Return of the Fallen Volume 8 Chapter 38

The ground hardened above Kazuki with a single thought. At the same time, since Kazuki could manipulate the element of Gordonia, the ground around him gave him almost no resistance and he moved through it with great speed. It was like a fish in water, as if his natural habitat, Kazuki flew through the underground as if he were flying in the sky.

The suns drilling and burning through the ground followed after him but as Kazuki moved, he also hardened the ground behind him, making it even harder for the suns to burn through it.

Spreading out his aura, Kazuki encompassed not only his surroundings but Dreunz as well. Dreunz didn’t know what Kazuki was doing but all he needed to do to get this mole out was to destroy the ground.

His suns were slow going but his swords of light were different. Dreunz felt Kauzki’s presence beneath the ground and launched sword after sword into the ground.

The poisonous downpour of rain was drowned out by constant explosions as sword after sword carved out the world below.


Each of Dreunz’s swords were well over 50 feet in length and were wider than several trees bound together were round. Every time he launched one, they moved at lightning-like speed and sank more than a thousand feet into the ground. Kazuki though could now dodge them at a much greater ease. Traveling through hardened rock and dirt for more than a thousand feet, it was only natural that these light swords slowed by a few fractions of a second. To Kazuki, these fractions of a second were precious time and allowed him to move out of harm’s way.

Still, Dreunz would not simply let Kazuki go and he quickly changed his tactic.

Just as Kazuki thought he could wait out Dreunz’s mad attacks, Dreunz once again sent a sword of light crashing down into the land below him. The moment it got near Kazuki, Dreunz’s eyes changed color, and the sword exploded, sending shards of golden white mixed with specks of purple light shooting in every direction.

The light being accelerated from an explosion traveled faster than even Kazuki could move. Not only that it carved out the world leaving a hollow cavern down below.

Kazuki saw these shards of mixed light racing at him and could only defend himself. Aura breath surrounded his body in a layer of protection at the moment of impact.

Several shards spread across his body and landed all over but to Kazuki’s surprise, there was no pain at all. A slight confusion crossed his mind for a split second.

(Such a weak attack. How could this ever cause harm?)

This line of thinking was flawed and Kazuki found out fairly quickly what Dreunz intended.

The light that was mixed with specks of purple clung to Kazuki’s aura breath and not even a second later, Kazuki felt a strange pull on him. The specks of purple light were still being controlled by Dreunz and he was literally trying to drag Kazuki upward using the element of space.

(Asuna can lock an opponent with such power but to think you can actually pull someone toward you with it as well.)

Kazuki released his aura breath and the layer of protection faded away, with the purple specks disappeared.

(It was attached not to me but to my aura. If it actually touches my body, I can’t exactly release my body. That light will make things difficult.)

Dreunz felt his space magic being disrupted from down below and grew even more infuriated. After absorbing the Blood Essence he had been gifted from his King, his power had skyrocketed. He felt as if he was invincible and filled to the brim with almost god-like power, yet his enemy, a mere human could still survive by hiding away in a rabbit hole.

The murderer who took both his grandson as well as his daughter. The scum who killed so many of his comrades, even now this bastard was still living. The insult, the humiliation. Dreunz could not take it and snapped.

He flew up high into the sky and was several miles above the ground in a split second. With his barrier still surrounding him, he dove down at the ground at his greatest speed. With so many suns surrounding him and his great speed, it was as if a literal star was descending down from the heavens to enact the gods’ holy wrath.

For a split second, this light was so great and bright that it could be seen clearly from every corner of the Feya continent.

Dreunz came down as fast as lightning and with his large size, he crashed into the planet with Titanic force.


The ground as if made of wet sand was blasted high up into the air for dozens of miles. The force was so great that the entire Feya continent had split apart and the world itself quaked. More than a thousand miles away, cities that were completely unaware of the fierce conflict between Kazuki and Dreunz had seen an almost blinding light in the sky, like a flash at the end of a great firey star. The very next moment something odd happened.

All at once, the city walls surrounding their great cities lit up. The barriers appeared around the entire city. Everyone thought this was strange as the barriers only came up when there was an imminent threat.

The very next moment they all realized why. As if the end of times had come, the world shook with an intensity unlike any other. Even with the great barriers used to protect their cities, it wasn’t enough. The walls held on for a few seconds and the very next moment, the barrier collapsed and the city began to fall apart all around them.

Every city felt it. Whether they big or small, it did not matter. No one was left untouched. Tidal waves rose up nearly a thousand feet tall and more than a thousand feet wide and raced across the ocean. Once it hit the land, it would flood most of Feya and billions would die.

At this time, a few eyes opened all around the world and a voice deep in the planet called out in the void.

“Zetrazz, what trouble are you causing for me to feel it.”

Zetrazz heard this call and responded back.

“Not much trouble at all. I’m simply enjoying some light entertainment.”

The voice deep within the world sounded out once more.

“I can feel it. The Feya continent is about to be swallowed and yet you call this light entertainment. You’ve always been an odd one Zetrazz but to disturb me, you have some nerve.”

Zetrazz scoffed at this being.

“I have some nerve, how about you mind your business and let me have my fun. Stop sticking your nose in my affairs.”

These words pricked at this being in a bad way.

“Your affairs is it? If that were true I wouldn’t care but if I am feeling the world shift then it is no longer your affair now is it? Such a young pup and yet you dare bark at me. You’ve been quiet for a while so I thought you may have evolved out of your foolish ways but it seems I was wrong. Once a fool, always a fool.”

The dark energy beneath the Feya continent began to swirl and in counter to this, an energy deep within the world started to move as well. Just as it seemed like something world-changing was about to take place, another voice chimed in.

“Boys. How many times must this old one separate the two of you?”

The voice sounded out with a calm authority. The moment Zetrazz and the voice deep within the world heard it, there was a mutual understanding and almost immediately Zetrazz and the voice deep within the world said almost in synch.


There was no more arguing and the voice deep within the world went quiet and vanished. At the same time, the newly arrived being confronted Zetrazz.

“It’s been a bit. I’d ask how you were doing but I already know.”

“I know. You can see all.”

“Since you understand that, do I even need to remind you that we have this one world and this one alone. Things were different in the time long before but now this world is our only home. We may not need it to survive but this world still holds sentimental value or do you no longer see it that way?”

Zetrazz almost answered in a panic.

“I do! Of course, I do! I just…”

“There’s no need to explain, I know. At the same time, this world is not to be destroyed. This little one has received power from that child Azar. Now that he’s touched the 7th stage, he tries to destroy what does not belong to him. It’s one thing to fight and rampage around. It’s another thing entirely to destroy the planet. Even the ones that have reached the 7th stage naturally know not to ruin the world, yet this insignificant beast dares to destroy what’s precious to me.”

Zetrazz shook his head.

“I wasn’t going to let it go that far. I just wanted

“I know. I know this. We rarely interfere but we must set an example. We can’t let other beings think they can simply destroy the world and get away with it. I’ll destroy that Dreunz and set things back to how they belong.”

Zetrazz knew what this meant and quickly spoke.

“Wait wait wait. That won’t be necessary. My ant will deal with Dreunz. If you step in and kill the little beasts, my entertainment will be squashed.”

“Zetrazz, I know why you raise that pup. Do you think it wise to lead another down that path? Look at what happened to Glacious.”

“This time is different I swear. Please Let my ant take care of it. I’ll fix what has been broken, I promise mother.”

“Fine, as long as your ant kills the other ant and sets an example but keep things together over there. I don’t care what happens on Feya. Whether the little beings live or die matters not, only the world must be protected. Everything else is of no concern. Now go clean up the mess.


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