Ruler Vol 1 Afterword




Author: Anit666

Hi everyone, Anit666 here.
The first volume, Birth of a Wish, is complete with this. Sam and the others faced a lot, but it’s just the beginning. Many more troubles are going to pop up from here on.

This volume is hardly perfect, but I put my all in it. There might have been some of you who were dissatisfied by my mediocre writing, and I sincerely apologise for that. I’ll continue to work hard to improve.

This novel came out of a very simple desire: to create a MC who could outdo even the greatest of villains that I’ve ever read. From this desire came a concept, and on thinking upon that concept, came the idea for a novel.

I’m a reader before being a writer, and I’ve read a lot of novels. And some of them were such great masterpieces that I was actually at a loss over what to read. But the ones I didn’t like were the ones who had extremely unrealistic MCs. I absolutely despise those mindless MCs who either want to follow their own justice no matter what or kill everyone that opposes them or who only know to follow their dicks (I know many of you would disagree but please don’t abuse me in the comments).

That’s why I created a MC who understood the principle of ‘Progress takes sacrifice’, and actually knew how to use his fucking brains. A MC who’d be willing to sacrifice anything for his goals, and then sacrifice that goal itself if turns out to be necessary. A MC who doesn’t stop the catastrophe because he is the catastrophe himself.

So, I constructed the idea for this novel, but never actually wrote it because I didn’t have anyone who would read it.

Then came the time when I was randomly browsing through LNT because new chapters hadn’t been released and I had nothing else to do. And I just happened to check the recruitment page, only to come upon the golden words ‘Authors Creating Original Novels’. So I hurriedly wrote the first five chapters and submitted them to LNT, and surprisingly, I was accepted.

And now here am I, writing the afterword for the first volume. Though I have to admit that writing this is actually more difficult that writing normal chapters.

Now, time for the acknowledgements.

First of all, the people at LNT who accepted me and my work and published it on their site. I’m incredibly grateful for all the help that you’ve given me from the beginning till now. I couldn’t have done this without you.

To AmareeLis-san. Thanks a lot for creating that awesome cover.

A special thanks to Battoth, ghostnight and Eric.J for being my patrons.

And finally, to you, the reader. The very fact that you are reading this means that you’ve also played an important part in this novel.

While I’m grateful to everyone, I think it’s time to end this volume. It’s now the spring of 2019, and my new Uni term is about to start. But that won’t stop me from writing my novel. Progress takes sacrifice after all!

Well then, until we see each other again.





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