Return of the Fallen Volume 7 Chapter 88


Kai roared at the top of his lungs or rather as loud as he possibly could in his ever fading form. If he were a physical being though, this should have drained his lungs of all air and his throat would be raw and ruined.

Echoing in Kazuki’s soul world, Kai’s shout spread to every corner of this world.

Silence, absolute silence.

Kai was desperate. There was nothing more he could do alone and he knew his existence was coming to an end. The least he wanted to do, at the very least he wished to give Kazuki a chance to survive this but at last, this was no fairy tale. Such happy endings were not meant for this world.

Kai could feel his existence falling apart. His frame slowly shrunk and his body was completely see-through.

(Is this my ending? Will Kazuki fall and disappear soon after? I wanted…At the very least, shouldn’t I get the chance to say goodbye.)

A million thoughts ran through Kai’s mind at this moment. He regretted not spending more time with his brother. He felt some form of responsibility for not being the big brother he should have been and protected Kazuki from his sister and mother. After he died he lost any and all hope to vanish in peace but still, he wanted to say goodbye. He wanted Kazuki to grow ever stronger and do what he could not. Seek revenge and destroy the two vile bastards who took everything from them.

He had watched over Kazuki in death and when he least expected it, the two were reunited in Kazuki’s soul world. He could finally say the things he had always hoped to say to his little brother or he should have been able to but Kai couldn’t do such a thing. How could he allow his emotions to pour out and burden Kazuki with his suffering. When Kazuki was facing life and death situations, how could he as the older brother complain about the loneliness, about the ache in his chest to talk to someone, anyone. No, he couldn’t do that to his little brother, yet at the moment his flame was about to be extinguished, these regrets reared their grotesque heads.

Even now, this regret wouldn’t let him let go. It burned like a blaze in his guts. How could he go so easily. How could he go without telling his brother that he loved him. How could he leave without a fight.

Something within Kai, maybe his desires, maybe his will that would not be snuffed out. Maybe his undying hatred for those that stole his everything. Whatever it was, it allowed Kai to raise his head once more and pour everything he had into one more rising roar.


Kazuki’s soul world trembled in Kai’s wake. Even the dark being attached to Kazuki’s soul tree became unstable for a moment before it went right back into spreading its darkness through Kazuki’s soul tree.


Just as the soul world went silent, a sound similar to glass shattering spread out. High in the air, a tear of some kind formed in the sky. Black energy began to pour into Kazuki’s soul world and the breach opened just enough for a shadowy figure to appear. A black haze surrounded this figure and one could not make out its true appearance but the moment Kai saw this, he knew it was Zetrazz.

The moment he appeared, time seemed to freeze in this place. A deep voice spread inside the soul world and as the Zetrazz spoke, every word caused the soul world to shake.

“Your soul is about to expire yet you actually dare provoke me, you pair of brothers are indeed interesting.”

Kai wasn’t surprised Zetrazz knew of him, after all, Zetrazz had seen Kazuki’s memories back in his lair in the abyssal trench. At the same time, he also felt a small wave of relief. He didn’t know what Zetrazz had done but the moment he arrived, Kai felt his soul fragment stabilize. He understood this was Zetrazz’s doing and realized what would follow immediately after Zetrazz pulled his power back but Kai didn’t care. With Zetrazz here, it meant a small sliver of hope to save Kazuki. With this minuscule opportunity, Kai would grab it with both hands and never let it go.

“You know exactly why I did that so why waste my time. As you can already tell, I don’t have long. Please, let’s cut the bullshit. I want you to save my brother. Will you do it!?”

*Hehe Hahaha Bwahahaha!*

Zetrazz’s laughter rang out like thunder but Kai was in no mood nor did he have time to waste.

“At least hear me out! You already came here so just give me a moment to expl


Kai could not be silent at this time. There was no place for it, not when his brother’s life was on the line.

With Zetrazz’s power keeping his tiny soul stable, Kai could endure just a little more. He stood tall and with his chest out. Looking up at Zetrazz, he glared at him as if he would kill him before shouting.


Zetrazz was surprised, to say the least. He didn’t know if it was courage at the end of life or something else but he had never had any stand up to him like this before, well except for Glacious of course. Only he had ever talked down to him like Kai did right now.

Zetrazz thought about finishing Kai right then and there but at the same time, this situation was too intriguing. In the end, it was his curiosity which won out over murder. To get angry over one who was not long for this realm and was weaker than an ant, Zetrazz found this to be kind of funny. Though this humorous moment toed the line with rage. Zetrazz flew down and into Kazuki’s soul world and landed in front of Kai.

“You seem to have no fear, or rather it’s misplaced. Instead of thinking about your brother, would it not be best to think of your own existence? Especially in this situation where you could vanish at any moment.”

Kai shook his head.

“My existence does matter to me but when it comes to my existence and my brothers, the difference is like the dirt on the ground and the sky up above. If I were alive today, I would sacrifice myself a billion times over to protect Kazuki.”

Zetrazz smirked.

“Really, is blood so great?”

“You mock me. You already know Kazuki and I aren’t related by blood.”

“True, which makes you giving up your chance to continue existing all the more intriguing to me. Tell me, why go so far for someone who isn’t really kin.”

“Your wrong. He, Kazuki is my brother. Even without a blood connection, through and through he is my little dummy of a brother. Ever since we were small, he’s been there for me and I’ve been there for him just the same. Being abandoned at such a young age time and time again, having no one. Every adult looking at you as if you are worthless, worthless of attention, worthless of affection, worthless of love. Coming to understand that you’re not wanted at such a young age is suffering on such a level that many can not come back from that. Because we love each other, I can go that far.”

“So just because he was around when you were knee-high, that makes him your brother.”

Kai didn’t deny it and nodded.

“For a child with no one, having Kazuki come into my life is what saved me. When one only sees darkness, is surrounded by it always, all it takes is one small light at the right time to bring you out of that void. Kazuki was that light for me and I was his. To know that someone will always be there for you, to love you unconditionally, for me, for a long time, it was the meaning of my existence. If Kazuki isn’t alive my existence means nothing. I guess though you wouldn’t understand such things.”

The dark energy rattled for a moment hearing that but a split second later it was unmoving as if a mountain.

“So all of this crap leads you to call upon me. It makes you bold enough to insult a Titan and gives you the gall to ask me to save him.”


“Hmph, to save Kazuki, how is that entertainment for me. How do I get anything out of this favor to you?”

“If Kazuki is dead, where will your entertainment come from?”

“Is that what you should be asking. I can go anywhere to find entertainment. One human warrior is but one of billions.”

Kai shook his head.

“You know that’s wrong. If Kazuki was just some human then true you could go find another in any place where people thrive but this isn’t so. You’ve watched it yourself, you’ve seen it. The rate at which Kazuki grows in power. The way he fights, the way he thinks. The will that pushes him forward again and again through all of the pain and torment. I can proudly say that my brother is special and you could not find another like him. Not in this world and I would even go as far as to say not in any of the other realms. Not only him but his interactions with others, the friends he makes, and the roads he travels, where can you find another form of entertainment that comes close to this.”

Zetrazz didn’t deny it. Kazuki was only a human but damn was he interesting to observe. Still, this wasn’t enough o totally convince Zetrazz.

“Your brother is indeed something but if its just this

Kai quickly interrupted him.

“Have you not said it yourself that you wouldn’t crush those with high potential to grow. I ask you in this world who has a higher potential than my brother.”

“And just when did I say I was going to crush Kazuki, hmm?”

Kai pointed at the large foreign demonic-like being spreading darkness into Kazuki’s soul tree.

“That being is doing something to Kazuki’s soul as we speak and it’s taking control of Kazuki’s body. You may not be crushing Kazuki directly but by not interfering, you are allowing Kazuki to end before he can fully develop. Besides, that creature, its ability to grow the more it consumes, what do you think will happen the more time passes. Such an evil thing to enter our world. How long before it comes for you.”

The dark energy pulsed briefly before settling down once more.

“Are you saying that I Zetrazz the immortal Titan would lose to such a being?”

Kai shrugged but his face said everything.

In the end, he added a tiny bit more for the final push.

“If you save Kazuki’s life here and now and I die in the process because I exhausted myself fighting this thing, how do you think Kazuki would react?”

Zetrazz wasn’t sure but Kai went ahead and answered.

“I know how my brother is. My death will pain him dearly. At the same time, it will fuel his rage and self-loathing. That feeling will carry his will further ad he will grow stronger and faster as he seeks power. A power that could prevent such tragedy, a power that would allow him to take the reigns of his own destiny and build a path for him and him alone. My death… it will be the spark of his evolution. Can you imagine the sights you will see at that time?”

The dark energy cleared for but a moment and Kai got a small glimpse of Zetrazz at this moment. A demonic smile spread across Zetrazz’s face as he spoke.

“Very well.”

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