Ruler Vol 3 Prologue




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

The black Saturday. That day is still vivid in my memory.

That day when I lost everything.

Not literally, of course. I still had my parents and friends who cared for me.

But the things I cherished the most were snatched from me, and I could do nothing but helplessly fall into despair.

No matter what I did, they didn’t come back to me. He didn’t come back to me.

My world turned mosaic and pixelated. My life became grey and monotonous.

A point came when I thought of taking my own life.

But I couldn’t, because he would never want me to.

And so, I lived my days like a mechanical doll.

But then came another Saturday.

The day he returned to me.

My world returned to me, it turned colourful.

I was ecstatic.

But alas, that happiness didn’t last for long.

As I was flying through the skies due to my elation, he harshly pulled me down and smashed me into the ground.

This time, he forcibly took everything away from me.

I cried and begged him to stop as he ravaged my consciousness, but he only silently looked at me with his cold apathetic eyes.

He destroyed me with his own hands, and created me anew.

Yet, as I was on the verge of losing everything once again, I couldn’t help but notice his eyes. The will burning in them was fiercer than ever before.

That’s when I realised, he was still the same man I fell in love with. He was just doing this because he had no other choice.

That’s why, even after all that he did, I could never bring myself to hate him. It was the opposite, in fact. I loved him ever more.

However, by the Goddess’s grace, I have finally regained it. Everything he took was returned to me.

I don’t know why I was chosen, or why he did all of that to me.

So this time, I’ll make him answer me.

Last time, I was completely powerless to do anything. But that’s not the case now.

Exactly why did you do something so cruel to me?

We were friends, right?

I even loved you. I was ready to give my everything to you.

And yet, you destroyed me.

Just why did you do it?

This time, I’ll make you answer those questions.

And this time, I’ll make you pay.

But worry not, I don’t hate you.

I love you.

So your punishment will be as sweet as my love.

Be ready for it, okay?



Death, the only thing fair to all. After all, it is equally terrible to everyone. Young, old, good, bad, it doesn’t matter. Death is fair. One’s age, looks, behaviour, personality, wealth, beliefs, hopes, dreams: they matter only when they are alive. They lose all significance in the face of death. That’s why I think death is beautiful. The phenomena that can make each and everyone of us equal got to be beautiful.

Yet, since the time I was deprived of that beauty, I have always wondered: is there a life after death? If yes, then what would that afterlife like be? The choirs of angels? Or the fiery pits of hell? Whatever it might be, I sure don’t want any part of it- this one has been pretty purgatorial already.

For the millenniums I have lived, I have gained a lot of things. Power, prestige, immortality. Yet the one undeniable truth still remains: I could never protect the things and people dearest to me.

Living a long life has tired me out, robbed me of most of my pleasures. Been a long time since I felt an emotion other than exhilaration while battling.

Now, fighting is the only thing that makes me feel alive.

A comrade once asked me, ‘Why don’t you just commit suicide or something.’ But a simple death will not suffice for me. If I am to end my boring life, I ought to do it in style.

That’s why, to the incarnation of pride standing before me, condescendingly looking down on me.

“Kneel before me, plebeian.”

I want to ask you something.

Will you fall like the countless before you did, or will you be my escort to human frailty?


I summoned my treasure, ready to find out the answer to my question by my own hands.


⟦You have died. Would you like to try again?⟧

My miniscule mind with its miniscule imagination had yet to realise that I’m about to fall into a burning hell.




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