Chapter 20: The woman named Iwakura Yukiyo (Continuation)




…Suddenly, a phone ringtone sounds!

The two people in the student council room are surprised…
Even I know this ringtone…
Beethoven’s 『Fate』…1


「…It’s from Yuzuki-sensei!」

Saying that , Iwakura-senpai took out the phone from her pocket…
Oh…I thought so, is this Iwakura-senpai’s hobby?
Then…when I turned to the side, as I thought, Yuzuki-sensei is on her phone…She’s smiling at me while having the phone on her ears…!

The student council room in the monitor…Iwakura-senpai answered the phone with a serious face…

「…Yukiyo here」

On my current location 『English Preparation room』…Yuzuki-sensei began to talk happily…!

「…Iwakura-san, have you finished your secret talk with Shirasaka-san?! I want her back soon」
「…Y-Yes. Sensei」
「Bring Shirasaka-san to the east gate fifteen minutes later」
「…East gate?」

The east gate of our high school is closed now. You can’t go through it.
The school building was built in front of this gate until several years ago, the east gate seems to have been the front gate of the high school at that time. (Right now, the south and west gate are being used by the students going from and to school now)
After the new school building is built, the old school building is completely broken and became a vacant lot.
However, there are several old buildings that are still left on the area.
The corner of the east gate is blocked by a『Construction area』roadblock and a fence.
To enter inside, you need to go out of the school, go around the school to pass the east gate.

「…You heard it?」
「…But, Sensei…」

Iwakura-senpai tries to rebel against Yuzuki-sensei.

「…Iwakura Yukiyo, don’t make me repeat my instructions!」

With Sensei’s order…Iwakura-san’s back straightened and she answered immediately!

「Yes…Iwakura Yukiyo will bring Shirasaka-san to the east gate outside the school in 15 minutes!」
「…Make sure you’re not seen by anyone!」
「Yes…I won’t be found by anyone! Iwakura Yukiyo will accomplish your order perfectly!」

Suddenly, she became a different person…
The moment Yuzuki-sensei called her by her full name…Iwakura-senpai is speaks to Yuzuki-sensei with tension.
It’s as if she’s Yuzuki-sensei’s 『Faithful Servant』…

「Later then…Iwakura-san」

Sensei hangs up…
By the moment Iwakura-senpai was called 『Iwakura-san』, the tension was released and she lost her strength…

「N-No good…I-It’s been half a year since then and yet…Uuu!!」

Just like that, she holds her stomach and rushed to the water supply on the student council room!


Iwakura-senpai vomits violently!

「Senpai…are you okay!?」

Shirasaka-san approached Iwakura-senpai anxiously and rubbed her back gently…
Senpai twists the faucet and flushed away the vomit with water…

「I’m fine…I’m okay, thanks…!」

After rinsing her mouth with tap water…Iwakura-senpai thanked Shirasaka-san…

「I’m already no good. When Yuzuki-sensei calls me by my name, I can’t go against her orders. Time has passed so I thought I would be able to loosen her curse on me even a bit however…I wasn’t able to resist at all」
「You see…I was a completely different person before I met Sensei. I’m gloomy, shy of strangers, not good standing in front of others…And I never thought of running for the president of the student council」
「…Is that so?」
「That’s right…I always hid behind the shadow of others, a woman only does wait and see on the surroundings. An existence in class that’s okay even if not there. An air-like woman」
「…I can’t believe it」
「I’m such a transparent and colorless existence like air and yet…and yet, I’ve been always made fun of the students around me」
「Cheerful and gloomy children, children with good and bad grades, those who are good and bad at sports, honor students and delinquent students, everyone’s making a fool of me. I hated all of the students at the school. I thought『Everyone should just die』. 『I’m different from the children here, this isn’t the place where I belong』I spent my daily life thinking that…」

Shirasaka-san’s stunned from Iwakura-senpai’s confession.

「…In the end I was the most stupid. A real idiot. That’s why I was found by someone like Yuzuki–sensei and told…『I’ll take you to a world where other students haven’t experienced』 …But, that was hell」

Shirasaka-san’s face is filled with fear…

「Sensei always says…『Iwakura Yukiyo go in this place today』at that time, I already had my weakness grasped by Sensei so I can’t go against her… With Sensei’s orders, I went to different locations…first was a big station dirty love hotel.
Then, my virginity was taken by an unknown man and was prostituted everyday…!」

…I see.
The 『Prostituted child』Yuzuki-sensei was talking about is Iwakura-senpai…!

「『Iwakura Yukiyo, go to this place today!』, 『Play with this person for today!』…And I had an unreasonable experience. I was raped by a rich old man on a high quality hotel suite. I even had sex in a foreign owned jet on an altitude of 10,000 meters. On the contrary…I was gangraped by homeless people on a muddy night park on an unknown town. I was even taken on a motorcycle gang hangouts and was sold for 300 yen on one shot!!! Certainly, all of it are 『Special Experiences』but…it was an endless hell…!」

Iwakura-senpai had that kind of experience…

「That kind of life continued for three months. Then, one day, Yuzuki-sensei told me. 『Iwakura Yukiyo, then how about you sell yourself in the school from tomorrow? Sell your body on those students who made fun of you. How much should we sell per shot』…She said」

Sensei is laughing next to me…

「I finally couldn’t hold it anymore. I was able to endure it because all of my partners in prostitution are people I don’t know. I break off with all of them after one occasion and they’re all someone I don’t know. And yet, selling myself on the students of this school?…I wasn’t able to endure it. That’s why, I told Sensei 『I’d rather die than do that…please kill me』!!」

Shirasaka-san’s breath is taken away!
Iwakura-senpai keeps talking…

「…At that time, I was in despair. I hated my body that was tainted. I thought that I was dirtier than anyone in the world. I thought that my life is already over…But, Sensei doesn’t allow me to die…!!」

Sensei spoke while staring at the monitor happily.

「I told Iwakura-san. 『What are you saying, just how can you say that your life has ended?』」

Iwakura-senpai in the student council room began to squeeze out her words…

「…It’s over, I can never go back. That’s what I thought…and yet, Sensei told me…!!」

Sensei and Iwakura-senpai’s words overlap…!

「『…Think that the you until now is dead. Iwakura Yukiyo will be reborn from here!!!』」

Sensei’s smiling and Iwakura-senpai’s shedding tears…
Shirasaka-san in the student council room is dumbfounded…and me in front of the monitor is mute amazement…

「The next day, wasn’t sent for prostitution. But, I’m still ordered by Yuzuki-sensei…「『Iwakura Yukiyo, go in this place today』『Keep company with this person today』」 But it was a high class beauty salon, a famous beauty parlour, a behavior teacher on model agency, a counselling teacher… Every one of them were women. I didn’t meet any men. Then, I gradually changed…」

Shirasaka-san muttered quietly.

「That’s right…first is my appearance. My skin and hair became beautiful; my body style has changed with repeated lessons. My speech, way of talking, even how I let out my voice was corrected strictly. I’m becoming not myself steadily. …Then, the number of children who talk to me in the school has increased. My interior hasn’t changed and yet. Then one day, Sensei told me…『Iwakura Yukiyo, you’ll run for the student council president next election』!」

The devil next to me chuckles…

「I replied…『Impossible. The student council doesn’t suit me』 Then, Sensei told me this way『That’s right, it doesn’t suit you. That’s why, act. Act as the president of the student council!』」


「Then I was made to take acting lessons. I think, it was perhaps planned from the beginning. Sensei continued…『Act it. You can act on a play don’t you? It’s a lie after all. It doesn’t matter if your heart differs. Imagine what kind of student council president does your hated students of this school love? Then, play it!』」

…It’s a lie!
All of Iwakura-san’s figure as a student council president that we see…

「I did as Sensei told me…I killed my own herd and acted as the suitable woman everyone expects from the student council president. Then, I was elected. Right now, I have a lot of people I get along with. There’re juniors who yearns for me. When I became the student council president, Sensei stopped calling me…Perhaps, she’s already tired of me. …Sensei pushed me to the very bottom of despair. …But, she granted me the hope to live. I told you about my boyfriend in the university, haven’t I?…」
「I thought that I’ll never experience love for the rest of my life. But, I met that person…and fell in love. At that time, I tested the method Sensei told me」
「…Could that be?」
「That’s right. I made an act…I imagined what kind of lover he desires and played it. Then, I was able to lock my past experience. I act with all my might and love him, I am loving!!」

Iwakura-senpai crumbles in tears.
Shirasaka-san embraced that Senpai quietly…

「…Iwakura-senpai’s different from me」

Iwakura-senpai looked up at Shirasaka-san in surprise from what she heard.

「You just told me a while ago right?…That 『We had the same experience』」
「But I’m different…Iwakura-san’s experience is much more cruel. You’ve gotten over such a harsh thing, and yet I!!!」
「I was convinced all this time that I’m the person with the harshest life in this world…I was such an idiot…I was such a detestable woman!!!」

Shirasaka-san began to weep.
This time, Iwakura-senpai embraced her…

「…It’s fine. Don’t mind it…You don’t have to mind it…」

I kept looking at the image of the two…

「…Now then, should we be going now?」

Then, Yuzuki-sensei stood up. She placed the ko-fi cup away.

「Eh…W-Where are we going?!」
「We need to arrive ahead of those people on the waiting place I told Iwakura-san」

The two people on the monitor caught my eye.

「The training ended. There’s no more information that would come out…Iwakura-san also knows that I’m strict on time so she’ll be bringing Shirasaka-san as promised…!」

Saying that, she switched off the monitor.

「…Let’s go!」

It can’t be helped when it comes to this…
I went out of the room…

Then we appeared at the south gate of the campus.
We went around the wall of the school and towards the east gate.
There’s no pedestrian at all.

「With the pretext of not disturbing the huge construction vehicles passing though sometimes on the construction of the new school building, the main street is closed down. Anyone but the person living in this neighborhood are the ones passing this way!」

…Hey, Is Yuzuki-sensei doing that thing?!
I saw a big iron gate ahead of the long wall.
There’s fence for construction applied at the front of the gate…
There’s red rust floating on the big wire and chain of iron that binds the fence.
This must’ve been closed for years…
Sensei got over the orange and black barricade and faced the guard room on the side of the gate
It looks like the guard room is structured to be embedded on the wall of the school.

「…we can go inside from this guard room」

Certainly, the guard door surely reaches both on and off campus.
If you open both doors, you can get in the school…
Sensei took out a kay and opened the door to the guard room.

「…Yoshida-kun, hide yourself here for a while」
「I don’t want Iwakura-san meet you yet.」

…What, does she have a plan?
I reluctantly hid myself in the guard room.
I can see the sky from the window of the guard room…
It’s almost five o’clock, nearing the end of April.
From the clear blue sky, it changes to orange of the evening…

「…Sensei, I brought Shirasaka-san」

…I heard a voice form the outside. Iwakura-senpai’s voice.

「Well done. Iwakura-san, you may return…」




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