Ruler Vol 5 Chapter 32




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“The game has just begun.”

Wait, oh shit.

Uhhh… ‘Limit √18.367’.

Whew, I was worried that the ‘Limit’ function wouldn’t accept any floating values. Anyway, my stats should be around 7000 now. Assuming that Michael’s stats are around 5000, I’m still stronger than him.

Now, time to employ the acting skills I picked up from a certain someone.

“I really did not want to do Michael, but it seems I have no choice but to fight you seriously.”

His eyebrows furrowed as he tried to understand the intentions behind my words.

“Don’t tell me……!”

Nice follow up, Sam II!

“Wait, ‘do Michael’? What exactly do you mean by that, Samael?” Phiria’s chilly voice quivered.

Oh, wait. I made a typo. Hmm, but I was speaking, so maybe it’s a speako?

“Well, Samael is going to fuck him over.”

And there we have a second follow up from Sam II. Damn, he’s perfect.

“Ah, I see.” Phiria nodded in understanding.

“Precisely.” I also nodded without looking at them, and made the tone of my voice heavier. “I’m going to use that.”

“No, don’t!” He yelled. “Why don’t we fight him together?!”

“Really? Well, if you-”

“Aaaaah, on second thoughts, my stomach is hurting! Ow ow ow!” He cried and crouched while clutching his stomach.

Forget others, even Michael couldn’t help but shift his gaze towards Sam II.

“Truly your clone……”


“What would you mean by that?”

“Hmph.” He snorted. “Your own clone just abandoned you.”

Is he smirking? Hmm, does that mean that Michael believes that the ‘act of abandonment’ is second nature to me? Now why would he think that? I don’t remember doing anything that would let him form that opinion of me; neither as Samael nor as Samuel.

As Samael, I’ve been careful in playing my part as the strict-yet-caring teacher, while as Samuel Hayden back on Earth, aside from ditching him once when the teacher caught us bunking class, I don’t remember doing anything that was even remotely close to forsaking him.

“Isn’t that because I asked him to back off?”

And so, I asked him to clear my doubts.

“Choosing to run away from reality, huh?” He mumbled.

Uhh, excuse me? I believe that the dumbass standing in front of me who failed the Trial and is now trying to kill me because he sees his former friend Samuel in me is not really qualified to say that.

This pisses me off even more because I actually am Samuel.

“Or are you just doing what you do best?” He continued.

“And that would be?”


Wait how did he know-

Ahem! I mean, what the fuck is he even saying?

“You know what?” Michael smiled slightly. “I’ll give you a chance.”


Yeah, fuck everything and let’s accept his offer.

I need an increase in my salary if I’m to put with all this bullshit. Goddamnit, the next time I see Cecile, I’m definitely asking for that. Like, this is straight up harassment, dude.

“Ah, how magnanimous of you. I beg of you, Lord Michael, please impart upon this humble servant the wise words of a being as great as you.” I courteously bowed.

Michael’s eyes narrowed as his nose scrunched up in disgust.

“Run away.”



Did I hear him right? No way, I’m already going senile?

“Leave behind everything and just run away from this country before I kill you.”

Uh, is Sherry going to jump out from a hidden place now with a banner that says ‘you’ve been pranked’?

Doesn’t seem like it.

“Um, why?”

“Hmm?” Michael frowned.

“Why do you want to kill me so much?”

“You still don’t understand?” Michael sighed, and I shook my head. “It’s because I have seen through you.”

What? What is that supposed to mean? Assuming that his words are true, just how far has he seen? Does he know that I’m actually Samuel? Most probably, he does. Then what about my true relationship with Solomon? No, he has no way of knowing that. Unless…………

Meteron. That piece of utter shit. Yeah, interfering with the Trial should be an easy task for him. Has he shown something to Michael? If yes, then what? Even before that, just how strong Michael actually is right now? In the worst case scenario, I’ll have to unlock Gamma One, and I’d like to avoid that.

“What do you mean by that?”

I have to first understand how much he actually knows. If the situation is irrevocable, then I’ll have to kill him.

“Still playing dumb?” He hissed. “I know that you’re planning to abandon us.”

Huh? Ah, does he mean that because I’m the Overlord, I’m siding with the demons? Does he think that I’ve infiltrated the humans in order to weaken them from the inside? So, does he believe that I plan to kill the Heroes?

“In what sense?”

“Don’t fuck with me!” He hollered. “I know that you’ll leave us when we’ll need you the most! Right now, you’re trying your damndest to suck up to us and gain our trust, and then you will betray us at the worst possible moment and leave us to die. But I have seen through your petty tricks, so before that can happen, I’ll kill you!”

…………What the fuck is that even supposed to mean?


“Betray you…… just like Samuel did?”

“Don’t you dare utter the name of that bastard in front of me!”

Damn, the level of density here will cause a fucking singularity in this room.

Aight, enough carrots. Time for the stick.

“Shut the fuck up, you absolute buffoon!”

I dashed at my full speed and appeared right in front of Michael with my punch drawn back. The next moment, my fist connected with his face and he was knocked back.

After coming to a stop, he rubbed his cheek and looked at me with crazed eyes.

“Ha! Finally showing you true colours, aren’t you?!” He then looked behind me. “See that, everyone? This is what Samael truly is!”

Stop, please, don’t kill my brain cells any more.

Like, what the actual fuck? Even if I forget about my feelings and look at this objectively, I can’t understand how this is supposed to reveal my true nature. I punched him and what? Is it supposed to show that I can lose myself in my emotions and act impulsively? How can he call something as crude as that my ‘true colours’? Get on your knees and apologise to every strategist out there!

Meanwhile, Phiria looked at him with eyes that were asking how could such an idiot even exist. Alas, Michael took that as something else and continued his rant.

“Ms. Mary!” He shouted. “I don’t know exactly how he deceived you, but please take this moment and re-evaluate your feelings! You must understand that this man is not worthy of your love! He must have messed with your mind and heart and made you feel that you love him, but that is all wrong! He is just using you to and then he’ll throw you away.” He then extended his arm towards her. “Come to my side, and I promise you that I’ll free you from his mind control! I promise you that I, no, that we will make you truly happy.”

In response to his passionate speech, Phira……… smiled. The edges of her lips curled upwards, while her eyes widened a bit.

Uh-oh. This fucking idiot, absolute buffoon. Never in my life have I seen someone do something so dumb. I’m sure that if he ever took an IQ test along with a stick and a cockroach, he’ll manage to place last.

He went ahead and questioned Phiria’s love for me. Even I, who doubts every damn thing, haven’t done that. Not even Jack Hargreave, the Adjudicator and an extinction class existence, does that.

⟦Even I haven’t done that.⟧

⟦N-not even you, Sir Maxwell…………?⟧

Goddamn, even Tzeeneth has managed that only once.

As I feared, Phiria started walking towards Michael with a gentle smile on her face. I did the most logical thing to do in this situation and stepped aside.

“May you rest in peace.” I offered a short prayer for Michael. “Our time together was short, Michael, but I’ll never forget you. Don’t worry, I’ll at least build a grave for you.”

That’s assuming that there is something left of him to bury.

Michael gave me a brief ‘What the heck is he saying’ look, but by then, Phiria had already closed in on him.

He gave a wide, beaming grin to Phiria and extended his hand even more, as if asking her to take it. Of course….

“Eh- ugghh, aaarrrghhhh!”

By then, his hand had already started to disintegrate. Like sand being blown away by wind, his hand was vanishing.


He let out a blood curdling scream that shook the air around us. Right now, he must be feeling pain akin to driving a thousand needles in each of the pore on his body, his organs being squashed and rearranged, his blood being replaced by sand et cetera et cetera.

Right now, Phiria was denying Michael of his very existence.

While it might seem that his body was just disintegrating, the actual process was a bit more complex than that. First of all, Phiria had forced his nerves to grow and connect to every single cell in his body. Next, she had magnified the sensitivity of the pain receptors by a million times.

Then, she had messed with his mind and robbed him of the ability to go insane or become unconscious or force the body to shut down or anything which would allow him to stop feeling the pain. And finally, she was now meticulously and carefully ripping out each of his cells and killing them by a variety of methods which didn’t allow an instant death.

And, if she’s as pissed as I think she is, then she must also have slowed down the flow of time for him. So, Michael should be feeling this pain continuously, and for at least a couple of years.

“W-what are you doing?!”

Of course, Lantz would try to interfere. But of course, Phiria wouldn’t let him. She released her entire bloodlust on Lantz, and he foamed in his mouth and just fell down, unconscious.

On the other hand, Michael continued to scream. As terrific and painful as they sounded, they must have been equal to the finest opera for Phiria. Wow, she was actually humming.


Hmm, not bad, actually.

Michael’s body continued to disintegrate and Phiria continued humming, until not even a trace of him was left.

Now, someone might get curious and ask me, ‘Why didn’t you stop her even though you clearly needed him alive for your plans?”

Well, the answer is simple; because things aren’t over yet.




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