ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 129 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 129: An Isolated Ocean at the End of a Fierce Battle Part 2

「DAAAAAAAGH!!!!!! Get over here you stupid lizard!!!!!!」

「Sanraku-san, what do you think you’re doing!? Don’t you dare throw me at this thing!!!」

「I see, bunny carpet bombing much?」

「Akitsu Akane, hate to break it to you…… but bunnies can’t fly in the sky, you know?」

「But maybe if you throw it hard enough……!」

「No! Out of the question! I don’t consent, you hear me! I do not consent to this!」


In order to avoid the fireball coming at us from above where our attacks couldn’t reach, we spread around.

This boss, turns out its name was Usurper Dragon after all, really stealing magic and using it as his own, but more importantly and more annoyingly, it was able to fly, so it could effectively stay out of the range of our attacks. By the way, for our party, we had no one who would be able to use ranged attacks. That is why we needed to wait for the Usurper Dragon to come down to us so that we could whack away at it, but since we were in a hurry it felt as though the battle was dragging quite a bit.

Sickle, Akitsu Akane and I were helpless here, and Emul’s attack barely managed to reach it. If that’s the case, it was only natural that we would turn towards Rei for help, however……

「I’m so sorry, if only I was able to join you, we could have beat it faster……」

「What are you talking about? You are the real MVP here today, so no need to feel bad about anything.」

「That’s right! And even if it’s stronger than us right now, there will come a moment when we’ll manage to overpower it!」

If the price for the powerful attack in my case was losing the gauntlet and being unable to use its powers anymore, I could say that I got off the hook relatively easily. In Rei’s case, the consequences were even more severe.

Both Rei’s armor and sword lost their holy and hellish powers, becoming nothing more than pieces of junk that couldn’t even be considered to be made out of metal or even clay. Because of that, Rei was unable to use any of her battle skills and all of her stats have been cut in half.

It seems that it was a really troublesome disadvantage, because in some cases it was said that you wouldn’t even be able to unequip such equipment. The damaged armor would be permanently stuck to you.

「If only I could use some of my skills……」

「You’re doing more than enough to help by letting us know what to watch out for and how to act…… Fucking finally! Stupid lizard came down! Sic him, boys!」

When the huge dragon landed on the ground, everyone ganged up on it and started whacking it with their weapons and best skills. Either way, since dragons are most common boss enemies in video games, everyone pretty much knew what to do, applying Standard Dragon Fighting Tactics to it and gradually bringing its HP down! There isn’t a boss out there who could handle such a tactic!



「M, My Brother! No!」

「Wait, you bastard! Wait, what the fuck!? Don’t you fucking dare take off while I’m still on you! I’ll die for sure if I fall from this height!」

「Sanraku-san, please save me! Aaaah, my weapon! It’s the family heirloom! Give it back!!!」

「Easy there, Akitsu Akane-san. Once this lizard is dead, you can have it back from its intestines. Calm down……」

「I can’t use any of my skills with my bare hands! I can only throw shurikens at it……」


「Huh? What’s that? It looks like this thing is about to vomit!」


「EMUL ––––––!!!」

Accompanied by a cacophony of moans and loud noises, the Usurper Dragon lands on the ground. We thought that it was easier than Luukan, but the truth couldn’t be any more different.

Good thing that this was the last boss before getting to Fiftesia. After having fought Luukan, I don’t think I would be able to beat yet another opponent like that.

「We, we did it…… somehow……」

「This, monster…… was such a….. difficult boss……」

「Next time…… We bring the big guns with us…… Like a fucking catapult or a trebuchet or something like that……」

「Haha, ha……」

Emul was almost eaten and then vored, Akitsu Akane got his weapon stolen…… Without Rei’s assistance I don’t think we’d be able to actually beat this boss on our own. Again, flying monsters are such a drag to deal with when you’re a melee fighter.

As the sun begins to rise, we break through the last meters of grassland and safely arrive at Fiftesia. Because of the fierce battles we fought together, even though we’ve met only recently, we became quite friendly with one another and we were chatting happily.

「The only players that we saw here were the ones who were about to be a part of the expedition on the cruise ship that was soon to depart for the new continent. So that means that the rest of the players use this place as a starting point when exploring those ruins……?」

「Well, now I’m curious what kind of monsters are dwelling inside of those ruins.」

「Who knows…… Maybe knights of some kind?」


While Akitsu Akane had lots of question marks flowing over his head, Rei tried to explain things to him in as much detail as she possibly could. They were going at it for a while before eventually they realized that both Emul and I were staring at something in the distance.

「Ohh, this is……」

「Yes…… Before the update it was the last possible city the players could reach…… But now it’s the gateway to the new continent.」

The sun slowly rises. It was the first time for me to see the sea in this game, and it was beautiful, shining and glittering in the rays of the morning sun.

Beyond that vast expanse was a completely new world that no one has ever seen before. And this city, previously the last place in this world, was now serving as a gateway to that new world.

Fiftesia, the fifteenth and the final place on the continent of Einvulus, where the biggest kingdom of men was located. The ending point, the goal for all players who started their journey all the way back in Firstia. We’ve finally managed to reach it.



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