Ruler Vol 5 Chapter 7




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】


“I would like to take this occasion to announce the man I’ve chosen as my partner. And he is none other than Samael!”

……………Say sike right now.

No, wait. Did I hear her right?

“Uhh… partner in what?”

Let’s ask directly, yeah? I’m sure it’s something like a partner for the battlefield.

“Of course, what I’m talking about is ‘my partner for life’, in other words, my husband.”


I-Impossible! I’ve been betrayed, I’ve been backstabbed, and quite possibly, bamboozled!

Where is the fuck is that Lantz?! He said that this was for a special program!

“What is this, Lantz?!”

I grabbed him by his collar.

“This is the special program I was talking about. Oh?” He jeered. “Did I not give you the specific details?”

“You bastard………!”


Let’s forget about Lantz for now. My biggest problem right now is the spoiled princess who is staring at me with longing eyes.

“Are you alright? You aren’t ill, are you?”

Leaving behind Lantz, Michael and the other suitors who looked like they would topple over and die any moment, I appeared in front of Cecile and touched her forehead to check her temperature.

Her eyes twitched a little as she grasped my hand and brought it to her cheek.

“Thank you for worrying about me, darling.” A shiver ran down my spine. “But I’m perfectly fine.”

“You know what, Princess?” I freed my hands from her clasp. “You stay the fuck away from me.”

I got back to the place where I was standing before with Phiria and Sherry, but by the gazes of those two people it seemed that I was not the only one who did that.

Cecile accompanied me as I jumped from her place to Phiria’s. Quite interestingly, Phiria, the woman who claimed that she was madly in love with me was not interfering right now. Instead, her eyes seemed to be asking for popcorn to enjoy the show I was putting on with my resistance.

“Please don’t leave me behind, darling.”

What the fuck is wrong with this woman?

I looked into her eyes, and she looked into mine, sparks flowing off (metaphorically) as we tried to determine each other’s intentions. Well, it was mostly me trying to decipher why she would do something so brazen, but she was also probably trying to guess my next move and prepare accordingly.

“You have just been announced as her fiancé and you are already acting so lovey-dovey? You’re making this old man jealous.”

Lantz mocked us with a smirk. Apparently, from the 3rd person’s perspective, it looked like we were having a romantic moment.

Are these guys blind or what?

“Let’s do this systematically, Your Highness.” I said after freeing my hand again and taking a step back. “If it’s a husband that yous want, then I’m sure there are many others who are better than me. Take the Hero, for example. Or Lantz. Sherry is a good candidate too, ya know.”

I’m not against yuri-yuri action. I promote it, in fact.


Sherry took two steps back from us and hid behind Phiria, glaring at us in the process.

“Isn’t Sherry a girl?”

“Do not let something as insignificant as gender stop you from pursuing your love.”

If the world tries to put an end to your love, then it’s the world that is wrong, not you.

“But I still choose you.”

Wat? She chose me over Sherry? Never thought her to be incapable of appreciating beauty.

Like, look at her! These glossy wavy hairs, her soft white skin, those long eyelashes, those juicy lips, dat ass- er, I mean, her great figure. Why would someone abandon her for me?

And I thought you were better than this, Cecile Constantine!

Looks like I have no other choice but to play that hand.

“Your- er, uh, love, makes me really happy, your Highness. But I already have a fianc-”

“But didn’t she dump you, like, some years ago? You’re practically free at this moment.”


「What is the meaning of this betrayal, Phiria?!」

「Betrayal?」 She scoffed. 「Aren’t you the one who has continued to reject my love despite my unfaltering devotion. It’s about time I gave you your punishment for that!」

Uhuh. Yeah, that’s absolutely correct. What impeccable logic; I’m totally speechless.

Like hell!

「Then what’s with that devious smile on your face, huh?」 She instantly covered her mouth with a fluster, but she was already too late. 「Let me guess; you saw an opportunity to mess with me, and you took it. You probably thought something like ‘There’s no way in hell he’ll marry that cow’, right?」

「W-what might you be talking about? H-hahahha…」

「Hmph. I don’t even need a second to see through your thoughts.」


She continued giggling awkwardly and then hid behind Sherry, who then proceeded to do the same thing, and by the end both of them had several question marks floating over their heads.

「And just so you know. I never rejected your love.」

Of course, I cut the connection before she could even reply. I already know her reaction after all.

⟦Quite cruel, don’t you think so?⟧

Maxwell chimed in.

⟦I completely agree!⟧ And Simone approved. ⟦Leaving a maiden hanging like that, just how much of a trash can you be?⟧

Trash, huh?

And did she just say maiden? Dude……… she has no idea the Goddess of Life’s past, does she?

⟦Yeah, yeah, fuck off.⟧

As we stood in the centre of the party hall arguing over my selection, almost everyone surrounded us. The nobles, with wine glasses in their hands and smiles that were enjoying this peculiar scene where a man chosen by the Third Princess had doubts about his selection, were in the very front, followed closely by the soldiers and maids.

And wait, do I hear someone betting? Let me in too, yeah?

Now then.

“I do not understand your standards for choosing me, your Highness.”

Why did Cecile pull off a stunt like that? Did she fall in love with me? While that does sound like an interesting explanation, I know that is not the case. Her gaze is of a predator looking at its prey.

First of all, she had just too little contact with me to even know me properly, let alone fall in love. And while I do know that that is not a prerequisite for love, none of my actions or our meetings were impactful enough to make her descend into love.

In other words, she has some ulterior motives.

“Why not? It was time for me to choose someone anyway, so I chose the best candidate possible.”

Hmm? Is it because of my power? Are Level 2 individuals more influential than I thought? Or perhaps I’m being rated more highly than what they tell me? Then this could be a political move by this country to bind me to it. I guess they think that the Third Princess is a small price to pay in return for me.

“And how exactly did you decide that I was the best?”

But that seems slightly unlikely. For a political move, this seems just too hasty. The King might have wanted to try some other means before resorting to selling his daughter. Not to mention that the power I showed wasn’t that great.

Then what?

“It’s simple; power.”

If it’s neither love nor a political move, then it must for some other personal reasons. What if the country is currently pressuring her to choose a man to marry (or maybe they’ve already chosen one), but Cecile loves someone else? But due to some certain circumstances, she cannot introduce her love to the country, so to bide her time till she can, she has chosen me. I didn’t show any romantic interest in her; some may even say that I did not see her as a woman at all. In that case, abandoning me when that fated time comes would be pretty easy, and she’ll be able to marry her love easily.

Hmmm, there are just too many assumptions involved here, but it’s still a likely explanation. She doesn’t really need to be in love with someone else; as long as I’m easy to break up with, it’s all right.

“If it’s power that you’re looking for, then I think Sir Lantz is more suitable, no?”

All that’s left is to observe her and deduce the answer.


Shut up, Lantz.

“I did say power, but it’s not like that was the only criterion.” Cecile smiled wryly. “What I admire is your unwavering strength and your boldness. I still remember our first meeting; the rebellious glint in your eyes and your domineering aura that refused to back down even against Sir Lantz………” She started panting. “Aah, my heart has never beaten so fast before………”

That’s creepy, so please stop. And please don’t stealthily squirm your legs in a way that only I can see them.

“I’m still-”

“Every girl wants someone to protect her, to cherish her, to love her. And you, Samael.” She got even closer. “Are capable of that.”

Before I could say anything, she pulled my ear close to her mouth and whispered.

“If you do not accept my proposal, I’ll kick you out of the Hero party, you know?”


Did she just threaten me? Did she just threaten the guy who took out her Hero like taking a fly out of a bowl of soup?

You’ve officially taken it too far, buddy.

After all, two can play that game.




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