Chapter 176: Mature Lady Donburi




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「80 men from the escort unit have arrived.」

Myla stands straight and salutes immaculately to show off to the kingdom army protecting the mansion.

The heavy cavalry lined up around the perimeter of the mansion only total 80, but they should be enough to intimidate anyone who gets close.
If I didn’t speak with Erich beforehand, there would have been a big fuss about whether the rebellion was still going on.

「80 of you?」

The escort unit was strengthened to 100 men if I remember correctly.

「Those 20 fell out of our ranks due to the strict march. All of them are new recruits. I will retrain them later.」

「I see, don’t push them too hard.」

I was thinking of hugging Myla and giving her a kiss, but there is something else I’m more curious about.

「Hey, you-……」


The escort unit is a squad consisting of select elite forces from my personal army.
Naturally, most of them have strong builds which make even Gido, who has a relatively large constitution as a member of the mountain tribe, look small.
Amongst those muscular men, there is an individual who is clearly smaller than those nearby, wearing a helmet with the visor lowered. I can’t see the person’s face, however this one smells nice.


I strike the helmet with my fist.


A high-pitched female voice.
I continue rapping the helmet, to produce vibrations and an echoing sound which should be quite annoying to the person wearing it.

「Au! Haau~! S-stop it please.」

「What are you doing, Celia?」

The helmet was removed, revealing Celia inside who I ordered to stay at home and rest.

「I ordered you to wait obediently at home, didn’t I?」

「Uuu…… well, I-……」

「When she heard Lord Hardlett was attacked, she begged to come along no matter what, and I didn’t have time to spare to convince her otherwise.」

Myla sighs in resignation.
Apparently she wouldn’t listen to anything if it wasn’t “you can come with us” and even clung to the horse’s back without letting go.

「I got on a horse, but my arm is fine! And also-……」

「Celia…… you disobeyed my orders.」

I look at her with a stern expression.
Celia immediately goes quiet and her face turns pale.
Really, what was she thinking by wearing all this heavy armor, what would she do if the bone shifted out of place?

「Um…… um…… I…… couldn’t just sit still…… so I went against orders……」

Aah, now she’s starting to cry.

「Geez, come on, let’s take off this heavy armor, we can’t change the fact that you’re here now. You’ll just have to recover obediently here.」

I embrace Celia and remove the armor.

「I’m truly sorry. I will accept any punishment…… wait, that’s not armor! Those are my clothes! Wah, the soldiers will see, please stop-!」

I got carried away and took off too much, leaving Celia in just her underwear.
She can be seen quite clearly by the escort unit and the kingdom army so I should take her into the mansion.

I carry the half-naked girl on my shoulder and bring her into the mansion.
Some quiet murmuring can be heard from behind me.

「Look…… they’re going to do it, right ?」
「Of course, you think the feudal lord-sama will just leave things unfinished?」

「Is the ‘thing’ we saw last time going to fit in that girl?」
「Won’t it just make her ass and vagina into one big hole?」

「Don’t say whatever you feel like about me…… Aegir-sama, let me down please-! Kroll, you bastard, don’t look this way! I’ll crush your eyes!!」

There, there, what a cute ass.
I’ll rub it lots.

The escort unit takes the place of the kingdom army, who leaves the mansion in their care.
Even though the ringleader has been captured, there might be some stupid people who would take advantage of the chaos.
It is better that the kingdom army has the freedom to move around.

「In the end, we’re back to the same lineup.」

「It seems so.」「Yep! But it’s fun!」「Pipi’s here too~」「……I’m sorry.」

Everyone, besides the dejected Celia who disobeyed orders to get here, looks like they’re in good condition.
Myla wanted to talk with Irijina and Pipi to get an accurate picture of the current state of affairs, but the both of them are holding their heads in distress, unsure of what to say.
I don’t have anything to do, so I’ll just relax.

Celia, who changed into her everyday clothes, is resting on my knee like a cat.
Rubbing her ass as I enjoy her scent and her warmth really calms me down.


「I’m not angry anymore. But you need to listen to what I say from now on, got it?」

「I understand. More importantly-」


「Is it alright if you don’t go to Lord Radhalde or His Majesty? So much has happened after all.」

「I’m just on standby, it should be fine.」

「Is that so? I wonder if that’s really the case……」

「It’s fine. You don’t have to worry about that, just relax and eat your sweets.」

As expected, the luxury goods in the capital are not even close to the ones in Rafen.
When I put the cream confection, too sweet for me, in Celia’s mouth, she becomes all happy.
It might just be my imagination, but she feels heavier than the last time she was on my lap.

「Pardon me. Um…… at the front door……」

The one who interrupted this relaxing time was Kroll.

「Aegir! You’re here, aren’t you!?」

Promptly following him with loud footsteps is Erich.

「My, my, look who it is ……」

Celia flails about and gets off my knee in a panic.

「I told you, the two of us were summoned by His Majesty and scheduled to appear in front of him this afternoon! You didn’t come even after so much time had passed, and I thought- ……」


Oh yeah, the letter which came in response to grant entry to the escort unit did include something about that.
Hmm, I forgot because I didn’t have someone to manage for me.

「We don’t have time anymore! Hurry up and come with me.」

Celia looks at me as if saying “I told you so”.
That gets you a finger in the ass.


Royal Palace

While looking on in amazement, I was taken to the palace where Erich, Kenneth and the King take their places around the table.

「I hear the three of you endured hard times because of this incident.」

「No, not being able to prevent this rebellion is my fault as the person responsible for leading the army.」

Erich lowers his head, which the King replies with a smile.

「The Royal army is an organization which deals with foreign enemies, catching some bugs hidden within the city is outside their expertise. I won’t blame you for that.」

「Yes Sire, I hear that Your Majesty took action to apprehend Hoover. All that’s left is to stop the villains who are taking advantage of the disorder to run wild in the city, so I’ll add the palace guards to the kingdom’s army and tell them be remain on high alert.」

「Good, I’m counting on you. Nevertheless, the three of you here were targeted by the underhanded tricks of the rebels, yet still you remain strong – how fortunate.」

「I wouldn’t know what I would have done if Lord Hardlett wasn’t at the dance hall. I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of everyone here.」

Kenneth lowers his head to me.
I’m sure he would have survived even if I wasn’t there since he ran away immediately.

「Not to mention there were close to 100 men attacking Lord Hardlett’s mansion, which were actually wiped out instead …… his valor certainly doesn’t put his name as a war demon to shame.」

I wasn’t the one who did that though.

「The story is circulating amongst the soldiers. About how he dismantles his enemies and finishes them off with a breath of fire.」

The King and Kenneth laugh.
The two of them probably think it’s a joke, but Erich’s eyes aren’t smiling.
Information probably reached him since the personnel who cleaned up the mess of corpses was the kingdom army after all.

「Talking about funny stories, something happened at Radhalde’s place too, right?」

「Yes, those ruffians targeted my mansion thinking the ceremony being held was a party……」

It seems like Erich’s mansion was attacked right when he was holding a ceremony to appoint his corps commanders.
Unsurprisingly, the participants belonged in the military and everyone carried swords on their hips unlike the officials in the dance hall.
The people who assaulted Erich immediately had more than two times the amount of knights and commanders draw swords against them and were suppressed in no time.

「The end game was weak…… such a foolish, half-baked plan. 」

「It certainly stood out as a careless plan. However ……it is still a painful loss.」

Erich lost a leader who had 15,000 troops under his command – one of his corps commanders.
He was in poor health and just so happened to be in his own home.

「Even fools who have status wield considerable power.」

Kenneth also lost a few importantly ranked subordinates.

Having a lot of subordinates is tough.
Oh, this alcohol is pretty tasty.

「As I thought, it’s imperative to secure a larger force of personnel. We’ll expand the scope of the royal institution and…… improve the quality of talent as well.」

「I have no objections to that.」「Naturally none here.」「I agree.」

I’ll just answer like the others.

「The two of you are likely occupied with military and government affairs. Hardlett, you don’t have anything in particular you have to do, right?」

Not good. This conversation is going in a bad direction.

「Well I have to ensure the cultivation of the southern lands and make sure the seeds for the wheat in springtime are sown……」

「That will be left to your subordinates, which is why you are here now. You will stay here until the audience in spring where you will visit the royal institution and help develop gifted individuals. I’m sure you can teach the students some crucial intangible qualities.」

「……I understand.」

Afterwards, the King and Kenneth decided on many other things in a good mood and now the visits I’ve been making to the school whenever I felt like got changed to mandatory periodic visits.

Kenneth is probably the one who wanted to get the King to order me to go to the school.
On the other hand, Erich is making a slightly sour expression.
Although I think I’m the one who looks the most displeased right now.

「Can I ask someone to be my assistant in the lessons?」

Kenneth nods greatly.

「Of course. Leaving it all to you may not be sufficient in teaching the students the standard practice and the finer details.」

In that case, I’m still safe. I’ll leave 90% of the work to Myla.
I’m almost certain that she would love to be an instructor.
An image of her firmly whacking the desk with a teacher’s baton in one hand while the students stare intently at her comes into my mind.

「……Seriously, if you just took it easy at Kenneth’s party, we might have been putting flowers beside him at the funeral by now.」

Erich complains to me as we make our way back home on the shaking carriage.

「The Government Affairs Commissioner was the first one who went into hiding. I’m sure he would have stayed alive.」

「He’s completely inept at fighting, yet he’s got a knack for sniffing out danger. That’s why he’s so irritating…… and also, I wanted to talk about how you attended a ball held by his faction first.」

I made sure to keep that information vague…… but he realized.

「Well, that’s because escorting his wife, who was in the carriage, would be the gentlemanly thing to do.」

「I’m sure he lured you in with the pretty ladies. That guy is really-……」

Bullseye, as expected of someone who’s been with me for a long time.

「There are a great number of teachers in the royal institution who are female as well. In particular, most of those in domestic affairs are subject to Kenneth’s influence. That’s why in order to avoid that, he made it a point to assign the females who were former secretaries and assistants as teachers. Women are often kicked out of a faction, you see.」

「What did you say!?」

I stand up in the carriage and hit my head on the roof, prompting Erich to glare at me.

「With that said, don’t lay your hands on them! Women who can teach are valuable! I won’t tolerate them getting pregnant and becoming your lover.」

「I don’t think I’ll do something as thoughtless as that.」

「Seriously, one day you will ruin yourself because of your love for women.」

「How harsh.」

While smiling, I can feel my dick raise its head up slightly.

「So, those guys who attacked your mansion……they were burned pretty nicely. Don’t tell me it’s because you can actually spit fire.」


「It’s not like a siege weapon was brought out. Witnesses nearby claim that they sighted fire raining down from the sky. Is it perhaps a spellcaster?」


Erich sighs and shakes his head.

「Geez, where do you find people with such varying talents…… is that individual planning to enter the army?」

「That’ll be impossible. The kid is faint of heart after all.」

「A woman, huh……」

「Yes, I don’t want to let her out of the palm of my hand. 」

「Well, I don’t care what becomes of a single magic user. However, watch over her to make sure she doesn’t use her power in the city.」

Magic users are powerful forces in small scale battles, but they can’t shoot their spells endlessly so they won’t be able to affect much in a battle involving tens of thousands of people.
More often than not, having a talented commander is more important.
That’s why Erich backed off this issue so easily.

It may not be a good idea to let many people know about this though.

That night, a modest banquet was held for Myla and Celia. The escort unit guarding the perimeter of the mansion were given delicious food and alcohol too.

「There are no abnormalities in Rafen?」

「Yes, nothing much has changed…… Nonna-san getting chided by Carla-san for her selfishness happens daily though.」

That sounds just like them as usual.

「Also, the number of Aegir-sama’s children has increased again.」


「The maid girl who you got pregnant earlier gave birth and came to greet us after she recovered.」

Aah, that girl…… I can’t remember her name.

「Several girls from the mountain tribe brought their children over as well. They said they won’t go back home until a name was chosen for their kids so they’re staying in the mansion right now.」

「I see, I see.」

It’s bad those girls have to wait because I’m not there.
As an apology, I’ll inject my seed into them again before they return to their territory.

「You really are the enemy of all women. You’ll be stabbed eventually.」

「I would be satisfied if I got stabbed by a woman.」

The area became lively and Dorothea, who was accompanied by the children, happily enjoyed the feast as well.
I’ve given her plenty of gold, but she doesn’t really buy any fancy things.
According to Adolph’s information, the cost of living for Dorothea and the kids is just a fraction of Nonna’s allowance.

「Nonna-san is the strange one here!」

「My salary for this month was spent all on alcohol! Wahahahaha!」

「Irijina-san, please stop buying it by the barrel.」

Irijina, who saw that a banquet would be held, went and rolled a barrel of alcohol from the store.
There are plenty of children here so I don’t think they would consume that much alcohol, but it’s already half empty.
Most of it disappeared into Irijina’s stomach.

「Ehe」「Your hair is all white.」

Alice is sitting in the corner of the room timidly sipping her alcohol while Pipi is messing around with her.
Nevertheless, the girl looks over at me happily and doesn’t show any signs of disliking it.
Her hair is still white now, although the roots of her hair are faintly becoming red again.

「This kind of atmosphere…… it’s so warm and I like it……」

「Come towards the middle more. It’s boring if you just stay in the corner.」

「I-I’m gloomy, so…… it’ll dampen the mood of those around me……」

Alright, then I’ll make Alice even happier.
I lift the girl up and sit her beside Irijina.

「Oooh! Alice should drink too!」

「I don’t……need so much…… so-」

As if Alice didn’t say anything in the first place, Irijina fills her cup to the brim with alcohol.

「Don’t hold back! People are happy with just alcohol and fights!」

Women need to be added to that list.

「Wahahahahahaha!! That’s great!!」「I-it reeks of alcohol…… my ears are ringing……」

She won’t have to worry about her gloominess if she’s beside Irijina.

Eventually Irijina was snoring loudly and was tossed into bed with Kroll and a few other guys as the banquet came to an end.
This night isn’t over yet though.

「Dorothea, Mel…… can I borrow you for a bit?」

「Of course.」「……yes.」

They could tell my intentions already just from my words.
The two of them followed me with flushed faces.

Dorothea asked the eldest girl to help the other younger kids go to bed.

「Uun, Mama have fun with Aegir-sama.」

「Hey now, what’s this kid saying!」

What a pleasant sight.

「Now, let’s get to tasting your bodies.」

I have the two of them stand beside the bed and remove their clothes.

「Womens clothing is pretty easy to take off.」
「Uu…… I’m already old but it’s still feels embarrassing.」

「It’s been a while since I last saw Dorothea, but your body hasn’t changed much.」

I pull up Dorothea’s hands which were trying to cover her breasts and genitals and then give her a kiss.

「Oh, the hair is nice down here. Did you trim it?」

「Geez! ……My beloved was coming so of course I’ll clean up a bit.」

How cute.

「It’s embarrassing if it’s just us. Hardlett-sama should strip too.」

「Of course.」

I pull my clothes off and stand boldly in front of the two women.
It goes without saying my dick is already erect.

「Ah…… amazing.」
「It’s so big……」

The two of them exchange gazes before Dorothea climbs onto the bed and lays on her back, while Mel lays on top of the other woman on her stomach.
Their 4 aligned holes lure me in.

「Wonderful. What a delicious looking mature lady donburi.」

「Calling me a mature lady is so mean of you! 」「I’ll cry!」

Their butts wiggle about despite their protesting.
I climb on the bed on my knees and hold their thighs as I stir their holes with my tongue and fingers.
My actions produce a pair of high-pitched squeals.

「It’s fine to be a mature lady, you’re my cute mature ladies …… though!」

First, I’ll thrust into Dorothea on the bottom.


I pump my hips and reach out to squeeze Mel’s breasts at the same time.

「Kya…… if you squeeze them so much……」

Just like that, milk squirts out of Mel’s breasts.
The spraying white liquid splashes on Dorothea’s face.

「You two have such wonderfully soft feeling holes.」

I pull my cock out of Dorothea and insert it into Mel, using my fingers to replace the void when Dorothea leaks out a sad whimper.

「I won’t be able to taste such a ripe and supple feeling from a young girl. You two are the best.」

「T-that’s because…… Aegir-san is too big. Aauu!」
「N-normally the tightness of a young girl is better…… aaahn!」

I rock my hips harder and the two women on top of each other shake with every impact I make against their bodies.

「You two want to be with men besides me?」

「That’s not it at all. I’m Aegir-san’s wife.」
「I also think you’re the last man for me.」

「Right? In that case, who cares about the norms. I also love mature ladies, so everything works out.」

「T-thank you very mu-…… already reaching my limit!」
「So intense! I’m cumming!」

「Hahaha, I’m not even halfway there yet. I’m gonna keep going…… prepare yourselves.」

Dorothea and Mel clasp their hands together and stare at each other.

「We’ll probably be fainting together.」
「Probably. I’m sure we’ll both have lewd looks on our faces as we lay on the bed with seed dripping from our holes.」

Perhaps getting even more turned on from that image, the two of them press their lips together.
Being shown that fuels my arousal and I thrust quicker and harder.

「Aaaaau!! AAah–!!」

「Dorothea-san, think about it carefully.」

As I work to bring Dorothea to orgasm first, Mel draws herself close to Dorothea’s ear and whispers to support me.

「W-what is it, aaah–! Incredible!」

「Aegir-san is 23 this year. Considering our ages…… he’s like our son, you know?」


「Yes, Dorothea-san is getting pierced by a young kid, is brought to tears, and will finally cum.」

「Don’t say that, it’s embarrassing!」

「I’m cumming too.」

「Ah, wait ……if you cum now, I’ll get pregnant……」

Mel continues as if preventing Dorothea from resisting.

「The one going inside Dorothea-san right now is your son.」


Dorothea stares at Mel with eyes clouded in pleasure as she approaches climax.
I don’t stop moving my hips.

「Children are selfish creatures. Even if you say no, they’ll still cum inside.」

Mel turns around and winks at me.

「Mother Dorothea. I can’t hold it anymore. It’s going to leak out.」

「You can’t…… if you let out so much inside…… then a baby will-……」

「Sorry mother…… I’m cumming inside.」

「Aaah fine. What a helpless child…… next time…… you can’t though……」

Dorothea has a remarkably strong maternal instinct.
Her rational mind was clouded by her lust and she easily grants me permission.

「Cumming! Mother!」

I pull back as far as I can without completely exiting her hole then give her one final thrust of my hips.
Her hole soaked in pleasure loosened and I was able to push myself in really deep.
In that deep area, my cock twitches and a large amount of thick semen gushes out.

「Aah! There’s so much of iiit……nnnnhh.」

Dorothea cums at the same time as her legs tense up and stretch out before her entire body loses strength.

「Fuu, that felt great.」

「……you’re terrible. How could you cum inside.」

「You told me before that if you get pregnant with your own child, you would treat the other kids differently. I don’t think so though.」


「I believe you’ll become the best mother. It would be such a waste if you didn’t have at least one child of your own.」

「I’m already 44. There’s no way I can get pregnant.」

「Well, then we better test that theory.」

I pull Dorothea close and exchange a deep kiss with her.
However, my balls were grabbed tightly from behind.

「……And you’re going to leave me alone?」

Mel puffs her cheeks and pouts.
She’s such a cutie, that’s why mature women are the best.

「Of course-」

I push Mel down and lean over her.


I penetrate Mel in one thrust, and her passionate moans resonate throughout the mansion.

–Third Person POV–

Side Story. A Few Days Earlier


「Kroll…… please stay safe.」

Alma looks up at the starry sky and wishes for her lover’s safety.
After receiving notice that the mansion in the capital was attacked, Myla and Celia departed with their troops.
From that point on, the girl’s sleepless nights continued.
But there was nothing she could do.

She could only pray to the night sky to keep her lover from harm.

「They’re fine. The letter didn’t mention anybody getting hurt.」

The one who covered Alma’s shoulder with a blanket was Melissa.

「I should have went together with them too.」

「Come on, close the window and get in bed. Exposing your body to the cold for too long isn’t good. You wouldn’t want to be sick when Kroll returns, do you?」

「No……I understand.」

Alma obediently lowers herself to the floor, clasps her hands together and prays.

「I pray that you keep Kroll unharmed.」

The girl offers her prayers to the moon.


「Are you sure?」

「Yes, Kroll-sama.」

Under the frosty sky in the back alley, the girl places her hands against the wall while Kroll who is wrapped in a mantle pushes his hips forward.

「Ah! It’s inside…… so big……Kroll-samaa.」

「I-I’ll make you feel good!」

The silver-haired girl gives herself to the young man and moans sweetly.
Unlike previously, most of the dirt on her body has been removed, her clothes are neat and tidy and a comb has been run through her hair.

「Letting me take a bath…… and even giving me clothes.」

「It’s fine. More importantly, concentrate.」

The sound of their hips bumping against each other continue for a while, though eventually the man groans and everything goes quiet.

「Thanks for your all efforts.」

The girl separates her hips and droplets of semen leaks out onto the ground.

「You can still continue, right?」

「Yes, if that’s what Kroll-sama wants.」

「Alright, then let’s go to an inn.」

「Oh no, it’s-…… doing it outside is enough for a girl like me. Going so far to use a bed to embrace is such a waste.」

「It’s okay!」

Kroll makes the girl hold onto a silver coin.

「That’s too much. 20 copper coins is enough for me……」

「I said it’s fine! In return…… doing business with anyone else besides me is…… you know ……」

The girl carefully puts the silver coin in her pocket and smiles.

「I understand. From now on, I will only let Kroll-sama embrace me.」

Kroll’s face softens from the girl’s smile.

「Giving me so much…… mom will be happy too.」

「Your mother?」

「Yes, my mom gets sick a lot, but I can give her something good to eat with this.」

The girl stoops down and licks Kroll’s juice-covered dick clean.

「Then, shall we go?」

「I’ll service you as much as you want.」

With the silver-haired girl wrapped around his arm, the young man looks up at the moon with a slovenly melting expression.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 155,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 22,000. Lintbloom: 3500.

Assets: 63,100 gold

Accompanying: Mel (concubine), Celia (adjutant), Myla (commander), Leah (lover), Irijina (escort), Pipi (escort?), Dorothea (lover), Alice (lover), Kroll (cheating man)

Sexual Partners: 153, children who have been born: 37




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