ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 101 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 101: Crystal Waterfall, Sympathy Through Isolation Part 1

I jump in the air. Then I jump again, this time using the air itself as my footing….. Then I just jump over and over again.

The biggest advantage of this skill is that it is not affected by the topography of any kind. This means more or less that no matter the land, water or even fire or magma, I will be able to jump over it.

「It makes jumping through the air possible, and is influenced by other jumping skills…… This is just the best, I couldn’t possibly ask for more!」

I could see that I managed to obtain several new skills, but for now we can leave them be. I can always give them a go sometime later.

For now I wanted to test the different ways of activating this skill, to see if it could be activated by means other than jumping through the air or emptiness. Once I did that, I was more than ready to proceed with my plan.

「Say, Emul? I would like to go solo for a bit. Let’s meet again at Eldolato’s back alleys tomorrow at sunrise.」

「I’m fine with that and all, but what are you going to do, Sanraku-san?」

「I am going to try something even more Vorpal than ever before!」

I can finally graduate from just dodging the Crystal Scorpions. Now I can finally become able to defeat them!

In the first place, the physics engine applies to everything in this game without fail. Players can run, arrows can fly through the air, and some monsters can soar through the sky. Everything made possible thanks to the physics engine. If the engine wasn’t perfect, people would bounce around with every single step, arrows would fall to the ground instantly and monsters wouldn’t be able to fly up in the air. Sometimes this system might become buggy and many glitches may result from that, but I see this game is not one of those cases.

「The apple falls to the ground, so it’s no wonder it can hit you on the head. Now then, prepare yourselves, Crystal Scorpions……! You are about to witness just how horrifying of an opponent gravity could be……!」

The Crystal Cliff may be your home turf and you may have an overwhelming advantage there, acting like landmines just waiting to get detonated. But, I have now obtained a trump card that will let me null all that advantage and get rid of you all once and for all!

So I enter the Crystal Cliffs head on and go straight towards the center of this location with little to no hesitation at all!

So far no enemies came to greet me, so I guess the RNG I encountered now is in my favor. However, if you load one bullet into a revolver and  keep on pulling the trigger, you will get the bullet eventually. So it was only a matter of time before something would show up.

Just then a bunch of crystals change into scorpions, and they look visually displeased, as if I just woke them up from a deep slumber. However, it must have been only my imagination, because in contrast to Cait Sith or Vorpal Bunnies, crystals are unable to present emotions of any kind.

「Now then, let’s go all out right from the get go!」 

Ignition, Off-Road, Nitro Gain, Dualism.

I activate all of my combat skills without hesitation and then I throw my half-naked body to meet its death once more. Naturally, the Crystal Scorpions will become active one by one as a result of that, so it won’t be long before the reinforcements shall arrive.

「Uhahahahahahahaha!!! Stand up! Wake up! Good morning! It’s time to party, so no sleeping!」

It was like a crystal tsunami illuminated by the moonlight. Although I was the one who chose that particular course of action, this sight was always causing me to break into a cold sweat. After a few more seconds I finally find myself right where I want to be: right in front of the scorpions, right at the rear of the cliff. Perfect.

「Now, time for a chicken race. Be sure that none of you strays away from the pack!」

The despair that one could feel upon witnessing a horde of charging Crystal Scorpions could be even greater than the one experienced upon seeing a raid boss or Unique Monster for the very first time.

It was quantity over quality. There was no way that a single person could hope to win against a horde of monsters of high level, even if their AI was severely lacking. But if that was the case, then the solution to my current predicament lies elsewhere.

「If I cannot kill you, then I’ll just force you all to kill yourselves!」

Without hesitation, I jump backwards and throw myself right into the dark abyss of the valley illuminated by moonlight.

I see. I can feel that a godly game even cared to reproduce this unique feeling that accompanies the free-fall, the one where you feel all of your innards racing towards your throat. Honestly, I wasn’t even surprised by that anymore.

And the crystal horde mindlessly rushes after their target without even a shred of hesitation. By doing so, their fate was sealed.

Death by falling from somewhere high enough. It was one of those things that would be equally delivered to all denizens of the game, no matter their race, equipment or status.

The only thing that would save them right now would be some sort of way to reduce the damage from falling. But seeing how they were acting just now, Crystal Scorpions have no such way at their disposal.

It would be more than enough if their AI ordered them to “Stop right before the edge of the cliff”.

「Now, now, you’d better fall off one by one really nicely, otherwise it will be most inconvenient for the customers that are right behind you!」

The momentum of the crystal horde is so great that even if they would try to stop now, they would be unable to do so. I doubt that any creature this size would.

Not to mention that each and every single one of them wanted to be the one who would do me in. And because of that, they didn’t hesitate to hurt their companions or even themselves, as long as it would get the job done.

「I named that tactic “Crimson Scorpion Falls”…… Isn’t that great? Killing all of you without actually having to battle you? “Enter Travel”!」

Slowly but surely , the crystal tsunami was approaching me. They were so amassed right on top of one another that they started to get further and further away from the cliff as the time went on. Rather than a tsunami they looked like a living waterfall right about now, that is if  a waterfall could reach about twenty meters forward. It is scary to think what would have happened to me if I was dead in the middle of this waterfall.

For sure, if I were to be caught up in something like this I would get crushed and I would die.



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