The Black Dragon and the White Dragon – Part 04

It was utter chaos. The arrival of the White Dragon alone was bad news, but the lookout watching the outside of the village had rung the bell—a raid was coming.

“Wh-Wh-What do we do?!”

“Don’t look at me! We’re here to escort the villagers. And they’re not leaving. We should at least save ourselves!”

“We can’t just abandon the villagers!”

“They said they were staying!”

“Oh, shut up already!” the leader of Wild Horns interjected. “A woman is fighting a dragon! We can’t be whining here. Let’s go!”

“G-Go where?”

“To fight the monsters outside, where else?! We have to get rid of the small fry, or they’re gonna get in the way with the battle against the dragon.”

And that was the matter settled. With grim determination, the adventurers—some of them anxious—headed to the village outskirts.

But what they saw beggared the imagination.

Up until now, the monsters that showed up were at most Rank D—such as the

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