san with cruel words earlier…!
When I looked at Shirasaka-san, she also had a dumbfounded face…
S-Shit…I-I should be a stronger man.
…Shirasaka-san is 『My exclusive prostitute』!!!

However…the following words can’t come out!!!
Awawawa…An awkward atmosphere is tossed in the classroom.
On this kind of time…Yuzuki-sensei will be speaking severe lines to damage Shirasaka-san…

And, while I was troubled…I heard footsteps from the corridor!
Two schoolgirls entered the classroom!

「…Morning, Shirasaka-san, you’re early!」
「…Morning, Yukino」

Two girls…
That’s Yamamine-san.
She’s the female class rep and I’m the other, a slender figured member of track and field club…
Oh right, what did Yuzuki-sensei tell again?
Yamamine-san is a relative of Shirasaka-san?

「Ah…Good morning, Ogino-san…Yamamine-san」

Yamamine-san calls Shirasaka-san 『Yukino』.
And yet…Shirasaka-san calls her 『Yamamine-san』?
I feel I don’t get something here.
Yamamine-san took her seat after that.
Ogino-san spoke to Shirasaka-san in a friendly manner.

「Isn’t it unusual? Shirasaka-san isn’t your usual bus coming at 7:40?」
「…That’s true however…I woke up a bit early today」
「Then you arrived at the school at such time?」
「…Un. I thought that someone’s already here. Those people who practice. 」
「Don’t be ridiculous…the club members will come a bit later」

Shirasaka-san is amazing.
She’s crying in the very bottom of despair earlier and yet…
She returned to her usual smiling cute beauty in front of her classmates.

「What about you Ogino-san?…Weren’t you in morning practice?!」
「Oh, we’re always waking up earlier so…it’s somewhat physical condition」
「Oh…Ogino-san, are you not feeling well?」
「No…It’s that day. It’s a bit painful since it’s the fourth day, the amount is a bit low. Megumi’s not the same but it’s embarrassing for me to be alone so I she came with me…」

T-That day…M-Mens?!
I instinctively made bumped my chair…!

「Eh?! Yoshida-kun, you’re there?!」

Awawa…A-As expected, I was noticed!
Err…W-w-w-w-what should I do?!

「…What happened to you, Yoshida-kun?!!!」

Yamamine-san who’s sitting on her seat silently… looked at my face and spoke loudly!

「Don’t what me! What happened to your face?!!!」

…Oh right.
I was hit by Endou on the rooftop a day before yesterday…the internal bleeding became a blue bruise, there’s scratches, and the top of my eye is swelled up too…I’m having such a terrible face right now.
The pain is normal but my sense is already paralyzed completely…!
Or rather, I was in adrenaline for the whole night so my face didn’t hurt at all…
As expected…this’ll become terrible.

「…N-N-N-No, uhm…This is」

From Yamamine-san’s back, Shirasaka-san’s having such a desperate face…
She’s clapping her hands and bowing at me…
…I know.
I won’t tell about Endou…there’s no way I can.

「…J-Just, I-I f-fell down from the stairs in my home!」

I made a very bad excuse…
However, those are the words that came out at the moment.
…However, Yamamine-san!

「…That doesn’t matter!!!」


「Yoshida-kun, there’s blood around your nose! You didn’t notice?!!!」

Ah…I was kicked by Yuzuki-sensei with her leather shoes a while ago. With all her heart.
Then there’s blood coming out of it so I rubbed it off with my hands…and stuffed tissue in it.
I thought the bleeding stopped but it seems that it continued…
Speaking of which, I haven’t seen my face in the mirror since then…
Could it be that I was having a bloody face all this time?!
I was threatening Shirasaka-san with a blood around my nose?!
I came to the classroom bloodstained!
Eh?…Why didn’t Yuzuki-sensei nor Shirasaka-san tell me?!
Could it be that I’m hated?!
Well…I’m hated, I guess…!!

That doesn’t matter, my head’s feeling spinning!!

「…get up and let’s go to the school infirmary!」

Yamamine-san pulled my arm!

「…Hurry up!」

Meanwhile…Shirasaka-san and the other girl had a surprised look…
I was taken by Yamamine-san to the school infirmary…
However…it’s still morning.
The doctor isn’t here yet.
The school infirmary is locked.

「…It can’t be helped. Yoshida-kun, wait for me here, I’ll be back soon!
「…Don’t ever move from there!」

Then, Yamamine-san runs with her skirt fluttering…
Her back figure has a tall, and balanced frame
Her track and field member form is very beautiful…

A few minutes later, Yamamine-san returned…
She’s breathing roughly…

「…I brought the first aid kit from the club!」

Yamamine-san went to the sports club’s room!
…For my sake!

She opened the plastic first aid kit then took out antiseptic solution and cotton…
She made me sit down on the corner of the corridor and wipes my wound…!!

「…Y-Yamamine-san…d-don’t you feel disgusted?」
「About what?」
「…A-About…t-touching my wound」

Yamamine-san long slit eyes closed and she laughed…

「Well…I might be feeling a bit disgusted but you see…I’m already used to it」
「…U-Used to?」
「Un. Our club has everyone falling down and getting wounded so I’m already used to such treatments」

Yamamine-san smiled and kept treating me…
Her hand touches my face.
O-Our body’s close
She’s standing by her knees in front of me sitting down the floor…
Yamamine-san’s breasts are in front of me.
It’s flatter than Shirasaka-san…
I compared it unintentionally.
But, it’s very sports girl like, the slender proportion is charming by itself.
Under her skirt is an antelope like legs stretching…

「…Un, this looks fine」

Yamamine-san pasted a plaster on the wound…


I honestly spoke my gratitude.
I didn’t know this at all.
Yamamine-san is such a good person…

「…Hey, Yoshida-kun?」

Yamamine-san spoke while putting away her first aid kit.

「…My father’s company has someone who’s playing boxing」


「Then you see…I’ve been there to see a boxing match before…」

…W-What are you saying?!

「Yoshida-kun’s wound didn’t come from falling from the stairs did it?」


「That’s a wound by being hit by someone isn’t it?」


Yamamine-san’s beautiful, long and narrow eyes looks at me quietly…

「T-T-This is…R-Really a wound from falling from the stairs, I-I’m not lying, I-It’s true…!」

I could do nothing but say that.
I need to protect it.
My promise with Shirasaka-san…

「…Is that so?…If that’s what Yoshida-kun says then I’m sure it is. Got it. But, if ever you needed a helping hand, just ask me okay?!」

Black bob cut sports girl…
Yamamine-san says that while smiling at me.
…She’s really a good person!

Yamamine-san returned the first aid kit to the clubroom and I thanked her and returned to the classroom alone.
The time is past eight…
The number of students in the classroom has increased considerably.
Shirasaka-san is sitting on her own seat while talking to the other girls
…Endou’s not here.
Because the morning practice has the first years cleaning up, they’ll always jump to the classroom on the very last minute.

「But you see, Endou-kun’s amazing…He’s been decided to be a regular by the next game you know? The first year members are making a fuss last night on the clubroom!」

A girl named Tomizawa from the tennis club spoke to Shirasaka-san.

「Un…It seems so. He mailed me about it」

I see…I’m sure the mail Shirasaka-san is looking was…!!

「Eh? You haven’t heard it from him directly yet?! Endou-kun was so amazingly happy that I thought he’d be calling Shirasaka-san immediately!」

No, he may have done it really.
I’m sure that Endou bastard called Shirasaka-san to inform the splendid news by himself.
However, no matter how many times he tried to call her, Shirasaka-san didn’t answer…so he mailed her!
…I remembered!
Yesterday, when I took Shirasaka-san’s virginity…!
Endou’s having such a serious face while listening to the coach in the screen!
Is it that time when Endou’s decided to become a regular?!
At that same time…Shirasaka-san’s virginity was pierced by me!!!

…The dark laughter crossed my mind.

Oh…I suddenly feel sleepy. My body feels heavy.
Speaking of which, I’ve ejaculated a lot of times from yesterday till this morning…
Even if Sensei’s suspicious drug is effective…I’m still actually deprived of my physical strength…
Ah…my swollen face becomes painful somehow…
My face fell on the desk and I closed my eyes.

…The starting bell rings!
Surprised, I open my eyes.
Before I noticed, the classroom’s filled with students…
…Endou too.
I’m sure they entered the classroom while I was asleep.

When Endou looked at my badly injured face, he looked unpleasant.
It’s as if his face is saying「I don’t want to see you, get out of the classroom」
This guy’s not even feeling bad that he hit me at all.
You asshole…!
Some of the students are looking at my face filled with plaster with curious face.
But…There’s no one talking to me.
When I looked back at them…they avert they gaze.
This is reality.
That’s my standpoint in this class.

Yuzuki-sensei entered the classroom.
The tall teacher stands on the desk…
Long black hair, black glasses.
Thin body and fair skin.
A cold beauty female teacher.
It’s like a dream that I’ve stayed in the house of this person with Shirasaka-san all night.

「…Good morning class」

Yuzuki spoke this morning’s report indifferently.
Lastly, she talked to Endou…

「…By the way, Endou-kun. Are you keeping your promise with Sensei? You haven’t kissed Shirasaka-san haven’t you?!」
「I didn’t!…There’s no way I can do that soon after!」

Endou answered Sensei with a bit of anger.
There’s laughing heard in the classroom.

「…Shirasaka-san, what about you?…Are you protecting your virginity?!」

…Shirasaka-san had a gloomy face.
The guys in the class has misunderstood that it was Shirasaka-san’s expression of embarrassment.

「…Shirasaka-san, has even more and more beautiful body!」
「…Endou won’t lay a hand on her right?!」

The frivolous Kobayashi and Omiya made fun of them in a loud voice.
Then, a laughter occurred…
Then…Shirasaka-san’s reply became unsettled somehow…

「…Well, it’s not necessary for Shirasaka-san to have Endou-kun as her first partner though. Shirasaka-san might have an affair with other boys」

Yuzuki-sensei said while having a jeering face.

「…No way, Shirasaka-san would do that」
「…Shirasaka-san’s earnest after all」
「…Endou-kun’s so cool after all」

The girl’s low voice can be heard here and there.

「Sensei! What do you mean by that?!」

Endou stood up and shouted.
He’s protesting against Yuzuki-sensei with strong eyes!

「…I don’t care whatever you say at me but…don’t even make fun of Yukino! I won’t allow it even as a joke!!」

Endou’s seriously angry!

「…Endou-kun’s so cool!」
「…Great, you’re so great, an example of boyfriend!」

…That’s Kobayashi and Omiya’s remark.

「…Oh, I apologize if I hurt your feelings」

Sensei laughs.

「…Right, an innocent girl like Shirasaka-san won’t ever try to have an affair, right?」

…A provocative smile.
Endou’s face distorts…
A critical atmosphere!!

「Geez, Sensei, get over it!!…Endou-kun, take a seat too!」

The class rep, Yamamine-san stood up and mediates between the two…
Reluctantly…Endou took his seat.

「…Then everyone, let’s spend our day pleasantly!」

The female teacher said happily then left the classroom abruptly.

「…What, oh? Is that teacher a bit crazy in her head?」
「Un, it feels a bit cruel…want to consult other teachers?」
「Let’s try to watch her for a bit more…it’s only her second day since she took place as a homeroom teacher」
「…I see. But, that was sexual harassment isn’t it?」
「Is that even sexual harassment in case of a female teacher?」
「Hmm, I don’t know」
「But, either way isn’t that a bit too mean? Isn’t that discrimination?」
「…Shirasaka-san, you don’t need to worry about it」
「Un…Shirasaka-san’s pure love is known by everyone okay?!」

The female classmates began to encourage Shirasaka-san one after another…

「Un…Thanks, everyone」

Shirasaka-san expresses her gratitude to her friends with a smile…

Shirasaka Yukino is no longer a virgin…
Shirasaka Yukino already had sex with a man who’s not her lover.

In this class, only Shirasaka-san and I knows the truth…
I know the feeling of the living flesh of Shirasaka-san…
Only me…

I slept for most of the class in the morning.
It can’t be helped, I was sleepy.
I woke up during the third lesson which is math then…Shirasaka-san is also tired, I can see her dozing off.
That honour student Shirasaka-san…!
haha…You’re the same as me, Shirasaka-san!

…Lunch break.

「Yukino, where do you want to eat lunch? Let’s go to the rooftop since the weather’s fine」
「Eh, here’s fine. Let’s eat in the classroom. Bring your lunch box here Kenji!」

Endou and Shirasaka-san are having a lover’s conversation.
Shirasaka-san returned to her usual smile.
She’s making a forced smile? Or is she glad that she’s with Endou? I don’t know.

「Eh? Let’s go to the rooftop…everyone’s here」

The concern of the classmates to the two people has risen with the confrontation with the teacher this morning.
『They can’t kiss nor sex until they graduate is their situation, and they became a couple that’s recognized by the teacher…

「Isn’t that fine, let’s show off to everyone!」

The smiling Shirasaka-san…lovely smile.

「…Then, that’s fine」

Endou got embarrassed…then took his own lunch box to Shirasaka-san’s desk.
I know the true reason why Shirasaka-san doesn’t want to go to the rooftop.
Shirasaka-san’s been sitting on her own seat since this morning today.
She didn’t go to the restroom…
In short…Shirasaka-san doesn’t want to be seen her bowlegged walking from the dull pain of virginity loss by Endou.
Perhaps, right now, there’s my sticky semen dripping in her panty under the skirt…
…Truly cute. You’re so cute, Shirasaka-san!

「…huh? Yukino got a lunch box today?」

Shirasaka-san opened Katsuko’s package that was given by Yuzuki-sensei this morning.
It can’t be helped because she has nothing else to eat.
She can’t go out and buy because her body’s aching…
The contents of the wrapping is a sandwich
It’s wrapped beautifully on a plastic container.

「Wow, that’s amazing…Where did you buy that?!」

Katsuko-san’s work is perfect.
When you look at it, you’d think it’s bought from a big baker from somewhere in the town…

「Err…from a new bakery in front of the station. That’s where I bought it」

Shirasaka-san made a suitable lie…

「Oh, so they opened this morning?」
「Un…it seems so」

…You’re lying at your boyfriend right now.
…Does it pain your heart?
…Are you feeling guilty?

Me too…I opened the wrapper quietly in my seat.
I can’t let the others know that I’m eating the same thing as Shirasaka-san…
Furthermore, there’s no one who would pay attention to me.

I tried eating one of the sandwiches.
Katsuko-san’s really good at cooking.
The dinner last night was also sandwich.
Then, earlier was bread.
And now…it’s sandwich again.

Katsuko-san…could it be that she loves bread?!
It might possibly be Yuzuki-sensei’s hobby though…

「Looks delicious! Can I take one?」


When I looked up…it was Yamamine-san.

「…G-Go on」

Yamamine-san’s thin fingers took the edge of the sandwich and ate it.

「Wow, this is delicious! Yoshida-kun, which shop did you buy this from?」


「…T-The new bakery, i-in front of the station. T-That’s where I bought it」

For the time being…I’ll copy Shirasaka-san’s lie.
There’s some noise coming out though…

「Oh, they opened this morning?」
「Y-Yeah…it seems so 」

Hey…where’s the shop? I don’t know where though…

「That was delicious…Then, this’ll be a debt!」


「You don’t have to mind the first aid kit this morning!」

Oh…Yamamine-san is.
She’s taking me this morning in consideration…then she came all the way to me…!

「…Then, bye!」

Yamamine-san left the classroom with a smile.
I see of the tall back figure…
I didn’t know that she’s such a gentle child.
But then…only one month has passed since the entrance.

「…Oh, sorry Kenji. I wasn’t able to pick up the phone last night」

My ears heard Shirasaka-san and Endou’s conversation and I came back to my senses.

「I called you again and again. I even sent a mail」
「Sorry, sorry…I helped my sister in her studies and got tired so I slept.」 Thus I didn’t notice it until this morning」

Shirasaka-san arranged a smooth lie.
Shirasaka-san can make a lie with such a cute smile.

「If that’s how it is…it can’t be helped」
「Congrats, regular!」
「Ehehe…Even if I’m a regular, it’s just decided that I’ll be temporarily let out on the next practice game」
「But, that’s amazing. You’re a first year after all…when’s the game?」
「May 1. Nishitaka high school’s team will be coming to our school」
「I’ll go to watch…I’ll be supporting you」

May 1…I took note in my head…

「…Then, Yukino, the club’s practice on tomorrow is going to end early」
「…Is that so?」
「Un. The supervisor has some business so…that’s why, do you want to go to the harbor tomorrow evening?」

That’s…an invitation to a date?!

「…R-Right. Un, okay. Let’s do that」

Oh…those two will be having a date tomorrow Sunday.
Shirasaka-san, can you make promises that easily?
You’re my exclusive prostitute you know?…For this whole week!

「…I’m glad. I’m in the training camp with the baseball club this whole golden week so I can’t play with Yukino for a while」
「…But, but that’s not for all the time right?」
「Yeah, the training camp will be until the morning of the 4th. Fifth day will be a rest day. Let’s go outing that day?」
「U-Un…Right. 」
「Let’s go out on the fourth and stay overnight?」
「Geez, Kenji…don’t say something absurd!!」
「I won’t do anything strange…we can just sleep holding hands, isn’t that fine?!」

Endou’s saying something foolish…
Well, fine. I’ll be taking that plan.
I’ll stay overnight with Shirasaka-san in this Golden Week!
…The dark laughter rose in me.

「…Hey, don’t smile, don’t look this way!」

Suddenly, Endou turned towards me!

「I’m talking about you…Yoshida!」

Endou’s glaring at me with severe eyes!

「You’ve been eavesdropping with my conversation with Yukino all this time…it feels disgusting!」

Endou’s big body comes to me rudely!

「…Stop it Kenji!」

Shirasaka-san tried to stop Endou!
But…She can’t get up from the chair!

Endou’s big arm grabbed my chest…

「Yoshida…stop this already you fucker!」

The schoolgirls who are having a meal in the classroom screamed…
Endou’s not worrying about them…

「…Let’s talk for a bit…on the rooftop. There’s too many people here」

The young high school baseball player who’s built is bigger than me is grabbing my chest…
…For the time being, let’s answer him somehow.

「Hey…Stop it Kenji!」

I can hear Shirasaka-san’s voice from the back…

「It’s fine Yukino…I’ll be back in a moment」
「…Uwa, it’s a fight?!」
「…Let’s go watch it!」

Kobayashi and Omiya got in excitedly.

「Don ‘t follow me! It’s not a fight; I just have to talk with Yoshida for a bit. Just the two of us」

Endou says that and controlled Kobayashi…
Endou and I went out of the classroom…
There’s no onlooker following at all.

There’s no one on the rooftop northside.
When the door closed, Endou suddenly spoke…!

「Yoshida…You haven’t told anyone about anything yesterday haven’t you?」
「…A-About what?」

I feigned ignorance with all my might.

「…About your face!」

As expected…He’s worried
If it goes wrong, the participation of the baseball club will be withdrawn because of his violence.
Oh…It’s not about me eavesdropping Endou and Shirasaka-san’s conversation at all.
Endou was minding me all this time!

「…You…If you tell someone, it won’t end well!」

I began to laugh.」
What’s with 「It won’t end well」?
…What do you intend to do?

「…What’s funny!!!」

What’s funny?…Well

「I’ll seriously make sure that you can’t come into this school! I’m serious!」

Are you an idiot?
Or rather, Endou’s seriously an idiot.

「…Don’t laugh!」

It can’t be helped, it’s funny!

「You…Don’t fucking underestimate me!!」

…Got it, Endou.
In other words, you’ve never thought that you’re sorry about hitting me even for a bit.
He doesn’t intend to apologize at all.
However…do you really think that can shut me up with such a ridiculous threat…?
I spoke to Endou laughingly.

「…I-If I do underestimate you…w-what do you intend to do?」

…Anger gushed to Endou’s face!!!


Endou’s fist approached my face!
One punch…!
Next, he hit my belly!
Two hits …!
Then he strongly strikes my chest!
He threw me on the wall and hit me again!

I lay down on the ground.
My body’s painful here and there…
Endou’s breathing heavily…

「…Listen! Don’t even tell anyone that I beat you up! If you ever spoke about it, this won’t end well for you!!!!」

Endou lastly kicked my waist…

I can hear the sound of the iron door of the rooftop closing from a distance.
I was left alone in the rooftop, flying down.
Ouch…I can’t move…

But…My face is laughing.
I laughed「Ahahaha」on the rooftop where there’s no one.

Shirasaka-san…It’ll be five times today.
I’ll be having Sex with Shirasaka-san five times after this!
…I’ll fuck you!
…I’ll be raping you!





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