Ruler Vol 6 Chapter 29




Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes

【Sam’s POV】




Makes sense, I guess. Ex-Sam was supposed to be the man who stood at the top of this Universe; of course he’d be immortal.

It would be incredibly weird if he was a simple mortal, now that I think about it.

Imagine being the top dog of the Universe and someone stabs you in the back as a joke and you just keel over and die. That would be a real bruhh moment.

⟦Uh-huh, so you’re better off not trying anything stupid.⟧

⟦What? Shouldn’t it be the opposite then?⟧


⟦In fact, I kinda wanna die right now. I obviously have never died before, so now that I have the chance, given that I’m an immortal, I want to try it.⟧

⟦Eh?⟧ Maxwell stupidly grunted.

⟦Death has been described in many ways. Those who have returned from a near death state have varied recounts of their experiences.⟧

⟦Really?⟧ Simone asked.

⟦Yup. Some say that they saw a bright light at the end of their journey. Some said that they felt a coldness as their vision went dark. There were those who were floating in a warm darkness after dying. And some saw a black, blank nothing after dying which, contrary to what they expected, was comfortable. There are also cases where the person who had apparently died felt that they were drifting away to someplace, but were brought back before they could ‘leave’.⟧

⟦Woah, you sure know a lot about death.⟧ Simone gasped.

⟦It’s only natural to research about the thing you so desire.⟧



Right, I forgot that contrary to what the internet might lead one to believe, jokes about killing oneself are socially frowned upon.

What a backwards society we live in.

Wake up, sheeple.

⟦By the way, did you know that the bright light you see at the end of the tunnel when your life is about to end is not you ascending to heaven or descending to hell, but your brain’s final cries for air?⟧


⟦Yup. Studies show that when your brain stops, it loses its supply of oxygen from blood while carbon dioxide starts building up in the body. Increased levels of carbon dioxide can lead to stress responses and visual hallucinations, which may include flashing lights.⟧

⟦I understood nothing of what you said, so correct me if I’m wrong, but light at the end of the tunnel is nothing but an illusion, right?⟧

Ah, I guess she’s from a fantasy world.


Hallucinations can also be thought of as illusions.

⟦I see.⟧ Simone nodded. ⟦No wonder I didn’t ascend into heaven.⟧


Did I hear her right?

⟦Oh my, did you not know? I’m dead.⟧

⟦Ah, so jealous I mean I’m sorry to hear that.⟧

I mourn the loss of life like every other normal person would.

⟦…⟧ Simone scowled. ⟦Do you know why I died?⟧

⟦I haven’t had the pleasure to, I’m afraid.⟧


⟦Oh my!⟧ I gasped in my mind.

⟦That’s right, you are the reason I’m dead.⟧

⟦Huh, so looks like Ex-Sam killed you. I wonder how that felt.⟧

Did he feel a high while seeing the light fade away from Simone’s eyes? Or did he get aroused as her life trickled away with her blood?

Or did he feel nothing?

⟦Um, you weren’t the one who killed me, per se.⟧

⟦Oh, then did Ex-Sam order someone to separate your head from your torso?⟧

I doubt he felt anything while giving an order, unless Simone died right in front of his eyes- oh wait.

What if he and Simone were close in some way, and his betrayal is what made her hate him so much?

Did Ex-Sam stab her in the back? Why? For a cheap laugh or two? Or maybe-

⟦No way in hell were we close!⟧


⟦Also, you didn’t order someone to kill me.⟧

⟦I didn’t?⟧

⟦No, but-⟧

⟦Ex-Sam didn’t kill you with my own hands, and he didn’t hire someone to murder you. In other words, your death was not a result of his conscious effort. What that implies is that your death is not his fault, so you can no longer blame me for it. Case closed.⟧


Time to open a detective agency and scam people out of their money for solving ordinary cases. I mean to help people resolve the mysteries haunting their lives.

⟦T-that’s not how it works! You still had-⟧

⟦No offence, Simone. But your unfounded accusations at me for something Ex-Sam didn’t even do is the height of inanity. So please, go fuck yourself.⟧

⟦Ha, fuck me yourself, you coward!⟧ She scoffed.

⟦Don’t mind if I do.⟧


As they say, rejecting a woman’s advances is a man’s shame.

So if she’s inviting me to sleep with her, who am I to decline her generous offer? Ah, but we must use protection.

⟦T-That’s now what I meant.⟧ Simone trembled and took a step back (or so I felt).

⟦Don’t make threats you are not ready to follow through, Simone. That’s like, the basics of Extortion 101.⟧

These filthy noobs, smh.

Anyway, time to put this overreacting baby aside and focus on kicking Sherry out of this room.


“Sherry, I have to tell you something.” Phiria interjected, then looked at me, her eyes asking if she should continue.

I nodded.

I guess I’ll let her do the hard work.

“Go ahead.” Sherry replied.

Now ask her to go away because you want to continue my body check-up or something.

“The truth is…” Phiria hesitated a bit.


“The truth is?”

Why am I getting a bad feeling about this?

“Sam has lost his memories.”



Jesus Christ, what the actual fuck, Phiria.

Didn’t we just have a discussion on this topic literally minutes ago? That we should avoid revealing the loss of my memories for as long as we can?

But then she just sent it and personally informed Sherry about my amnesia.

Phiria, you fucking genius.

“What? Come again?” Sherry giggled.

Good, she still thinks we’re joking. The situation is still salvageable.

“You didn’t fall for it, huh? A shame.” I shrugged.


“Ha, I thought so!” She scoffed. “You think I’m going to fall for that trick again?”

Ah, looks like I have tried this with her before.

“It has been a long time, so it didn’t hurt to try.”

“Haha, right, right.” Sherry smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes.


“By the way, Sam.”

What now?


“When exactly did you pull this prank on me again?”

“I dunno. Why?”

“I was really worried when you said you lost your memories, you know, but I can’t remember exactly when that happened. So I asked you.” She smiled.


“I don’t remember the exact date or time either, duh.”

“Just make an educated guess.”

Aight, let’s see.

For my prank to greatly worry her means that she was rather close to me. Assuming that I was the one to save her from the guy who was trying to socially isolate her, and that our friendship truly blossomed after that point, I doubt we could have become so close in the first year of our high school.

“I dunno, probably the second year?” I answered plainly.

Sherry can apparently recognise when I’m lying, so the best bet right now is to not associate any of the fake body languages with my lie which I usually do.

“I see, I see.” Sherry nodded. “By the way, Sam.”


“You never pulled an amnesia prank on me.” Her gaze suddenly sharpened.


“I didn’t?”


“Huh, so now you are trying to pull an amnesia prank on me? Just so you know, it won’t work.” I scoffed.

Looks like Sherry either tricked me or is tricking me, which means she believes Phiria’s words of me losing my memories.

If it’s the former, I just need to continue playing my charade with all my might. As the confusion would start to build up, I can present the possibility of our memories not matching up. This way, I’ll introduce a new variable in the lie and turn it over its head.

And in case it’s the latter, I’ll once again continue my façade. That would solve everything.

“…” Sherry’s glare sharpened.

“Uh, hello?” I waved my hand in front of her eyes.

If I’m to play the first scenario perfectly, I need to avoid defending my lie. Instead, I should act like she’s the one who’s lying.

The start is like the classic tactic of shifting the blame on to someone else when you’re caught lying, except in this case, I’d take it one step further and make it so that none of us are lying.

“I can see the gears turning in your head.” Sherry clenched her jaw. “Look, if-”

*Knock* *Knock*

Another knock resounded inside the room.

Well, I guess that works too.

“Let me get that.” I stood up, went towards the door and opened it.

And the one I found there was a small child.

Wait, children are supposed to be small so I doubt I needed to add it as an adjective there.

⟦Also, does this room serve as a lost and found centre for children?⟧

⟦No. She’s Sarah, the Captain of the 7th Company of the 1st Squadron of Knights.⟧

Come again?

Did I hear that right?

A little girl is a Captain in a Squadron?

“Ah, so, um.” The girl started sputtering.

“Hello, there.”

Huh, I wonder how she’s related to me.

“Hello, Samuel. Do you recognise me? You probably don’t, not in this form, at least.”

⟦Wait, what!?⟧ Simone exclaimed.

I doubt I’ll recognise you in any form, young lady. And what’s Simone’s problem?

“Is that so?”

“Sam, I’m your mother.”





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