Chapter 7: Witch’s contract




Let’s turn back time for a bit.

Student counseling room after school.
Shirasaka-san was called by Yuzuki-sensei after the homeroom and was brought here, then she was shown the video of yesterday’s incident.
I was in Yuzuki-sensei’s 『Preparation Room』since this morning…I skipped today’s classes.
There’s one reason.
To shock Shirasaka-san.
We can’t show my swelling face plastered and bandaged beforehand…
Actually, Shirasaka-san was surprised to see me waiting in the student counselling room .

「…What’s wrong, Yoshida-kun!?」

I didn’t answer. I’m just looking down…
Shirasaka-san will be driven into a trap now…it would go wrong if I speak poorly.
I thought of leaving everything to Yuzuki-sensei.

「He got caught up in a small trouble you see…This is why he was absent from the class today. Well, it’s related to you though…」

Sensei had a suggestive smile.

「Uhm…What do you mean? What’s my relation to Yoshida-kun’s injury?」

Shirasaka-san’s face became clouded.

「…I don’t think you’re the one who did this violence to him. Shirasaka-san, did you talk to Endou-kun today?」
「Yes? Kenji…Endou-kun? Uhm, we’re in the same class so we talked」

She’s puzzled as the Endou’s name who’s her classmate and lover is mentioned.

「…How was he? Did you feel something strange in his actions?」
「Err…I’m worried because he’s not energetic but…Uhm, Is Kenji somehow related to Yoshida-kun’s injuries?」

The female teacher didn’t answer Shirasaka but instead took a piece of disk in silence and inserted it to a laptop.

「…Shirasaka-san. Do you know that there’re surveillance cameras installed in some places in this school?」
「…It has become dangerous lately. Therefore we installed surveillance cameras on locations where the school eyes can’t reach and delinquency seems to occur. One of the important point to monitor is the roof of the school building」

The teacher in black hair and glasses say 『It’s normal for teachers to observe the students』justifying the existence of the surveillance cameras.

「…Then, what you’re going to see is the recorded video from yesterday after school」
「Why do I have to see this…?」

She’s feeling a bad premonition.
Shirasaka-san throws her doubt to the teacher.

「…Well, you’ll understand when you see it」

The teacher clicked the play button with her thin fingers…
Shirasaka-san looks pale after the video stops.
The female teacher’s lips is grinning.

「…Then you see, here’s his medical certificate. His bruise and scratch would take a month for a complete recovery. Oh, his treatment was made by an acquaintance doctor. It would be a big problem if the school infirmary’s doctor would take a look at him」

Yesterday, a voice from the school speakers suddenly called out while Endou was beating me up.

「Students on the rooftop , leave immediately! That’s a restricted area!」

Yuzuki-sensei’s voice was heard from the speaker.
The second year baseball club member and Endou was surprised and left the roof in a hurry.

「Listen here, don’t even talk about this to anyone…!」

He left with such a bad line…
Afterwards, I dragged my aching body down the rooftop to a floor below and Yuzuki sensei smilingly meet me.
Then I was taken to a medical practitioner in the town by a car.
Of course, I don’t care about my body.
We got a medical certificate from the doctor to obtain an evidence of the clear violence…

「…Now then, your lover did something very grand again. Even the camera he threw on the floor to destroy apparently costs five to sixty thousand yen」

The remains of the camera was put ona plastic bag on top of Yuzuki-sensei’s table.
My digital camera was broken…Well, it actually costs 30k from a mass market.

「… Should we add the smoking of the two second years, Endou-kun’s damage to properties and physical injuries and grave threat against Yoshida-kun. All of them would become trouble if revealed」

Yuzuki-sensei’s voice is light. She’s being lighthearted.

「Kenji…I’m calling Endou-kun here. I’ll have him apologize to Yoshida-kun. I’ll apologize too. . I’ll compensate for the camera too. Including the expense on the doctor…」

Sensei hit the table with her fist lightly.
Shirasaka-san was surprised and interrupted speaking…

「…We’re not here about that」

The eyes under the black glasses of the female teacher glitter suspiciously…

「Then…Uhm…What is it?」

Shirasaka-san is finally cornered.

「…Let me confirm this first. There’s no other people from this school who knows this event from yesterday except for the people concerned, you and I. I haven’t reported this matter to anyone yet」
「…Nobody knows yet?」
「…That’s right. The principal and the other teachers. Even Yoshida-kun’s guardian doesn’t know it」

That’s right…Even my parents doesn’t know about my injury.

「…Now then, what should I do next?」
「…Let’s see. First, should we have the principal take a look at it? Or is it better to let all of the staff take a look at it? Should I let the board of education learn about this? What was it again…Oh right, was it National High School Baseball organization? Should I tell them?」

There’s beads of sweat on Shirasaka-san’s forehead…

「I’d be troubled if you do…If you do that, the baseball club won’t be able to participate anymore」

Yuzuki-sensei gradually torments the weak Shirasaka-san…

「…It seems so. That’s regrettable. It would be a problem for the baseball club members when it happens. I wonder if they would be punished by forbidding them on foreign games for one year? Would they be able to endure if if they can’t participate in a match after training for a year? It’s also pitiful for the third years who will have their last tournament.」

Oh…The devil can make this kind of smile…

「I’m sure everyone would bear grudge against Endou-kun…They won’t forgive him for their entire life. Hated and loathed, would Endou-kun be able to enter school in that state? At least he would be leaving the baseball club」

Shirasaka-san’s heart is being crushed by the pressure…

「…Could you keep it a secret?」
「What? I can’t hear you」
「…Kenji stakes his life in baseball! Please don’t take baseball away from Kenji!」
「It’s inevitable isn’t it?」

The cold eyes under the glasses presses Shirasaka-san…!

「That might be true…But think about the members of the baseball club who practiced for the match this whole time. For them to be refused to make an appearance…!」
「…Those kind of things!!」

I looked at Shirasaka-san’s face instinctively!
Shirasaka-san noticed my glance too…!
Shirasaka-san is looking at me…
My face that’s swelled up and plastered with bandage…!!

「…I-I’m sorry. Yoshida-kun. I don’t mean that」

…Then, what do you mean by that?!
The female teacher laughed as she look at Shirasaka-san and my state.


Shirasaka-san who’s at loss calls out Sensei.

「Shirasaka-san…Are you misunderstanding something?」
「You see, I’m a teacher. I have a duty to report all of the events at the school. To the principal, the board of education…and even the police」

A chill runs through Shirasaka-san’s spine…!

「Yoshida-kun, what would you do? Would you file a criminal case? We have video as evidence and a certificate from the doctor too, I can also testify. I know a good lawyer. If you want, we can go to the police station to make a complaint report now」

Shirasaka-san looks at me with frightened eyes.

「It would be a big trouble for Endou-kun isn’t it? He’d be prosecuted from an injury event and he won’t be able to come to school for a while」
「T-That’s…Please stop it. I beg you, please forgive Kenji, Endou-kun!!」

Shirasaka-san lowers her head to Sensei.

「…Hmmm. In short, You don’t care about Yoshida-kun? You’re quite a cold child. He was beaten down and injured, his important camera was destroyed, he’s crying himself from those experience you know」
「T-That’s not it!」
「Isn’t that what it means with what you’re saying?!」

The next moment, Shirasaka-san stood from her seat and kneeled on the student counselling room’s floor!
Shirasaka-san is kneeling in front of me and Sensei!!


Shirasaka-san places her forehead to the ground…
Shirasaka-san formed a small curl.
Her blouse makes an opening and the line of her spine is drawn bow-shaped.
The body of Shirasaka-san who’s placing her hand on the floor somehow feels smaller than I see it usually.
I felt that her size is convenient that I can carry her with both of my arms.

「Well, you’re imitating your lover now? You’re a couple that likes to kneel on the ground…」

Sensei looks at Shirasaka-san while having a dark smile.

「You do know it, right? If you do that, your request becomes a 『Demand Act』for us」

Shirasaka-san opened her mouth while still bowing.

「I’ll do anything. If it’s money, I don’t care how many years it take, I would pay」
「Oh, this time you’re using 『Bribe』? You’re such an unexpected criminal mind」

I was shocked.
Such words can come out of Shirasaka-san’s mouth…!
Shirasaka-san’s pure white heart that’s overflowing with sense of justice.
She’s going to dirty her heart little by little just to protect Endou.

「…Then, how can I make you overlook Endou-kun?!」

Shirasaka-san raised her voice and begs Yuzuki-sensei…!
The devil teacher didn’t miss the opening of her heart.

「…Surrender yourself to me for a night!」

Shirasaka-san had a 「???」face
She doesn’t get what the female teacher just said…!
Yuzuki-sensei moistened her lip with her red tongue.
She’s enjoying it…The devil is enjoying this moment!

「Shirasaka-san…You see, I’m a lesbian」

Shirasaka-san’s body trembled…!

「You see, I want to tease cute girls like you to my heart’s content at least once. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything cruel. I’m only going to hug and kiss you all night long. Oh, I also want to see you naked…」

The female teacher’s eyes is licking Shirasaka-san’s body like a snake.

「W-What are you saying, Sensei?」

Shirasaka-san sat down on the floor.
She’s having an「I can’t believe it」expression…!

「You said it a while ago didn’t you? 『I’ll do anything』…What now? Was that just an ad hoc random speech?」
「Because…Sensei…It’s not like Sensei? Furthermore, you’re a woman…」
「You see…Isn’t it fine for a female teacher to have carnal desires to her schoolgirls? Then…What would you do? Would you endure for a night or not?」

At that moment, Shirasaka-san’s eyes changed from surprise to anger!
Aggressiveness to protect oneself…
This is Shirasaka Yukino…Her true nature…

「…I’ll tell other teachers! My parents and the police!! Isn’t sensei just doing『Sexual Compulsion』!!」

However…Her feelings of anger didn’t reach the black teacher.

「Right. I’m 『Forcing』you. I’m『blackmailing』you. It seems that you finally understood it…I’m sexually harassing you with all of my power. I want to delight myself with your youthful body…」
「N-No way, I!!!」

It might be a psychological, reflex reaction.
Shirasaka-san refused immediately.

「Oh? That’s unfortunate. Then, it can’t be helped. I’ll report Endou-kun to the school and police. Who’d thought that you’re going to abandon Endou-kun that easily…」

Happily, Yuzuki-sensei looks down at Shirasaka-san gladly.

「…S-Sensei’s unfair!!」
「Right, I”m unfair. But I intended to take the risk to my shoulders when I made my 『Proposal』you know」
「Isn’t it? You can come out of this room right now and make a complain about me in the staff room. No, you don’t even need to go out of this room, you can just inform the police with your phone if you want to. I won’t stop you. If you do, I would be dismissed from this school. It’s possible that I might appear in the local newspaper」

Shirasaka-san hesitated for a moment but…She placed her hand inside her pocket and reaches for her phone.

「…I’m sure that it would be a big news. A female high school teacher forcibly sexually harassed a female student and the reason is the the female student’s lover who’s a member of the baseball club. It would surely be a big scandal that it might be covered by a daytime variety show…!」

That’s right…Endou and the baseball club’s ruin can’t be overturned whatever she does.
Shirasaka-san’s fate is already checkmated.
Yuzuki-sensei leaked a small sigh.

「Shirasaka-san…You seem to be an honor student but it seems that you’re not good at thinking. You only have two choices left since long ago」

Beads of sweat flows from Shirasaka-san’s forehead.
Her beautiful spotless skin. It’s smooth.

「Making love with me for a night to cover up Endou-kun’s case…Or abandone Endou-kun and silently watch him perish. Chose whatever you want to happen…!」

Shirasaka-san who’s at loss looked at my face.
「…Help me, Yoshida-kun」is written on her expression.

「It’s useless to expect anything from him…You can’t go against me so why do you think you can ask help from him? He’s under my control already. In the first pace, he’s the victim here. There’s no way he”d want to help if he’s feeling hatred for Endou-kun you know?」

I can’t endure Shirasaka-san’s eyes and turned away from her…


The dark despair surrounds Shirasaka-san…

「Don’t worry. I won’t do something that hard. Just as what I told you a while ago, I’ll only look at your naked body, give you hugs and kisses. I won’t damage your virginity. I promise you that. You’ll be able to come back to your house with your body uninjured. …Oh, I also want to take a souvenir picture. But, it’s okay. I don’t have a hobby of showing it to someone. I only want it to be mine…」

Before long…Shirasaka-san slowly looked up at Yuzuki-sensei.

「…You’re going to keep your promise?」
「Covering up this event or protecting your virginity?」
「Of course, I can promise you that…!」

That’s a lie.
The female teacher is lying.
I know that.
However…I just stayed silent…!

「Then…okay. I’ll do as Sensei says」
「Oh?…You’re okay with it?」
「In exchange, please be silent about Kenji」

The witch laughed…

「Of course I will. His rampage…The smoking of the baseball club members…Once I have embraced you…I’ll keep everything a secret」

All of us were taken by the witch.
We surrendered to the witch’s contract…!!!




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