Chapter 177: Female Teacher’s Worries




Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

The students earnestly listen to me speak.
To be precise, it’s not me speaking, but Myla.

「In an advantageous situation, soldiers should be deployed in a straight line toward the enemy as much as possible. In a disadvantageous situation, align diagonally and fend off the impact.」

Myla uses various tools in her fervent speech addressed to the enlivened students.

「An assault by cavalry may seem powerful at first glance but even infantry can stop them if they don’t err in how they deal with the attack. On the other hand, if we were the cavalry charging in, we won’t suffer any decisive hits as long as the enemy hasn’t established control and order.」

She’s serious and explains based on theory so she’s perfect as a teacher.
Looks like I picked the right person for the job.

「Everyone, make sure that you completely memorize these formations and their compatibilities. They are all formations of old and the enemy will certainly be knowledgeable about the standard practices too. However, don’t underestimate them – 80% of battles can be won with by-the-book tactics. Conversely, if there is even a slight deviation in the formula, defeat is but a foregone conclusion!」

I sit beside the passionate Myla and nod greatly.
I actually snuck some alcohol in with me in my pocket but I’m having a hard time finding a good opportunity to drink it.

「Then, later we will be heading outside to the parade grounds to physically try rearranging ourselves in these formations. If you guys can’t do them yourselves, it’ll be impossible to teach your soldiers.」

Myla’s tone is harsher than usual.
I guess she’s trying to maintain the dignity she has as a soldier.
What a cutie.

The students are getting a more enriching lecture than usual and are barely keeping up.
Because of that, they didn’t realize that the only thing I said in this class was “Go ahead, Myla”.

With that, the morning lesson is finished and next is lunch followed by the training on the grounds.

「Fuuu…… I’m tired.」

「Good job. You did well.」

Myla wipes the sweat off her brow which accumulated despite it being midwinter, probably because she was talking continuously for close to two hours.

「I have to confirm the location to prepare for the afternoon lesson. Please excuse me as I leave for a brief moment.」

「Oh come on, we should eat lunch together first, no?」

「No, I can’t show ineptitude from the start. I’ll be going.」

Myla rushes off in a hurry.
As expected, she loves this kind of thing.

But now I don’t have anyone to eat with me.
I don’t have any acquaintances here, so I have no choice but to invite a random girl to eat with me.

Wandering around the school building, I find a girl dressed like a teacher who sighs as she walks.
She looks to be in her late 20’s, with average height and weight, brown hair, and a slightly lacking chest area.
Her looks don’t scream pretty but she has an old-fashioned cuteness to her.
Her thighs look healthy and plump so I’m sure it’ll feel good if I climb on top of her in the missionary position.

「Good day, what’s the matter?」

「Haa, I wonder…… eh! Margrave Hardlett! H-how rude of me!!」

The flustered woman bows to me, lowering herself even more than she already is.

「You didn’t do anything disrespectful at all. I should be the one to apologize for addressing you so suddenly.」

I bring myself beside the woman who is still shrinking back in fear.

「I actually don’t have anyone to eat with, so would you like to join me if you don’t either?」

「Eh? That’s too great a privilege for me. Besides, I’m not that rich so I wouldn’t be able to accompany the Margrave to the shop he chooses…… and my clothes……」

The girl’s clothes are neat and tidy but insufficient for a place where nobles would usually meet.

「Hahaha, I’ll pay for the meal at least. Plus, places where you have to adhere to formalities isn’t my thing either. I’ll take you to a nice place where we can get a quick bite to eat.」

I grab the hand of the still hesitant girl and bring her along with me to eat.
Her hand is white and her skin is smooth.
I’m sure her hand would feel amazing on my dick.

The place I took her is a place I often frequent in the capital, a place where their stir-fry meat and vegetables are tasty.
The store is open to commoners as well so it isn’t pretentious.

「It’s delicious, I love this kind of food!」

It looks like she’s happy.

「I always thought the Margrave was someone high above the clouds so I would have imagined you going to a fancier place.」

「I didn’t have the greatest upbringing either. 」

I’m pretty sure there aren’t too many people who’s in a better place now but had a worse childhood than me.

「By the way, I would be grateful if you told me your name.」

「Ah! How rude of me…… I’m Polte Brandt! My father is………… a domestic affairs official working for a Baron. I also wanted to help my father, which led to me to accept the position as teacher here. I have rank but I’m not a noble, so please refer to me as Polte.」

「Polte…… what a nice name. Please address me as Aegir too.」

「I couldn’t! If others heard me doing so, I’ll be buried in the ground.」

The two of us smile – a nice atmosphere.
However, there isn’t much time until lunch break is over, and if I don’t get back Myla will be in trouble.

「You’re fine with Polte, right? How about you join me at night, when class is over. You might be able to resolve the problem you were sighing about earlier too.」

「A-at night? 」

「Yes, there are stores which have delicious meat but aren’t open in the daytime.」

Polte’s expression was dyed with wariness.
The groundless rumors of my indiscriminate eating of women have been spread around after all.

「I don’t mind if you want to invite other teachers as well. There are rumors about how slovenly I act with women anyways.」

I say so mockingly.
Polte chuckles sheepishly, unsure whether I was joking or not.

「Alright. My clothes may look like this, but I’ll gladly accompany you for dinner too.」

「Sure, we can’t drink alcohol during the day after all.」

Our midday meal ends in a harmonious manner.
Now I just have to get back to school without Polte realizing my erect cock.

Myla’s zeal carried over to the afternoon lessons too.

「The important thing about forming battle ranks is not how pretty they look! It’s about speed and precision, unlike a ceremonial parade, so you don’t need to act in concert as long as you’re roughly together!」

「Always be aware of your surroundings. If the person beside you falls over, the person directly to the right will have to close up the gaps since the enemy will be breaking through those holes if you leave them vacant.」

「They’re having a hard time.」

If we were just training soldiers, it might have been enough to teach them how to line up, but we need to teach them the importance of formation to make them more knowledgeable as commanders.
Myla shouts desperately while beads of sweat runs down the side of her head.

「Alright, let’s take a short break, and then we’ll get into anti-cavalry formation next!」

The students collectively collapse on the spot.
The sweaty Myla returns to my side.

「Good work.」

「Thanks, though I might have gotten too into it.」

「Nah, I just think you’re really suited for this kind of thing.」

「I enjoy teaching others.」

She knew she couldn’t flirt with me in front of the students so she distanced herself a little from me.

「But I’m only able to teach them the military aspect. I can’t provide any assistance when it comes to domestic affairs.」

That’s the problem.
In terms of military instruction, I can speak based on experience from past fights but domestic affairs was completely left in Adolph’s hands.
It’s bad enough that I don’t know anything, but I don’t even know what should be taught.

「Well, I’ll just think about it later.」

「Because you’re irresponsible.」

「Anyways…… I thought there would be more opposition than this.」

There weren’t too many people born of high-class nobles amongst the commander prospects but a lot of them were the younger folk related to either knights who served Goldonia for generations or connected with smaller feudal lords. I was prepared for Myla, who was part of the enemy army that surrendered not too long ago, to receive harsher criticism.

「That’s because of Lord Hardlett. You’ve been sitting beside me with a scary expression on your face…… so nobody is courageous enough to take an impolite attitude against me as your assistant.」

“There were students who disagreed though” – Myla adds.

My eyes might have narrowed because I was sleepy.
In any case, it would be found out immediately that I took a nap since all 20 of them were staring in this direction.
I don’t mind that happening, but being asked by the King makes things many times more annoying for me.

「It’s still better in the commander team. Many of those in the domestic affairs official team have parents with considerable status…… so it’ll be even more annoying.」

How troubling.
Myla must have caught her breath as she stood up straight.

「Break’s over! Everyone, line up!」

Standing and making a scary expression is the most I can do here.

And then the long-awaited night came.

「Myla, thanks for all your hard work today. You can go home first and rest up.」

「Yes, it really has been exhausting…… and what about Lord Hardlett?」

「I have some business to attend to at school. Sorry.」

「No…… business…… well, that’s fine.」

Myla turns around and gives me a few glances as she heads back to the mansion.
Maybe she sensed something.

「S-sorry for making you wait!」

Right when Myla disappeared out of sight, Polte rushes over in a brisk jog.
It certainly appears she’s not the fittest person.

「Waiting for a woman is also a man’s duty after all. Now, let’s get going.」

I recall the lessons about manners towards women taught to me by Nonna as I escort Polte to the store.
The woman must not have thought I would be this courteous and is blushing while shrinking back in fear.

We head to a place where people of a higher class than those of the store we visited earlier in the day – wealthy commoners to lower class nobles and knights – gather.

「I heard the Margrave was a livelier person.」

In other words, she probably meant the rumors of me being violent and uncivilized.
Most of it isn’t wrong though.

「I’ve been told that a lot. Although most of it is on the battlefield.」

「Ufufu, but you’re quite the gentleman. I wonder if the rumors about you and women are also embellished.」

Polte seems to be fond of the store’s red wine.
Seeing how her second glass was emptied already, I quickly refill it.

「So…… what made such a pretty lady like yourself sigh earlier ?」


Polte hesitates a bit.
She must be wondering whether it’s alright to tell me.
But I can imagine what it’s about.

「Is it about noble children?」


I casually guessed, but it looks like I’m right.
Her father is a domestic affairs official supporting a Baron’s household, equivalent to a knight class, so he certainly doesn’t have much standing.
Considering how she is his relatively young daughter, even the lower class nobles and knights can look down on her too.

「I also came up from being a commoner. So I have similar experiences.」

My personal backstory is pretty well-known, so the girl nods and begins to tell me her situation.

「I’m sure you are aware of who Miss Gretel Beltz is from the team I’m in charge of.」

Well, not really.
The headmaster of the school mentioned the names of the few kids who have high-class noble parents in advance but I’ve already forgotten all about them.
If they were pretty ladies, I would have seen their faces when I was going around each class though.

「She’s the proud fourth daughter of Count Beltz…… I’m just the daughter of a low class clerk……」

Beltz, Beltz…… he might have been at Kenneth’s party or maybe not.

「A group of children of other nobles gathered around her too so it’s hard for the other teachers to say anything……」

「I see.」

Students must study under the instructors within the school regardless of their parents’ standing. But that is just a surface opinion, and the instructors deep down inevitably feel somewhat reserved in their lectures when they consider what would happen after graduation, for the children of the high class nobles will often take positions higher in rank than the teachers after they leave the school.

「Especially in my case, where the Baron my father serves is the vassal of the Beltz family.」

If it’s her father’s lord and his master’s daughter, there’s nothing they can say.

「Well that’s a bother. Alright, I’ll do something about it.」

「Eh!? B-but I don’t really-……」

「I get it. I won’t get you involved. Please leave it to me.」

Polte quietly bows her head.

「Well, your worries are resolved now. Let’s fully enjoy the food and drinks here.」

Trying not to scare her, I rest my hand on Polte’s shoulder as light as a feather and then pour her some alcohol which is slightly stronger than the wine.

When Polte starts getting dizzy from being drunk, I tell her stories about the Teries River and the plains in the remote lands, as well as the unusual stories of the mountain nation’s territory, which she listens to with great interest and drinks with more gusto.

「And then, an arrow went……bang, right into my body……」

I emulate the scene by lightly jabbing my hand into the woman’s side.

「Noo~! That hurtss……ufufu.」

Umu, she isn’t on guard against me when I touch her body.

Eventually, the girl’s head wobbles around unsteadily.

「It looks like I’ve gotten a little drunk……」

「That’s not good. There should be a room on the second floor of this store that you can rest in. Let’s go.」

I wrap my arm gently around Polte’s waist and guide her slowly to the second floor.

「Aaaaaaaaahn!! Hardlett-sama! It’s so thick! It’s so long! You’re going to break meeeee!!」

The fierce sounds of flesh slapping resounds as Polte holds her face with both hands and throws her head back in pleasure.

「Polte! How does this feel!? Does it feel good!?」

I pull the tip of my dick up so it rubs against the inner wall of her vagina, then thrust deep into her after seeing an opening.
It feels a little tight, but it’s still a pretty nice hole.

「I-it feels good, but you can’t-!」

I roll Polte on the bed and thrust into her from above.
Polte isn’t the largest woman, but her insides are surprisingly deep, swallowing 80% of my member.

「Take there.」

We change positions and get into the cowgirl position so I can thrust up from below.

「Nooo! It’s piercing me so deep…… y-you can’t do something like this.」

「You have such cute breasts, so pretty.」

I reach out my hands to completely cup her mounds.

「Noo~ My boobs are small!」

「They’re nice and cute. I’m gonna get rougher now, okay?」

「Hiiiiih~ please forgive meee–! Your penis is so big that it’s going to split me in half!」

「With your juices overflowing, you don’t sound convincing at all. Here look, I’ll rub here too.」

「Aaaaaaaaah! Why are you so good…… it feels too good, even though it feels like my hole is going to tear, it’s so good!!」

After tasting the woman’s body for a while, I return us to the missionary position and get ready to finish things up.


「That’s the third time you came, isn’t it. Can I continue like this and cum inside?」

「N-no, don’t! Inside is no good!」

This is the first time she resisted for real, plus Erich told me not to get anyone pregnant either, so I guess I have no other choice.

「Alright…… aah…… cumming!!」


At the last moment, I pull my cock out of the tightly squeezing hole which reached its fourth consecutive orgasm. My ejaculation erupts simultaneously and my cock which rests on the woman’s stomach sprays enough semen to cover her face and breasts.

「Guh! Oou!」

「T-there’s so much of it……it’s still squirting out.」

I wipe the seed-covered Polte with a wet towel as she flips onto her back and rests on my arm. At first, the woman buries her face into my chest without saying anything, but gradually breaks down into tears.

「The Margrave is really a person like all the rumors describe…… I got eaten like this…… uuu.」

「Don’t cry. Was it not good?」

「It was incredible…… but this……being embraced by someone who’s married…… is unfaithful.」

「Polte has nothing to worry about. Everything will turn out fine, so just relax.」

I hug the sobbing girl close and kiss her cheek and neck continuously until her sniffling turns into soft snoring.
I was pretty intense with her so she must be feeling tired.

「So the day isn’t over yet……」

I could just let her lie on my arm until morning, but Mel might sulk.
Myla was suspicious from the start, and Celia will make a fuss.
What can I do, I’ll just leave her here to rest.
I guess I’ll leave a kiss mark on her shoulder as proof of tonight’s lovemaking.

When I returned to the mansion, somehow everything was found out.
Mel sulked that I made a local mistress despite her being here, Myla complained about me eating a woman at a restaurant, and Celia objected to my actions in tears with the silent treatment.

Incidentally, I don’t see Kroll anywhere, where could he be at this time?

「Don’t change the subject!」

Good grief.

The next day, I leave the lesson to Myla while I take a peek in the room where Polte and the team she is in charge of is.

「If the area an average farmer can manage is wheat-…… ow ow ow.」

Everytime Polte spreads her legs, she winces in pain.
I might have been a little too rough.

「I wonder which one is Beltz.」

At that moment, one student stood up.

「Instructor, if you aren’t feeling well, shouldn’t you suspend the lesson? If you’re not teaching at your best, it’s actually a bother.」
「That’s right.」「As expected of Gretel-sama, the Beltz family’s beautiful daughter. [1. Nat: These girls are speaking like the typical ojou-sama, ending their sentences with ~desu wa. I’m probably not going to put that at the end, but just wanted to point that out.]」

「I’m fine…… au…… haau」

I found her. So that girl is Gretel Beltz.
She’s pretty so I’ll keep that girl’s face in my memory.

The girls chiming in after her are clamoring noisily too.
I see, it does appear that she’s leading the other children.
The domestic affairs official team allows plainclothes, yet Gretel’s showy outfit makes her stand out even more, basically telling everyone who the ruler of this team is.

The girl herself is fairly young but she looks like a fine woman.
The curls in her waist-long chestnut-colored hair are pretty.
Her face…… definitely beautiful, and her strong-willed appearance compliments her high-class and haughty attitude.
Her style of clothes emphasizes the size of her breasts and her plump figure, though she isn’t fat.
If I hold her from behind and thrust into her while standing, I’m sure it would feel great.
Indeed, she appears to be a selfish and sheltered girl, who’s also probably a virgin.

Ooh, Polte looks like she’s in a tight spot and about to cry.
As promised, I’ll help her out.

「What’s the big fuss here?」

I open the classroom door and walk inside.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 155,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 22,000. Lintbloom: 3500.

Assets: 63,000 gold (Rafen Annex Addition -100)

Accompanying: Mel (concubine), Celia (adjutant), Myla (commander), Leah (lover), Irijina (escort), Pipi (escort?), Dorothea (lover), Alice (lover), Kroll (miscellaneous affairs), Gido (escort squad)

Sexual Partners: 154, children who have been born: 37




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