ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 249 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 249: Wolf Dispute Agreement / Everything Roughly As Planned Part 2


The thing is, if you read them carefully, the rules that hold this whole alliance together technically have no meaning at all.


First of all, the distribution of information that falls onto the Library’s shoulders. But think about it carefully; if the “Wolfgang” is going to relay the information onto other members of the alliance, they would get the information either way. So this condition is practically void. It only leaves Library at a disadvantage, preventing them from keeping any information obtained from us to themselves.


Next is the support to the other members of the alliance. It is something that is left to free will, there is literally no obligation for us to do it. The words “as much as possible” imply that. And the condition says basically nothing about the penalties that would befall us if we were to fail to oblige this term…… This means more or less that if we choose not to support someone, nothing really is going to happen to us.


Now the gunball condition. Although I was really reluctant to accept it at first…… The idea of buying the information I have gathered off my hands for appropriate amount of money. And this condition basically negates the first condition, sounding alongside the lines of: if you have enough money on your hands, you can buy top secret information no problem.


And as for the fourth and the fifth condition…… No, here is where a little back story is needed for you to understand.


Those conditions are…… Rather, all of the above conditions are nothing but bluffs. Smoke and mirrors created for us to deceive the Black Wolves. We only wanted to hurt Riberios and his followers, while not getting in the way of the other guilds.


Because  this whole alliance was formed for a reason that is far away from anything connected to Unique Monsters to begin with.


「I’m a generous soul, you know? I am not going to persecute someone just because they refuse the offer I present to them. So why don’t you stop pushing yourselves and just agree to join our glorious alliance?」


To Pencilgton’s words, Riberios responded with a maniacal laughter. I know that he thinks that he is the one calling the shots in here, but he should really look up to the ones that are higher in the guild’s ladder a little bit more. There is something here that is called the overall good of the guild, you know?


「Personally, I think that it is in our best interest to join this newly founded alliance.」


「HAAH!? What are you talking about, Leader!? At this rate, under those condition there is literally no merit for us if we decide to join them!」


Well, it is only a given, looking at the passage that all of the Unique Monster efforts should be left to our guild and without anyone else interfering. But you cannot say that we are the ones here who are shaping out to be uncooperative.


It is only when you read all the conditions carefully as singles and then as a whole that you start to see how truly malicious Pencilgton is in reality. There was no compassion here, no backing down, just pure efficiency without looking sideways or back at anyone else. Or, to put it in simpler terms: those conditions were simply inhuman.


For a moment out there, Saiga-100 was watching Riberios in complete silence. However, after apparently coming to a conclusion that she would not get the answer she wanted to hear from him, she just let out a deep sigh filled with resignation…… No, could it be that she was hesitant because of the representatives of the other guilds? Or maybe the third condition?


「…… Haa. Can you give us some time to think before we respond to your alliance?」


「That’s fine with me.」


「Then last but not least…… About my foolish little sister, Saiga-0 wanting to transfer from Black Wolves to Wolfgang.」






At that moment everyone got silent, paying close attention to Rei.


As a matter of fact, I would welcome Rei into our guild with open arms, but I have no idea just how Pencilgton would react to that.


Before all this we were discussing many things related to Black Wolves, but during those talk Rei was mentioned not even once. Thinking about it now, they might have discussed this matter behind the scenes as well, but it would be first time for me to actually hear the result of those talks.


「…… That’s right, for me she is a total stranger. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say, a friend of my friend? And I won’t lie that having her on board would be a tremendous advantage for our guild.」


「Yes, I suppose so…… Well then, this is the official stand of the Black Wolves on the matter at hand: Saiga-0 will be allowed to transfer to guild Wolfgang, on conditions that she will have to pay the Black Wolves all the money we have spent on raising her, plus she will have to cover the expenses of all the magic scrolls she used up recently.」


The conditions presented here certainly were not the easiest to satisfy, but I was actually kind of surprise that Pencilgton agreed to take Rei in so easily, and that Saiga-100 decided to let her go so easily.


Although I suppose that she would be opposed to the idea of someone so strong leaving the guild, part of the role as the Guild Master is to not shackle your players and limit their freedom.


「I wonder, should this conference be recorded and placed in the encyclopedias as the crown example of what the “great swindle” looks like?」


「Rather, should it not be called a textbook example of a farce?」


While Kyo-Timate muttered those words in a hushed voice, I averted my gaze, with my mind being filled with emotions I was having a rather difficult time to describe.


After all, all this time the Black Wolves has been dancing on the top of Pencilgton’s hand so smoothly and without even realizing that fact that it was making me feel genuinely sorry for them. Would it not be better for their mental health to just surrender themselves to their fate instead of trying to pass as hard and mighty all the time?


I have heard in advance that the vice leader of “Black Wolves” has like no resistance to being baited into a temper tantrum, but I think that this here Leader has WAY too muchg resistance to it.


Or maybe it is all but a front and she was deceived by our farce as well. But if not, then her mental fortitude must be like that of a saw dust…… In that sense that it is going to burn extremely well and with nice visuals to boot.


「Now then……」


I cast a quick glance towards Katsu.


It was time for this man to speak up, even though he’s been silent all this time. I know that he wanted to speak up, since normally he could never keep his mouth shut for long. It was time for him to place the final spark on this mountain of fireworks and gasoline.


All that remains is to detonate our little firework factory and watch the might blast that is going to result from it.




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