ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 158 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

Chapter 158: The Real Meaning of a Reward Part 2

Now is the time for my revenge! As thanks for forcing me to run around this town like some ninja lunatic, I’m going to inflict upon you a three times the amount of pain! Brace yourself!

「Time to deliver a smackdown!」

I leap from the roof and slash at the monster with my swords, delivering a mighty blow to one of its fins. I then activate a couple of extra skills in order to boost my attack damage and fully utilize the fact that I was still in mid-air.

Realizing that it was being attacked, the Reaperorca tried to twist its body to protect the parts that were cut open by my blades, but then it finally managed to hit the ground, where there was no way for it to hide. But it’s no use. Slashing at it at random is not as effective as I thought it might have been. Apparently there was very little skin and muscle under that coat of dying flames of its, and just hitting bare bones with my weapons would wear them down in no-time.

But let us try to approach this problem from another angle. I change my weapons to my Gold and Silver Gauntlets, and circle the creature to get in front of it.

「Hey, Sanraku! What should I do!? How should I attack it!?」

「Just hack away at it Caudal Fins!」

「…… Even though they are rock hard!?」

「The fuck do I care!」

With its fires almost gone, I could see its white skull peeking from beyond the flames from time to time. I don’t know about the ecosystem around these parts, but if you have a skull like that, then there has to be something inside of it. So, there was only one thing left for me to do now.

「Sorry, but I’m going to rock your whole world now, if you catch my drift……」

One concussion gift coming right up! No need to thank me, just cough up those sweet Drop Items right up!

Humans invented pot holders to be able to hold hot pots and kettles. Same thing with coal pokers in order to be able to keep fires going on for longer periods of time. In the spirit of those inventions, my gauntlets protect me from the lingering heat of the fire around the monster’s body. Then I smack it good to the head.

But even so, hitting something so hard with my bare hands was enough to wear down my HP and weapons durability bit by bit.

However, in order to deals enough damage to this thing, I couldn’t simply stop right now. So even though it wears me down methodically, I treat it as a necessary collateral damage in my quest towards beating this monster down. It would have gone much faster, but since I was receiving continuous damage, I wasn’t able to activate any STR-boosting skills.

It’s not that I particularly hate this guy, but the way in which it was clinging to life was starting to slowly get on my nerves. Die, die, die…… Why won’t you just drop dead already……!?

「Why! The! Fuck! To improve my mood! I have to go to the end of the map! Who the hell comes up with such ridiculous ideaaaaaas!!!!」

God damn you, Shit Chronicles Online! Look what you’re making me remember! In order to improve your stats go to the literal end of the world just to eat a freaking parfait! Some squid on rice with eggs would be just fine! Hell, the eggs can even have pieces of shells in them for all do I care!

「What a malevolent aura…… Is that something all bird people have in common? Or maybe it is a result of some kind of trauma from the past? No, but Sanraku is not a bird person, but still……」

「The more I remember the angrier I get!」

Every single time I recall something from this game, my heart lights with righteous anger. This feeling…… This is…… Yes, there’s no doubt about it. It’s pure, unadulterated rage and hatred!

And with just that power of pure hatred I could feel myself becoming stronger and stronger, delivering a savage blow after savage blow to the monster’s head until it would finally drop dead.

But soon enough I realized that once the enough amount of damage had been dealt to its head, it basically discarded it so attacking that place would not be fatal any longer.

During my relentless pummeling the Reaperorca tried to resist, but it didn’t do her any good. Not when her head was basically turned into one huge percussion.

「Not good…… At this rate my STR is going to drop to zero in no time!」

In fear of reducing my STR and HP to zero, I try to put some more distance between the monster and myself. But even though anger was giving me strength, the numbers don’t lie. Just as I deal a steady amount of damage, the flames do the same to me.

Sure, he was about to die, but at this rate I would be dead before I could deal the finishing blow to it.

But since it was weakened, it wasn’t able to defend itself in any other way. It could only lay on the ground and delay the inevitable. The flames spread all over the ground.

「Once the apex predator, and now its going to die like that…… Nature can be pretty cruel at times, don’t you think?」

「Normally it shouldn’t be possible for only two people to bring it down……」

「If you’ve got complaints, go with them to your landlord, I’m not the one at fault here……」

While we were doing our share of the killing, Alva suddenly turned towards me and said that, to which I responded in my usual manner.

It’s not that I don’t get it, or that I don’t feel for this guy, but if we were to sympathize with every single mob out there, vast majority of the games would not be appealing to players and they wouldn’t sell. If there is one thing that United Rounds had taught me, it is that kindness is not enough to save the world.

「I don’t think it makes that much sense since this is a game mob…… But the least we can do is to put it out of its misery.」

I activated some skills to boost my attack power and then slammed my gauntlets like double sledgehammers right on top of the Reaperorca’s body, killing it on the spot.

Once the blows connected, the monster fell all too quickly.

It goes without saying that because I’ve stayed up so late tonight, the very next day I heavily overslept.

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