Return of the Fallen Volume 8 Chapter 83

The moment Fera made her fake bodies collide into the wall of the lightning cage, all three bodies were torn to shreds by both the lightning as well as the strange sword forms hidden within.

Across the skies and across the open sea, across the world itself, Fera’s eyes snapped open on the dark continent. She sat with her legs crossed and floated silently in her throne room. As soon as she opened her eyes, she felt indescribable soul shredding pain as three fragments of her soul were purposely destroyed at the same time.

Her eyes bulged as she tolerated the agony but the pain still caused her to nearly fall to the ground. She promptly sat down on her throne and felt a warm sensation in her mouth.

(The taste of metal?)

A small trail of crimson ran down her chin and she carefully wiped it with her hand. Looking down at her open palm, she was surprised to find a spot of blood.

(My own blood! That fucking puppet!)

Fera looked within herself and inspected her soul. The damage was not too great but she found it hard to focus entirely.

(My mind took a hit as well. Kazuki and his friends think this will stop me. I’ll return immediately and tear them apart.)

Fera felt her power waver slightly but it wasn’t enough to stop her. She began to split a part of her mind and separate a fragment of her soul but as soon as she began she was hit with immediate excruciating pain.


The damage was more than she initially thought and trying to split and make a fake body damaged her a little more. She quickly stopped and tried no further. Her mind began to race with both fury as well as plans for what she would do once she returned.


As she was lost in thought a loud knock echoed off her throne room doors.

She wondered which bastard dared bother her at this moment but before she even gave an answer the doors opened without her permission and a voice carried through.

“So you’ve returned again from the looks of it though, it seems you’ve been injured.”

A voice entered her throne room but there was nobody. Just a powerful presence lingering. Fera’s usual attitude became less angry and switched to something more neutral. She still exuded authority and power but she spoke as if the voice lingering was of equal status to her.

“Have you come to mock me. If so I have no time. Leave me be.”

“Stubborn, just as I used to be. For so long I thought of you and those like you as lowly beings but after all this time I’ve learned something.”

Fera’s eyes rolled with visible annoyance.

“And what exactly have you learned besides how to bother me.”

The energy in the room started to change and a great aura came rushing inward, threatening to crush Fera then and there. Fera’s expression changed and she released her own aura. It was seemingly just as strong and pushed the foreign energy. She had to use everything she had but in the end, she couldn’t fully force this aura away and the two powers came to a standstill in the center of the room.

The two powers pushing back and forth for inches caused a violent vibration in the air and the energy threatened to explode. Fera was starting to grow angry once again.

“If you continue any further, I’ll take it as your intent to kill. If so, our little deal is off and I will fight you with everything I have. I don’t care if you’re a Titan. I’ll show you that even a Titan can die.”

The violent aura pressing forth suddenly withdrew and the deep voice returned.

“A human thinks it can destroy me. Your anger clouds your judgment ant but I suppose there is no need for us to sink further and unclasp our ties…just yet. How ironic is it that you see me as an annoyance while I see humanity all over my world as the annoyance?”

With the foreign aura withdrawn, Fera relaxed slightly and eventually pulled her own aura back.

“Yes we humans are such a bother. Don’t you titans do nothing but sleep and remain hidden away. I still fail to see how we annoy you when it is you titans who do nothing but draw the majority of magical energy and consume what we need.”

The voice went silent for a moment before saying.

“Humans truly are a curiosity. You see the world’s energy and think you have a claim to it and you actually see me as stealing it out from under you. I was the third titan on this world and have existed long before humans have on this planet. This power, humans have no rights to it, it belongs to me, and was never up for grabs or claims. I would have killed you all already if not fo…

The deep voice stopped up to here drawing a curious gaze from Fera.

“You would have killed us all if not for what? You hold such power but have not slaughtered us all. The reason is obvious. In the end, you are not as strong as you believe yourself to be. Otherwise, you would have destroyed the Ancient beasts on this continent as well as the ones on Feya. Yet here we all still live and breathe. You can’t beat Glacious, nor Azar, nor Berus. Even Zetrazz can destroy

The moment Fera mentioned Zetrazz the energy started to change once more. This energy was completely different from before. The entire palace began to shake. It didn’t stop there but the entire dark continent itself began to quake under this energy.

The deep voice boomed in the throne room.

“Haven’t I told you to never mention that name!”

This voice was so powerful that the pillars within the throne room shattered and turned to actual dust before falling down to the ground in a shifty unbalanced pile.

Fera began to clench her fist. Her eyes glowed with silver light and thunder began to crack above the palace.

As soon as the thunder and lightning boomed and cracked, the foreign energy calmed down.

Fera smiled faintly.

“It seems I am not the only one who is quick to anger.”

The continent stopped shaking and the deep voice came back.

“It is our commonalities which drew me to you. Both of us do not like one another. That is something we both understood from the start but we both know that we do not need to get along in order to fulfill our wishes.”

Fera gave a knowing nod.

“True enough. So I can assume your purpose is to help me?”

“Yes…I’ve been watching everything from the beginning. While you found yourself in that puppets trap, Glacious and the two kings have entered the final stage of combat. Even after everything though, Glacious and the two little kings may end things in a draw. Well that’s what it looked like would happen but your failure has allowed Etora to head to Glacious’s side for backup. If he makes it there, Glacious will win and he will then recover in no time. Once he’s at full strength, neither of us will be able to succeed, don’t you agree?”

Fera began o grow impatient.

“What can be done!?”

“There is only one thing that will stop Glacious. He is already weakened now. If he is not taken out now, who knows if we will ever get the chance again. If you wish to see him dead, then you must go in the flesh. Kill Glacious and finish the two kings in person. With the three out of the way, Etora can be dealt with in other ways and we can complete both our goals.”

Fera shook her head.

“It’s not possible. You’ve seen it yourself, Zetrazz is guarding the battle. He is keeping the battlefield inside of a dome of his own power so the continent doesn’t break apart. With him there, and I weakened, I can not interfere. Not only that, if Etora arrives too soon, Zetrazz will allow him into the battlefield and Glacious will win.”

“Why would Zetrazz allow Etora into the battle? He has no obligation t do such a thing.”

Fera clenched her fist once more.

“My brother. As you know he survived the abyssal trench and he still has the compass.”

The energy in the air pulsed excitedly but Fera dampened that with her next sentence.

“I know what your thinking but the god aura in the compass, it no longer is there. Instead, do you know what I sensed when I checked it? It was filled with Zetrazz’s dark energy. My brother somehow has a connection to Zetrazz and my brother also has connections to both Glacious and Etora, strong connections. Zetrazz will help Etora based on this connection they share, I have no doubt. So me going will do nothing.”

The throne room was filled with silence for a moment before the deep voice came back.

“No, you go in the flesh and deal with Etora and Glacious.”

“But Zetrazz

“Do not worry about Zetrazz. I will deal with my brother. You handle the last real obstacle in our way. Slay the dragon!”

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