Ruler Vol 2 Chapter 27




Author: Anit666

【Sam’s POV】


“Let’s go then. If we encounter any danger, then we can only work together to survive. Oh, and tell me the other things related to wraiths while we are on our way.”

I instructed her to follow me deep into the hallway to meet the ruler of these wraiths.

“Well, that was the condition, so it doesn’t look like I have any other choice.”

She yielded easily and we began walking down the hallway. We walked in silence and on full alert for a while, suspecting that we might be pincer attacked by the wraiths in this hallway. Not that it would work on us, but it doesn’t hurt to be vigilant.

When some time passed and we still didn’t encounter anyone, I decided to ask Regina about those wraiths.

“So, shall we continue the story now?”

“Well then. But before continuing, I would like to correct you on one thing. The wraiths here don’t live alone or in small groups. Instead, they had formed a very large community, similar to a country in fact.”

She readily started the history lesson.

Wraiths, the very culmination of loneliness formed a community?

“Except for a very few numbers of wraiths, almost all of them were part of this country. This was the Fallen Kingdom I was talking about, previously known as just the Kingdom. That sublime nation had everything needed for a good life, and every citizen of that country was equal among themselves. They felt no hunger, and they had no slaves and soldiers. They lived with no king or queen or ruler, that nation was the first democracy.”

She spoke as if singing a song from her memories. But what I am more surprised is about how she knows about concepts like democracy, which should be foreign for the people of this world.

“However, foemen believed it was due to some sort of secrets, and decided that they would bring the fight to the Kingdom.”

“Just asking, but were the foemen humans?”

“How knowledgeable.”

She commended me sarcastically. As expected, only humans would do something as foolish as that.

“I see. Please continue.”

“So, the humans attacked the wraiths. The wraiths earlier used to live in caves in the mountains. As you might expect, it was difficult for the army to lay siege to a country which was essentially caves in the mountains, and it turned into a war of attrition. Not to mention the fact that wraiths are troublesome enemies as their spells mess with the mind.”

Were the humans of that time buffoons?

“However, the humans were steadily winning as they had some really good fighters on their side.”

Yeah, that was expected.

“But then came Balgaar. He claimed himself to be the Lord of Fire, and declared to the world that he would lead the wraiths and conquer the entire world. He said he had an enemy to defeat.”

The Lord of Fire, Balgaar. Hmm………


Yepp, fuck this shit I’m out.

I turned around without listening to rest of the story and started walking in the opposite direction to get out of this fucking place.

“W-Wait a minute! Where are you going?!”

Regina got flustered from my unexpected reaction and grabbed my arm to stop me.

“Out of this god forsaken place.”

“But the way out is on this side!”

She said as she pointed to behind her, the place where Balgaar was calling us.

“I’ll just dig my way up.”

“There’s no way that’s possible!”

She retorted. Well, if I invest enough time and effort, I should be able to get out of this place. I’m in no mood to fight Balgaar now.

“Wait a minute, don’t tell me……… you are afraid of Balgaar?”

She asked softly as her eyes widened.

Hmph. The nerve of some people! There’s no way I’m afraid of him! This is just strategic retreat!

“Of course not. It just dawned on me that there’s no real reason to go and meet the ruler of this place. We can just dig our way up, or fly.”

“Oh yeah? What would you do if this whole dungeon fell because you started digging here and there just because you were afraid of the master of wraiths?”

“You are clearly exaggerating. Something like that would never happen.”

“But what if it does?”

She got me there. If something like that happened, then most of us wouldn’t survive. It would be more troublesome if he decided to hunt Chloe and the others. I can’t have them dying now.

Well, I was going to come for him later, but looks like I have no choice.

“Fine then. But don’t expect anything from me while fighting him. Just what can I do against someone who’s stronger than the Ancient Dragon Shiggurath? I’m just a normal guy.”

“Yeah the same normal guy who managed to form a contract with Shiggurath. Yes, you are very normal.”

She retorted sarcastically. Good grief.

“You knew about Shiggurath?”

“Why wouldn’t I? What do you think was the reason I didn’t just attack and kill you when I met you for the first time in the castle?”

“Because you didn’t want to anger Shiggurath by killing her comrade again? Just like you killed Susan?”

Her eyes widened for a moment as she looked at me, but she soon regained her composure.

“Of course. She would definitely kill me this time if something like that happened again.”

“So, you agree to killing her?”

“Who else could have done it except me?”

Well yeah, that would be the case.


“Someone like Balgaar, maybe?”

Her eyes narrowed as she scowled at me, probably trying to decipher my real intentions. Well, I’m simply prodding for information. Nothing more, nothing less.

“Well, why don’t you continue the story from before?”

“Hmm? Oh yeah. Where was I?”

She quickly agreed to changing the subject.

“You were introducing Balgaar.”

“Right.” She continued her lecture like a teacher. “So, when Balgaar entered the picture, things changed. Under his leadership, the wraiths became a mighty force. In just a single day, the humans were pushed back to the plains with their army defeated. After that, he attacked the elves, while he personally annihilated half of the dragons. Even Shiggurath was no match for him.”

I would be more troubled if Shiggurath was a match for him.

“Fearing extinction, every race came into an alliance to defeat him. Long story short, during the final battle, on our side were me, Susan, Shiggurath and the first elven king, up against the one and only Lord of Fire Balgaar.”

“And after that you four defeated him and then had a falling out and you killed Susan.”

“Yes. That’s basically how the Age of Extinction ended.”

“Is that what you people called that era?”


Wow. What an ostentatious term.

“And then the events proceeded into what the people of this world call the Holy Wars, where you demons and the mankind have a battle every thousand years.”


She answered in a flat tone.

“And during every war, you don’t die, just like a cockroach, and come back for vengeance. Or maybe you do die but reincarnate every damn time, only to lose again. It’s as if these wars are a drama written by a very horrible script writer.”

“Your questions are getting too personal. Our agreement was limited solely to Wraiths.”

So, she’s not willing to talk, huh. Fine.

“That certainly is true. I feel I should apologise for overstepping my bounds.”

I bowed slightly, conveying my apology.

“A Hero that bows to the Demon King in apology? The previous Heroes would be turning over in their graves right now.”


“Well, I’ll accept your apology if you make yourself useful in the upcoming fight. Because if you don’t, then I’ll just eliminate you right here as I have no intention of carrying unnecessary luggage.”

She’s threatening me. Wow.

“I’ll do my best.”

“You better do. Now then, let’s go and find out why Balgaar is still alive, and then beat the shit out of him.”

“Yes, milady.”


Who would have thought that I would actually become a Crusader? Well, Deus Vult, I guess.




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