The Black Dragon and the White Dragon – Part 05

“I’ll protect you, Paula!” Pia had always said.

Paula was the most reluctant to become an adventurer, while Pia wanted to leave the village to become an adventurer the most. Pia wanted to allay her friends’ fear.

She had uttered the words countless times. But while the thought was there, the ability wasn’t. They were only a party of novice adventurers, struggling even against Forest Rats, and Pia only managed to stop them by making them bite her. For a young girl, she kept getting herself hurt.

Paula’s healing abilities had improved after healing Pia numerous times, but she didn’t want to leave any scars on her body. Deep down, she hoped they would quit being adventurers and return to being just ordinary girls, fall in love, and get married. Ordinary girls didn’t have scars on their bodies.

Paula never doubted Pia’s intentions, but she knew that her friend was incapable of protecting

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