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Pure Love x Insult Complex

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  • Ongoing
  • Translated
  • 24 Chapters
Action Comedy Drama Ecchi Harem Psychological Revenge Romance School Life Supernatural Tragedy Sexual Content
  • Author: 銀三〇(ゆだ)
  • Translator: Pun
  • Editor: Nefarian
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  • Schedule: Teaser

At the same time as when I entered high school, I fell in love with this beautiful girl,  Yukino Shirasaka. “It’s totally fine” even if I can only view her from afar, is what I originally thought. However one day I heard a rumor that she had got together with some guy. “No matter how much I like her, her heart won’t be mine. In that case even if it’s just her body, I should make her my plaything!”. The devil’s words were whispering to me, beckoning me!

Alternate Titles:

Junai ✕ Ryoujoku Complex
Love ✕ R*pe Complex
純愛✕陵辱 コンプレックス

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Pure Love x Insult Complex

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