ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 128 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 128: At Dawn, Overcoming Regrets…… Or Not Really  Part 2

Aside from being offline, it will be really hard not to attract people’s attention when you are basically running around half-naked. And since my current target was Fithsia, one of the biggest cities out there, its population is probably way bigger than any other town I’ve been to so far…… So if I could wear normal clothes, then of course that is what I will want to do. Of course, it’s all depending on how things will actually turn out here.

There was a long period of silence. I remember Emul saying that for Vorpal Bunnies Luukan was something of a natural enemy. And that Rei once claimed that Luukan acts too intelligent to be called a mere monster. I was waiting for Luukan’s response.

The signs that were almost completely gone now reemerged again and converged into one single point, glancing at me. At this point it felt basically like saying “Oh, one more thing!” over and over on the phone, so you basically gave up on hanging for a while now. It might have been a little monster, but it was still a Unique Monster. A little bit of respect is needed.

[Alright, just let me put on some actual clothes since the occasion is good and all.]

Luukan stared at me for a while from the dark, all silent, but then something in the darkness moved and then I suddenly felt a rough impact running throughout my body and I was launched into the air…… The pressure was simply unbelievable. Fortunately I managed to regain my balance mid-air, but such situations were really bad for your heart.


[Uwah, so sticky! It feels like a piece of candy! Not good!]

[Is that really the right time to be making comments like that!?]

It wasn’t just about the timing. Apparently my mind couldn’t quite catch up with this situation and I ended up speaking aloud the very first thoughts that came to my mind. I mean, I’ve been at the peak of tension and concentration for the whole night without stopping, so it’s no wonder my thoughts were running rampant right now. Hold on, my dear tongue! My head is that of a bird, but when I lick it it doesn’t taste like chicken at all! But maybe Luukan could taste it like such? No, but I don’t wanna become its snack!


Nbeh, with that strange sound I was thrown onto the Ground, roughly in a South-East direction. God damn it…… Now I think I understand how a piece of gum feels while being stuck onto somebody’s sole…… At least wrap it in paper and throw it into the trash can! But my current motion was also something that I needed a moment to grasp. And based on that and the fact that Luukan’s battle was over, I was curious to see what my current status was, and so I opened up the right window.

PN: Sanraku

LV: 99 Extended

JOB: Mercenary (Two-Sword Style)

Money: 1,000 mani

HP: 80

MP: 50

STM: 100

STR: 100

DEX: 100

AGI: 100

TEC: 80

VIT: 1601

LUC: 129


・ Dancing Senbu

・ Drilling

・ Formula Drift Lv.1

 – Instant Visibility

・ Agar tram Lv.1

・ Trial Traverse Lv.1

・ Insane King Possession

・ Gravity Zero Lv.1

・ Frit float

Moon Moon Pride Managarm Pride

・ Deadly Sword Art [Ushiro Mikagami]

・ Burnout Lv.1

・ Riot Accel Lv.1

・ Blood war

・ Rete Banisher

・ Dirty Sword Lv.1

・ Swordfighting

・ Legendary Sword Art [Breaking Crescent Moon]

・ Sengoku Takeori Lv.1

・ Kenbu [spin blade]

・ Piercing Stand

・ Melotic Foot


Left Hand: –––––

Right Hand: Black Bunny Gauntlet

Head: Non-Standard Special Armored Head Shell [Gloss Feather] (VIT + 1200)

Body: Luukan’s curse mark

Waist: Excavated Polished Waist Belt [old soldier] (VIT + 400)

Feet: Luukan’s curse mark

Accessories: INVENTORY

Luukan’s Mark

Upon defeat, Luukan will no longer recognize those who defeat its alter-ego as bait.

The curse mark is the proof that the person is an opponent worth killing by Luukan personally, a sort of mark of being the strongest bestowed by the strongest.

The only way to get rid of the mark is to destroy Luukan’s true body.

Monsters of an equal or higher level to the mark bearer will choose to engage the bearer.

Monsters of lower level than the mark bearer will actively choose to avoid the bearer and escape from it.

Characters marked by Luukan will be unable to suffer any negative effects labeled as “curse”.

As compensation, bearers of Luukan’s mark will receive additional dialogue lines when speaking to NPCs.

Bearers of Luukan’s mark cannot change classes.

If the bearer of the mark chooses to equip armor on the body part marked by the curse, that piece of equipment shall be destroyed after a certain period of time.

No, that’s not it.



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