Ruler Vol 5 Chapter 30




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


⟦What……… do you mean by that?⟧

Simone’s voice was strangely quiet, as if she couldn’t understand what I had just said.

But why? She had said it herself, that I was a cold heartless monster who had to simulate emotions to act like a normal human being. She must know that I’m something less than a human.

So why is she so shocked when I’m acting in exactly the same way she perceives me?


⟦Did you want those things to be a lie?⟧

Is it that? That deep inside she knows that I’m incapable of feeling even a single emotion, but doesn’t want to accept that fact?

Well, it’s not like I can’t understand her. It’s a basic human instinct to deny something they can’t understand, or something which lies outside of what their miniscule minds can imagine.

Perhaps, for her, someone like me simply cannot exist.

⟦Isn’t that right, Simone?⟧

I asked again, and after a short moment of silence, she replied.

⟦So you are saying all of that is true?⟧

⟦Yes, it is.⟧

⟦So everything that you showed us………⟧

⟦In a sense, yes.⟧

Now, I wonder how she’ll react.

⟦And you don’t feel anything towards your actions?⟧

⟦Not particularly, no.⟧

⟦Shit.⟧ She finally cussed. ⟦I can’t believe it……… it was true. You………⟧ The tone of her voice was accusatory. ⟦Can’t feel anything.⟧

Hmm, she’s not quite there. Well, that was to be expected.

⟦Now that, is also wrong.⟧

⟦What do you mean?⟧

⟦It’s not like I cannot feel anything at all. I’ve worked hard to create emotions, after all. For example, I can love, I can feel angry. I can also feel hungry.⟧

⟦But just now-⟧

⟦You misunderstand. When I answered ‘yes’ to your first question, what I meant was that the basic facts you had discovered were true. However, the same cannot be said for the conclusions you drew from them.⟧

She had failed to consider everything objectively, which led her to make a mistake in understanding me.

⟦Now, exactly why do you think I’m a monster?⟧ Her silence egged me on to continue, though I actually wanted her to answer that question. ⟦Simply because I had to cultivate my emotions by my own self. It was only through repeated trial and error that I understood the phenomena known as feelings.⟧

⟦How… how is that possible?⟧

Her voice was trembling- was it that hard to believe?

⟦Consider this your assignment; you know about my past, so why don’t you arrive at your own answer?⟧

I think it would be amusing to see the perspective of a relatively normal ‘being’.

⟦You twisted bastard………⟧

⟦I’ll take that as a compliment.⟧

Now, I wonder, what answer would she arrive at? I’ll be looking forward to it.

And so, I ended the conversation with Simone, and focused on the horny Goddess in front of me.

“Sorry, Mary. But we ain’t doing a threesome or anything.”

We haven’t even done a twosome for that fact. Isn’t she too adventurous for her first time?


She puffed her cheeks and pouted, and I suddenly felt the urge to poke those cheeks to force the air out. Of course, I didn’t act on it- I’m not a romcom protagonist after all.

“Seems like we will have to make do with ourselves.”

The Sam-II-wearing-the-horse-mask suggested, but Phiria shook her head.

“No. I still prefer the original one.”

Should I be happy about that?

“You are quite loved.”

Sam II looked at me, while Lantz nodded.

Why is this turning into a romcom?

“Shut up.”

I gave a terse reply. Phiria, on the other hand, hopped towards me with a beaming grin and leaned towards me with sparkling eyes.

“Ne~ ne~” Her voice had a certain ‘bounce’ in it. “Since I have chosen you, isn’t it only fair that you reward me?”

That is not the law of equivalent exchange.

“…………What do you want?”

“A kiss.”

Oh? She’s more lenient in her demand that I’d expected her to be.


Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll simply accept it.


She groaned with teary eyes. Is it just me, or was Lantz glaring at me?

“How about this, then?”

I said as I started patting her head and ruffled her hair, gently playing along with the invisible bunny ears.

Her eyes squinted in pleasure and she purred like a cat.

“Mmmm, good.” She moaned. “More.”

I complied and continued. A sweet atmosphere formed around us, so much so that it seemed my blood sugar levels had risen.

Just then-

Something- someone, actually- shot out from the hallway behind me at great speed and made its way towards me. Sam II and Lantz had instantly noticed, and probably Phiria did as well.

It was…… Michael. Hmmm, what’s with the hurry, and the bloodshot eyes, and the sword which is clearly pointing towards me? Why is he not slowing down?


Can I get an F for myself?

Well, let’s just continue patting Phiria’s head (no, it’s not like it’s more important or anything b-baka!) and wait for whatever he’s up to. Though his hostility is clear for all of us to see.

My back was still facing the direction Michael was coming from, and within 2 seconds, the tip of his sword was just inches away from me.

In the next instant, the blade impaled me and came out from my chest, stopping a few centimetres from Phiria.

Hmm, as I thought, Michael was clearly intending to kill me.



The deafening roar that shook the very space around us was followed by a loud boom, as if something had exploded.

Within mere milliseconds, Phiria’s expression had contorted so much that it seemed that someone had opened the gate to the lowest layer of Hell. There was so much hatred, so much rage, that even I felt a shiver run down my spine.

Within the next few milliseconds, she moved from her place. My eyes barely managed to follow her as she appeared at my side and before Michael, took a stance, and drove a first enhanced with the densest mana I had ever seen straight at Michael’s solar plexus.

The sheer speed and force behind her punch warped the space around her fist, and with a loud boom, Michael was sent flying into the same hallway he had dashed out of.

It wouldn’t have been strange for him to burst like a balloon right on the spot, had I not interfered.

Just before her first connected, I managed to put my palm in her hand’s way. So, in essence, she had actually punched my hand. Of course, my hand had been pulverised into oblivion while Michael had been sent flying at such a speed just by the shockwaves alone.

“Sam!” Phiria shrieked, her expression quickly turned into one of horror. Even then, she healed my hand and the stab wound and demanded. “Why did you interfere?!”

It was clear that Phiria wanted to do everything in her power to give Michael a death so gruesome that even the cruellest demons of Hell would shake in their boots.

Geez, this is exactly why I don’t want people to like or love me. She had nearly ruined my plans there.

“Now now.” I made my move and held her in my embrace. “Why don’t we handle this like the grown-ups we are supposed to be?”

Haaahh, never thought that I’d have to use this line on Phiria.

“But that piece of shit stabbed you!”

Her body trembled as the raging hellfire continued to burn inside her eyes.

Good grief.

I gently kissed her forehead and buried her face in my chest, and started caressing her hairs.

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it. For now, be satisfied with that kiss.”

I would be troubled in more than one way if Michael died here. Not only would his death ruin my relationship with this Kingdom, but it would also give a huge shock to Sherry. In the worst-case scenario, she just might go insane.

I still don’t know how to deal with Chloe who’s swaying on the border between sanity and madness; I don’t want another headache to handle.

“This is not fair………”

Phiria grumbled and bumped her head into my chest.

“What isn’t?”

“The payment.”

Dude. Was she not taught to not be selfish?

“Well, this is all you’re getting.”

“Hmph, cheapskate!”

She protested, but continued rubbing her face in my chest. It seemed that she had begrudgingly accepted the payment, at least for now.

Hmm, yep, I’ll never understand women.

Well, technically, I do understand women, but more often than not, I can’t predict what a woman madly in love with me will do.

When Michael had stabbed me, I had expected Phiria to understand my intentions and just heal me. Then I would have engaged in a psychological war with Michael to understand his true intentions, which I would have carefully dismantled to bring him back to his senses.

However, she lost herself in her emotions and lunged at him with the clear intention to kill him then and there.

That was clearly unexpected from someone as sharp as Phiria. This was one of the largest demerits of emotions.

Then, how would I have reacted if someone had stabbed Phiria?

According to my past experiences, I perhaps would have done the same thing as her. And that’s precisely why I know that I’m slightly different from the monster Simone refused to accept me as.

While I was thinking that, it seemed that Michael was alive and had returned.

“Samael! Samael! Samael!”




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