Volume 1 Chapter 3 Part 10

「But you should still rest, even if only for today. Freshly regenerated skin is easily damaged and vulnerable to disease and poison. 」


「Is that so? Well, if you say so, then I will call it a day for today. 」


Master seemed to be genuinely sorry. After the villagers finishe thanking Siluca, they all went back to the village.


「You did really well last night. 」


「No, I was just doing my duty as a Mage… 」


Siluca said hurriedly to Theo, who joined her when she was left alone.


「You may get discouraged if I suggest something like this after all the praise you have given me, but I will ask Irvin to spread the word about last night’s incident throughout Selvis. The residents of the new territory will be relieved, and the neighboring Lords will also see Lord Theo in a different light. Above all, what would King Selvis think about this rumor? Either  he will have to accept the new Lord who cares about the people, or… 」


「Leave it to… No, I think that’s fine. 」


Theo started to say it, but the he stopped himself halfway through his sentence.


Siluca smiled with satisfaction.


「Then, let us proceed like that… 」


Siluca searched for Irvin, but he was nowhere to be seen in the hall. Without even looking for him, Irvin already should have gone outside the castle to fulfill the mission he was given.


(If I were to cancel the current order, I’m sure they would appear in front of me saying, 「I understand. 」)


It did not take long for the rumors to  quickly spread throughout Selvis that the new Lord had prevented a Salamander Chaos plague with minimal damage to his lands. The impressions varied depending on the listener, but the name of Theo, who was an unknown Lord until now, finally came to be known amongst the people.


And that had an effect on his negotiations with King Selvis.


Five days later, Moreno, who had been sent as a messenger to King Selvis, visited Theo’s castle with his master, Lassic David.


「…negotiations have failed. King Selvis has declared war against us. 」


Moreno said sullenly.


「King Selvis was very angry. He said that all the territories of this country belong to him, and that he will not recognize or accept anyone’s independence. 」


「Is that what he said? 」


Siluca stares at Moreno.


「He was very clear about it. 」


Moreno laughed meaningfully.

「Aren’t you the one who spread the rumor that Lord Theo quelled the chaos disaster? 」


「Of course it was me. 」


Siluca noded.


「That was the decisive factor. King Selvis was uneasy when he heard that a new Lord was gaining fame. He thinks that Lord Theo is going to take over this country from him. 」


「I think that’s because King Selvis himself wants complete control of this country in his hands, and does not like having his true intentions exposed to the public. 」


「Strangely enough, rumors about it are starting to spread as well. Did you do that too? 」


「No, I think that’s because Irvin was just quick-witted. 」


「That unbelievably ridiculous superhuman, huh? 」


「Our first goal was a failure, but the second goal was achieved splendidly. As expected of you, Moreno-senpai. 」


「I’m not happy with that outcome though. 」


Moreno said dejectedly. He probably wanted the negotiations to succeed, even if they were impossibly difficult from the start.


「No, I’m very satisfied. To be honest, I’m thrilled. All the Lords of this country have a strong sense of independence. That’s why the King of Selvis couldn’t unify the country under his rule. Now, let’s see whose side the independent Lords are going to take in this battle. 」


Lassic says as he walks around the hall.


「Yes, for now, it’s a diplomatic battle. Let’s send a personal letter to the independent Lords of Selvis to get them to support us. I will draft the letter, so I would like Master Saturus and Moreno-senpai to take a copy. Lord Theo and Lord Lassic will be required to give their signature jointly. We will settle this matter on the field of battle this time, so we need to limit the number of our opponents and handle the others well. Plan the strategy for each battlefield and conduct the necessary training by the day. Needless to say, you will be quite busy. 」


Siluca looked around and said.


「Since I met you, I feel like I’ve been nothing but busy. 」


Theo smiled wryly.


「However, my life up until that point was as if I had been asleep. I don’t mean to fight, but I can’t afford to lose, since my dream is still far ahead of me. 」


「The same goes for me. First Selvis, and then Artuk, or… 」


Lassic looks at Siluca.


「I don’t know yet. 」


Siluca replied cautiously.


「The aim is to belong to the Factory Alliance, but we have to assume that we will not be accepted. 」


「Are you going to send a messenger to Artuk as well? 」


「I think it’s better to focus on negotiating with the Alliance for now. We don’t want it to seem like we are sending two love letters at the same time, after all… 」


Saying that, Siluca glanced at Moreno.


「Why are you looking at me like that? 」


Moreno let out an even more dejected voice.


「Oh, so you don’t have any experience with that, Senpai? 」


「I do…  but the two addressees of the letters showed up together at the designated meeting place. It’s one of the bad memories of my days at the University. 」


「It sounds like you have a lot of bad memories. 」


Siluca actually knows some of them.


「Well, I guess so. 」


Moreno said that while sounding very tired.


「No matter how many bad memories I have, if I can have even one good memory, I will be satisfied. 」


「As expected of Moreno-senpai. That is the kind of attitude that I would never have been able to imitate. 」


「And I could never imitate the idea of staying at home on a festival day. 」


Seeing Siluca’s eyebrows twitch at Moreno’s words, Theo stepped in between them. He didn’t don’t want to hear any more insidious exchanges between Mages.


「Are you saying that we are not going to be negotiating with Artuk, and that this battle has nothing to do with the Union and the Alliance, and that it is a battle to protect your independence? 」


Theo looked at Siluca and said.


「Exactly. 」


Siluca nodded. That’s exactly what she meant to write in her personal letter.

「If we insist on that, the independent Lords of Selvis will find it easier to side with us. 」


「Indeed. 」


Lasik grinned.


「I thought it would be a tough battle, but we might be able to win unexpectedly easily. 」


Half a month later, King Selvis personally led his army and left the castle to a place where the two armies would clash: in the grasslands in the center of Selvis.


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