ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 248 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 248: Wolf Conflict Reinforcement / Obedience or Expulsion Part 2


「What are we up to? Excuse me?」


Because I was present during those two fights against the Unique Monsters, my role during this meeting is really specific as well. I am the one who is supposed to agitate the “Black Wolves” as much as possible.


「For someone with such great equipment, so many items and legions of skilled players, is it not weird that you are yet to take down a single Unique Monster?」


「…… Huh?」


Crack! And the air in the meeting room freezes on the spot.


During meetings like this, it is imperative to maintain a smile on your lips and positive image at all times. And even though Riberios was doin just that, the words that were leaving his mouth were the total opposite.


「I heard that you guys challenge Luukan three times, right? And what was the result? You were wiped out three times. Annihilated. Completely decimated. If so, then who does that make me?」


「…… Yours was nothing but a fluke. There is no way that the game would allow such feature to someone who clearly lacks in both abilities and resources.」


「And again with the jokes. They are really interesting, but I have enough of jokes for now. You say that the fact that I have managed to defeat Luukan, Gravekeeper Wezaemon and Kutanid of the Abyss was nothing but a fluke? I beg to disagree. In my eyes, my current track record makes me way stronger than you could ever be.」


While sawying my salmon head to the sides in an over-exaggerated manner, I keep on talking with a voice that would normally make me want to bash my own head against a wall. I then ask Riberios and all who follow him one, single question.


「This may sound like me trying to make a big deal out of it, but incidentally, how many unique monsters have the guild “Black Wolves” managed to defeat so far?」


「Uwah, gross…… Sanraku-kun, please hold your horses a little bit. I know that you are doing this for a joke, but if you keep on staring at us with those dead fish eyes of yours, everyone present is going to be creeped out.」


Are you sure? Or maybe it is because it is so annoying that you would like to hit me straight to the face, hm? Hmmm? Which is it?


I then stand up and approach Riberios. His polite smile mask was now completely gone, and in its place there was only a stone-cold poker face. I then gently patted him on the shoulder, elevating my performance on a completely new heights.


「Hey, hey, could you enlighten me about something, please? I would really like to know what the presumably strongest guild out there was doing all this time, since not until  recently you had no idea that Unique Scenarios EX even exist? Hm?」




「By all means: do enlighten me. Powerful equipment? So much items that your storages are overflowing? Influence and connections to important NPCs……? You claim that you are so strong…… Oh, please do excuse me. My bad. You claim that YOUR GUILD is so strong, but to me it seems that you lack in every department possible……」


I bring my face closer to Riberios. Right about now my dead fish eyes are staring right into his eyes. Such invasion of personal space was truly daring on my part, but I dare to say that the result was more than worth it.


「Oh yeah! I know! Since our “Wolfgang” is so much better than your Black Wolves, how about we graciously let you merge with us? Wouldn’t that be generous to a bunch of weaklings such as yourself?」




Could it be because of the fact that we are inside of a game? I could have sworn that I heard the sound of something snapping right about now. Was that my imagination? Or maybe it was intentional action, programmed to respond when someone’s emotions went past a certain limit?


But that sound certainly did happen.




「Fuhaha, too little too late, fuckboy.」


I manage to avoid the hand that was trying to grab me with ease, and stepped away. Fan, fan, fan the flames further……





「Y-You little shit……! Keep talking shit like that and we can cut you down on the spot as many times as we like……!!!」


Oh, here it is. You sir, just stepped on a landmine.


「I see. So if you put things that way, maybe we should just break the alliance.」


My role was to fuel Riberios’s anger until he spoke those specific words. After that, it was Pencilgton who would speak up. As for me, my role here was pretty much done.


Everything was ready for the fireworks show that the Demon Lord prepared. The bunny and the demon worked together to deprave Riberios of calm judgement, making this show possible in the first place!


「Ha, haha! Are you really sure you want to do that? Destroying the alliance means that you lose the potential allies of SF-Zoo and Library! So this means you’d be throwing away all of the benefits that you were getting up until now, can’t you see that?」


Dear Riberios…… Huh? This is kind of a mouthful, so maybe I’ll give him a nickname? Oh well, what the hell, from now on you’ll be known as Ribe-kun…… Did you or your leader did not really consider that those kind of threats simply would not work here?


You really did not consider this as odd that neither Library nor SF-Zoo was called to this meeting, even though it was supposed to be the alliance’s meeting in the first place?


「Ah, yes, about that. Wolfgang would like to make an announcement to Black Wolves about both SF-Zoo and Library.」


It would be nice if there was a click sound now, something that would urge the Black Wolves to make a choice on the spot. There was no such thing, however, but those words were a signal. A signal for some other players to enter the room at that exact moment.


One of them was a Magical Girl Wannabe, wearing a cute frilly dress.


One of them was a knight in golden set of armor, for some reason looking sad, as though he was a grunt sent on the frontlines to die.


One of them was a rather awkward-looking Witch Doctor, who came here in place of the woman who was originally invited to come.


And one of them was a Paladin with a characteristic shield placed on her back.


Different types of people prefer different playstyles. But there is one thing all those types have in common: the goal of having fun within this game as a community.


「We, the “Wolfgang” shall contact you “Black Wolves” again some other time. We also think of leaving the old “Four Guilds Allience” and establishing new, “Six Guild Alliance”. The additional two guilds would be “Sacred Shield Territory” and “10 p.m. Army”. …… Hear from you soon, Riberios-kun.」


The spider’s web has already been stretched. I wonder if Riberios managed to realize that?


This new alliance that was forged today was on a completely different level from that of the four strongest guilds from back then.


「If you want us to allow you to merge with us, there is still a way for you to do that; get down on your knees and grovel like a loser you are!」


「Is this woman a demon, by any chance?」


「I dunno, man. She seems more like a Demon Lord to me.」


「Is that the kind of a demon you would call Rakshasa, perhaps?」


「Oho, what’s this? Why do I hear my precious allies bad-mouthing me like that? So cruel!」


…… Dude, it’s a daily occurrence for us.




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