Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 11




Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


We were following Simone who was leading us to our rooms where we would stay the night. The walls of all the hallways we passed through were lined with paintings of various kinds: portraits, pictures of mythical creatures, depictions of wars. You name it, we have it.

“I apologise for my father’s rude conduct earlier.” (Simone)

She suddenly turned her head slightly to look at me and spoke with an apologetic tone.

“Please don’t worry about that. In fact, I’d say I appreciate his friendly nature” (Sam)

It’s at least better than someone who tried to make use of us. Though it would be another story if it’s an act to get us to put our guard down. Not that I would become careless just because someone appears friendly on our first meeting.

“I appreciate your benevolence, Sam.” (Simone)

She smiled slightly. She turned her eyes towards Shiggurath and spoke.

“By the way, who are you?” (Simone)

Oh yeah, Shiggurath didn’t introduce herself earlier, did she? Good grief. At least show basic courtesies.

“Ah she is Drache, a dragon I have formed a contract with.” (Sam)

I introduced herself as such. Shiggurath is basically my trump card in case something goes wrong. An example would be Lanpas betraying me. If that happens, then they would consider Shiggurath to be a normal dragon and deploy someone with the ability to defeat a normal dragon, while in reality Shiggurath would be able to decimate this entire country.

“Nice to meet you.” (Shiggurath)

“A dragon? You have already formed a contract with a dragon?” (Simone0

She asked with a look of amazement on her face.

Does it seem that impossible? I mean, I just happened to be at the right place at the right time, that’s all.

“Right? We left this guy alone for a day and he came back with a dragon and the Empire’s princess in his tow. Just how outrageous can this guy get?” (Liera)

And Liera badmouthed me with a straight face.

“A single day? That’s amazing!” (Simone)

“Yeah!” (Cornellia)

“There’s no doubt about that.” (Shiggurath)

Why are you guys being so proud. She praised me, ya know. Me.

“Sam has always been amazing.” (Jack)

Jack jumped in as if these two women were not enough. I’m sure he’s doing it on purpose, just like the time he told many outrageous things about me to Chloe and the others. He simply wants to mess with me.

“Please stop exaggerating it, you three. It’s not that remarkable. I’m sure there are others who can do that too.” (Sam)

I made a plea to make them stop. However.

“No, there aren’t. Only a very few people have been able to form Contracts with the proud dragons. And none of them, I repeat none of them, could do it in a single day.” (Liera)

Wow. The people of this world are quite pathetic then, I guess.

I looked towards Shiggurath to confirm whether whatever Liera was saying was the truth or not, and she just silently nodded.

“Is that so?” (Sam)

“Yes, it is.” (Liera)

“So be it.” (Sam)

There’s no use in arguing. If they want to believe I’m someone amazing, I’ll let them. It won’t affect me directly after all.

A short time later, we turned right from an intersection of two hallways. In the hallway we entered, there were several doors lined side by side.

“These are the guest quarters. This is where you’ll be staying. Please pick a room of your liking.” (Simone)

I opened the door on my right and entered the room. The room was spacious. The entire floor was carpeted, and a golden chandelier hung from the centre of the ceiling. At the centre of my left was a large canopy bed, and on the wall opposite it was a window, beside which laid a study desk with a magic operated lamp on it. There were other things like a bookshelf, a dressing table and a sofa with table, probably for visitors.

I walked up to the window, pushed the curtains aside and looked outside. I could see the garden from here, and beyond it was the city through which we came earlier.

“Is the room to your liking?” (Simone)

The bed was much larger than my preference, but since there was no need to voice my opinion, I didn’t.

“Yes, it’s perfect.” (Sam)

“I’m glad to hear that. Now then, everyone. Please choose your rooms too. We’ll have dinner in around an hour.” (Simone)

After saying that she exited the room. I plopped on the bed and after finding a suitable position lied down on it.

Now then, what to do? Should I ‘sleep’? I’m not really in the mood to do so. Then what?

As I was contemplating on what to do in such a large room, the door suddenly opened and four people barged in. Needless to say, those four were Jack, Chloe, Cornellia and Shiggurath.

“At least knock on the door. What would you have done if I had been changing?” (Sam)

“What? As if your naked body matters to us.” (Chloe)


I’m sure she would have attacked with the intention to kill me had I entered her room while she was changing. Double standards.

“So? Why are you in my room?” (Sam)

“Because we were bored alone.” (Chloe)

Well, I was getting bored too. So, I guess it’s fine.

We started chatting about random things until the time for dinner. A maid knocked on the door and led us to the dining room. The ones waiting for us there were Reishu and Simone. There was no sign of anyone else.

Just like the king and queen of the Kingdom, Reishu and Simone were also interested about the world we came from. After dinner we went back to our rooms.

【3rd person’s POV】


The middle of the night in Sam’s room.

Sam was currently soundly sleeping on his bed. He had switched off all the lights, and had left the window open for fresh air. However, there was no wind outside. It was a perfectly tranquil night. A night where no one would expect anything to happen.

The curtains beside the window rustled, and now a figure was standing in front of the window. A girl, silhouetted by the twin moons shining in the dark cloudless night sky. Her silver hair glistened as she swiftly moved to the side of Sam’s bed.

She looked at his face for a brief moment, and confirmed that Sam was indeed sleeping.

How careless, she thought.

She pulled out the short sword from her waist and positioned it above his head.

You don’t deserve to be the Hero. The Goddess, and everyone else had made a mistake. So I’ll kill you here and rectify it.

She thought and smiled to herself.

However, just as she was about to plunge the sword in his head and kill him for good, a voice resounded in the room.

“What are you doing?”





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