Ruler Vol 4 Chapter 1




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】

“Welcome back, your majesty.”

The moment I stepped through the teleportation portal, a voice said this from somewhere below me. I looked down to find a woman with blonde hair kneeling there. The pair of white wings adorning her back pointed out to her identity; she was an angel.

“I’m back.”

I responded to her. In return, her shoulders twitched in surprise and she immediately looked up. With a glare, she retorted in displeasure.

“Huh? Who are you? An intruder?!”

Oi oi………

“I would appreciate if you could at least remember the Hero who was summoned by ‘her majesty’ herself.”

I said as I took off the mask from my face.

“Ah! You are Samuel Hayden! Where is lady Phiria?”

She asked as she ignored me and looked behind me. Just then-

“I’m back, Rachel.”

Phiria stepped in from the portal and announced her arrival with a voice as sweet as a rose.

“Ahhh! Welcome back, Lady Phiria!”

The angel known as Rachel’s face brightened up and she immediately bowed down her head to show her unfaltering loyalty to Phiria.

“Be at ease, Rachel.”

Rachel stood up from her place, and while ignoring me, went to the side of Phiria.

“How was the trip to your world, Lady Phiria? You didn’t encounter any problems, did you?”

“Fufu.” Phiria giggled. “Of course, I didn’t.”

Yeah, because you created them, Phiria.

While they were having their pleasant chat, I looked around the place. In the simplest of terms, the room was ‘white’. The ceiling, the floor, the walls, the door at the end of my sights, were white.

The only difference was the ground enclosed by the four pillars surrounding us in the middle of them room. The pillars had been arranged to form a square with them as the vertices, and an incredibly complex magic areia had been carved into the ground with what seemed to be the purest of gold.

“Waaah! This is just like the last time!”

A delightful voice squealed from behind me, and upon turning back I found that everyone else had also entered through the portal, which closed after all of them came through.

But ‘just like the last time’, did she say? Ah, so this must be the summoning chamber of the God’s Realm. Susan must have been summoned here by Phiria before being sent into her world, so maybe that’s why she recognised this place.

While Susan was drowning in nostalgia, the others also had interesting expressions. Jack and Shiggurath had bored expressions for obvious reasons, while Cornellia, Chloe and Liera were completely charmed by this chamber. On the other hand, Regina, being the Demon King, was clearly unsettled by this place. I guess the so-called ‘Holy’ energy of this place irked her.

I put my mask back on and decided to interrupt Phiria and Rachel’s conversation.

“Ummm……. What should we do now?”

“Hmm?” Rachel turned to me. “You’ve put on that mask again? Heh, are you afraid to show your real nature and that’s why you hide behind that mask?”

I’m pretty sure that’s not it, Rachel. Probably.

“Hey, that’s rude, Rachel.”

Phiria gently rebuked her, to which Rachel stuck out her tongue and apologised.

“Sorry sorry. So, we are going to send them to their homes from this chamber, right? I shall make the necessary arrangements.”

“No. On the contrary, all of them are going to join the Hero Programme.”


Colour quickly drained from her face and she asked with a slightly trembling voice.

“J-join the Hero Programme? They are?”

Phiria simply nodded in response. Rachel’s face got even paler.

“Why? Is there something wrong with that programme?”

Cornellia immediately noticed the abrupt change in her and questioned.

“No no no! I-it’s a good thing, actually!” She quickly shook her head. “However……”

She muttered in a really small voice, and with eyes full of terror, looked at me. However, it seemed that Cornellia also caught that small action, thus causing her suspicions to grow even deeper.

Seriously! I would be troubled if she were to be so blatant about it. I definitely don’t want others to notice.

“It’s alright.”

Phiria whispered to Rachel. By the way, I could listen to that whisper since I was standing close to them.

“How about we stop fooling around here and proceed to do what we are here to do?”

I decided to once again interrupt them. I don’t think I have the time to dabble in such time-wasting activities.

“Hmm? So you straightaway want to join the programme?”

Phiria asked me. But as I was about to reply with an affirmative answer.

“Eeeeeeh! What’s the hurry, Sam?!”

Chloe interrupted.

“Yeah yeah!”

While Cornellia, Shiggurath and Susan backed her.


“Now now, Sam. There’s no need to hurry, is there? All of you should rest for now. I’m sure you are exhausted after fighting in that arduous war. The troublesome things can he handled later, right? Rachel.”

Everyone nodded in approval, and for some unknown and mysterious reason, Jack was among them.

Before I could stop them, Phiria turned to Rachel.


“Please guide them to the guest quarters and arrange for refreshments.”

“Yes.” Rachel then turned to us. “Everyone, please follow me.”

Having no other choice, I decided to follow her.

“Ah, by the way, Sam, Jack.” Phiria called to us from behind. “Since you two are the representatives of this group, could you please come with me? I have something important to discuss with you.”

There is it, the Devil’s invitation!

But despite knowing that, I had no other choice but to concede to her demand.

“Everyone, please go ahead. I’ll be there after discussing the important things with Lady Phiria.”

They complied and went ahead. Rachel seemed a bit reluctant to leave us alone, but she had no other choice but to do it. And so, the two of us were alone.

“Now, please follow me.”

Phiria turned around and walked towards the corridor opposite to the one through which the others went. We silently followed after her.

The large hallway, as one might have expected, was beautiful. With white as the base, stunning carvings in gold and silver were drawn on the walls. A crimson carpet covered the ground beneath our feet, while paintings so mesmerising that they’d put even Picasso to shame were hung on the walls. Large chandeliers were hung on the ceiling at regular intervals, thus providing us with the light. Occasionally, we passed by large windows. It was night outside, and the three moons dazzlingly outshone the countless stars surrounding them.

However, interestingly enough, not once did this hallway branch out. Nor did we encounter anyone that seemed like a guard. Given how this was a corridor connected to the summoning chamber, I would have expected there to be some angels stationed as guards.

Soon enough, we came across a pair of maids. They immediately bowed upon seeing Phiria.

“Welcome back, your majesty!”

They greeted her cheerfully.

“Yeah, I’m back. As always, thank you for your hard work.”

“No no! It is us who are thankful!”

They replied while slightly blushing.

I see, even women can’t escape from the charm of Phiria.

“By the way……..”

They looked over at us suspiciously.

“Ah, these two are the Heroes I told you about. They are here to join the Hero programme, so I’m taking them with me to discuss some things.”


One of them muttered.

“Later then. Good night.”

“Good night!”

The maids cheerfully replied and went their way, and so did we.

Phew, I was a bit anxious there. A single mistake and the entire God’s realm could potentially turn against us. That’s a situation I would definitely like to avoid. Jack seems to be of the same mind, since even he was going the extra mile to avoid suspicion from anyone. It would turn into a really huge uproar if he was found out here.

The entire time we were following Phiria, she had been silent. Not a word was spoken between the three of us.

Finally, after walking for some considerable amount of time, an end to this hallway came into sight. And what lay at the end was, as expected, large double doors. The doors were made of gold and decorated with carvings made of some black metal. The moment Phiria stepped in front of the door, it immediately opened.

“After you.”

Phiria urged us to enter first, which we did since we didn’t really have much of a choice. Phiria entered after us, and the door automatically close.

The moment the three of us were inside, she patted her chest and sighed in relief. And then, her head turned towards the ground, thus hiding her eyes with her bangs.

“Uhhhh……… L-lady Phiria…..?”

I called out to her, afraid of what was about to come. Just then, I felt something warm on my face, and my mask vanished, leaving my face bare for her to see.

At the exact same moment, she jerked her head back up. Her eyes had been widened in madness, while a really wide grin adorned her face. Without any warning, she suddenly leapt towards me.

“Aahhnnn, I have been waiting for you for such a long time, Lord Hayden!”


Yes, the madness that swirled in her eyes was born from her endless love for me.




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