Ruler Vol 3 Chapter 7




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


After everyone went back to their rooms or to complete their respective jobs and I was left all alone, I decided to call Maxwell.


⟦Hmm? What happened?⟧

He replied in his usual lethargic deep voice.

⟦You know exactly what happened. It’s been a little more than two hours since Simone was killed, so her soul should still be wandering in this world.⟧

⟦Yes, it should.⟧


⟦Then, can you collect it?⟧

⟦Of course.⟧

⟦Then do so.⟧

⟦I already have.⟧

………… Wow.

⟦I collected her soul the moment she died.⟧

He further added. This bastard……

⟦So, you collected her soul but still didn’t inform me?⟧

⟦Of course. You know the rules. I cannot help-⟧

⟦-me unless I ask for it. Yes, I know. Now forget about that and tell me about Simone.⟧

That’s more crucial right now. My oaths to Maxwell can be recalled later.

⟦She died three hours ago.⟧


⟦Three? Not two?⟧


What the fuck? Does that mean Reishu was lying? Even if he was, what would he gain by doing it?

⟦Do you know who did it?⟧

⟦Of course. But ask her yourself. I’m sure you’ll like the answer.⟧

⟦I’ll like knowing who killed Simone? Why?⟧

⟦Just ask.⟧

He playfully snickered. Alright then.

⟦Arrange for an audience.⟧

⟦Consider it done.⟧

He cut the connection after saying that. A moment later, another connection was established.

⟦W-Where am I?! What is this place?!⟧

And I could clearly hear the flustered voice of Simone.


⟦That voice… is it you, Sam?!⟧

For the first time ever, Simone seemed relieved at hearing me. Well, at least I was able to salvage her soul.


⟦What is this place? Everywhere I see there is darkness, yet I can feel countless presences here. And each of them seems to be eager to attack and devour me!⟧

⟦You are currently inside me.⟧

I informed her truthfully.

⟦Inside you? Ewww, gross! Did you eat me up?!⟧

She made a sound as if she was vomiting, but a soul shouldn’t be able to do that so I am safe for now, I guess.

⟦Not in the literal sense, of course. Now listen carefully to what I have to say.⟧

⟦W-What? You sound unusually serious.⟧

This girl is as rude as ever.

⟦You are currently dead. The you that is talking to me right now is just the soul that I’ve collected through some special means.⟧

⟦…………. So, I really am dead, huh. I thought for a moment that this was Hell and I was incredibly scared. But why am I inside you? How did you collect my soul?⟧

Huh. She unexpectedly accepted her death easily. I guess she was aware of the moment she died.

⟦You need not concern yourself with that. For now, I need to ask you about how you died and who killed you.⟧

⟦You don’t know? It was them!⟧

She growled. Them? Meaning there were multiple killers?


⟦It was-⟧



⟦I……………… see.⟧

What the actual fuck? I don’t understand, why would they do that? Why would they kill Simone? What do they gain by doing it?

⟦I feel I should apologise for what has happened to you.⟧

That comes first. Simone’s death is practically my responsibility.

⟦An apology won’t cut it! I want justice!⟧

She howled in anger.

⟦Just what is justice?⟧

⟦Fuck you! This is not the time to be asking such things! Just let me out of here right now!⟧

⟦I cannot do that.⟧

⟦What?! Why?! Why won’t you let me out?!⟧

⟦No, I mean I literally cannot do that. If I bring your soul out right now then you’ll be dragged in the cycle of life and death and will be reborn without your memories. You don’t want that, do you?⟧

⟦Of course I don’t!⟧

⟦So just shut up and sit there quietly. Meanwhile, I’ll see what I can do.⟧

⟦But what am I even supposed to do here? I’m surrounded by darkness and savage beasts who appear that they’ll attack me any moment.⟧

Hmmm, that could be a problem.

⟦Hmmm, Maxwell will take care of you till then.⟧

⟦Oi! Just what the heck are you saying?!⟧

Maxwell suddenly retorted.

⟦Hiii! Sam! A really nasty voice spoke just now!⟧

And Simone shrieked in horror.

⟦You brat! Whose voice are you calling nasty?! This is what a dignified voice sounds like!⟧

Maxwell tried admonishing her, but Simone had the perfect response.

⟦Dignified my ass! Children will cry after listening to you!⟧

She’s right, ya know.

⟦Hmph, that’s what it means to be dignified. But a brat like you cannot understand.⟧

This guy’s standards of being dignified are pretty fucked up.

⟦Who are you calling a brat!⟧

⟦You two seem to be hitting it off really well. Maxwell, I’ll leave her in your care.⟧

⟦No, wait!⟧


⟦Hmm, yeah, the floor here is made out of floor. Interesting.⟧

But if the floor is made out of floor, then what is air made of? Air?

⟦Hey, who are you ignoring!⟧

They both retorted loudly.

⟦Lalalalalalala I cannot hear anything. Lalalalalalala⟧

⟦Please, don’t leave me with him! He’ll eat me up!⟧

Simone begged me.

⟦My brain will rot if I stay with her! Take care of her herself!⟧

⟦Bye bye.⟧

I cut the connection with that. Well, Maxwell should be able to take care of her for now.

Now then, what should I do? They have really trapped me in a predicament. If I had known this beforehand then I would not have stopped Reishu and let him die by the hands of Regina. That would have been much easier than dealing with this shit.

But what I am more concerned about is their reason. I guess I’ll have to find out myself. Good grief.

When will my troubles end?


【Regina’s POV】


“How are the preparations going?”

I asked my subordinates sitting around the conference table.

“They are almost complete. The army is ready to march at a moment’s notice. If you want, we could go attack them right now.”

Almarick was the first to speak out of the four sitting around me. I had called for a meeting for them to report the progress of the preparations.

“Excellent. What about the others?”

“My battalion is also almost ready.”

The next was Bartra.

“Same here.”

“We are also ready.”

Followed by Mazal and Abdiel. The four remaining Commandments serving me were almost prepared for the war. All that was left was to ask for his confirmation and then march to burn the city of Blatan.

“Lovely. We’ll begin our crusade next week. Be ready till then. This time, we will win.”

However, I still cannot accept his way of doing things. His personality is so fickle that it’s very difficult to get a grasp on his thoughts. His convoluted way of doing things doesn’t help either. Honestly…… if I wasn’t so desperate right now, I would never had followed him.

“But my liege, is it really wise to do so?”

Almarick interrupted my thoughts by asking a very sensible question. This is why these men are the Commandments: never afraid to criticize me if they have any doubts. As a king, this is an ability that I want in my subordinates.

“What do you mean, Almarick?”

“You told us that the Hero, Samuel, single-handedly defeated Balgaar. Is it really wise to go against him?”

I see. I can understand why he would think that. Balgaar alone was enough to start the Age of Extinction. It would really be unwise to go against a monster who could kill Balgaar.

But the situation here is not so simple. Anyway, I still need to clear his doubts.

“Samuel could beat Balgaar solely because of his nasty weapon. Without it, he would have died a million times over. And at the end of that battle, his weapon disintegrated, and I confirmed it with my own eyes and other means. There’s no way he can bring it out again.”

“I see. But what about him? Is it wise to defy him?”

Ah, that fucktard? He’s no longer a problem.

“You worry too much, Almarick. Don’t worry. This time: I have a plan that will surely bring us victory. You just have to follow my orders, and our wishes would be fulfilled.”

“Yes, my lord!”

They bowed and left, and I returned to my quarters. I took out that thing I stole from Samuel in the dungeon. It was a black cylinder with a switch at the top. Till now, I was not really sure whether I should press it or not. But I’ve now shed my hesitation and decided to do it.

And so, I pressed the button. I was prepared for it to burst or something, but nothing like that happened. In fact, the object disintegrated.

Wait a minute. What? Wasn’t this supposed to be a reward? Just-

“Good evening.”

A voice came from behind me and sent shivers down my spine. What’s with this sense of Déjà vu? I turned around to see just who it was, only to see a man there with black long hair and tanned skin. His sharp eyes were looking at me with ferocity. But the identity of this man was something I was familiar with. I don’t know why, but the moment I saw him, I knew who he was even though I have never met or even heard anything about him. I guess that’s another one of the blessings given to me by the Demon God at my birth.

I see. So, this is my reward. I’m certain that the Demon God has finally taken pity at my melancholic fate and bestowed me with this piece.

The piece that now finally allows me to break free from the manipulations of all those seeking to use me and brandish my justice to reclaim what’s rightfully mine. I need not follow the plans of either of those bastards, for now I have the power to accomplish everything on my own.

If it’s this, then my victory is certain no matter what happens. It doesn’t matter who stands against me, be it Samuel, Shiggurath, that fuckface, or even that Balgaar, or maybe all of them.

My victory, is certain.




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