ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 274 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 24: Sword Wolf Turns Out to Be a Thunderfire Beast Part 4  Part 2


Kyogoku’s body was force to bend towards the ground, as if some invisible hand was pushing onto her from above. And the force of the push was unlike anything she has experienced before, something that could not possibly be the power generated by a mere human. She could only let out a pained voice and her line of sight fell towards the ground as well. But at the same time, Kyogoku refused to let go of her sword. Was it because of her pride as a swordsman?


“Seven Sinker”!




As a result, Kyogoku was forced to lay flat on the ground. But then she also noticed something. Saiga-100 did not even lifted her arm right now. Whatever was happening right about now, it was something that was being carried out by the game’s system exclusively.


No way, you have got to be shitting me…… Is this gravity?


That’s the correct answer. Personally, I think that this is something which has a fairly good chance against Nightprowler Luukan when I go to face it next time. Don’t you think so as well?


Still, I just cannot simply imagine the amount of magical power a magic like that would need to consume in order to work effectively…… While Kyogoku was thinking like that, the Sword Saint struck her blade right in the middle of her chest and the battle was over.


This here is my win.

I knew it, there is no way in hell that Saiga-100 is not a boss character level in the least. There are a whole lot of things that we need to think about here, especially since we just gotten ourselves into a situation that was the complete reverse of the situation which we had not too long ago. At first one of our own managed to bring down three members of the opposing guild in a row, and right now Saiga-100 managed to do just the same, but with almost little to no effort.


That being said, together with Pencilgton we surround the place at which Kyo-Timate was about to respawn, her face distorted with a look of crispy defeat all over it.


Ahaha, I am so terribly sorry. But it seems that I have lost here.


No harm done. But I must say, I am actually surprised, Kyogoku-chan. Very surprised, indeed. I would never think of you as the type how would go and use sexual harassment in public so openly. You must have truly been desperate out there, weren’t you?


As far as Player Killers are concerned, rules, morals and etiquette can all go fuck themselves if they are going to be in our way…… That being said, maybe I should go there later and apologize.


No, I must say, Kyo-Timate-san…… We were all sure that you would not disappoint to entertain us, and won’t you look at that! You did not fail to do just that! Kyo-Timate-san…… No, maybe it would be far more appropriate to start calling you Demon Lord of Sexual Harassment from now on? What do you think?


Kuh……! I was expecting you to say something rude or stupid like that. I really did! However, don’t go just giving people weird nicknames like that completely out of the blue! Some of us have reputation that needs to be maintained……


This is this, and that is that. That’s all I am going to say here. Winners are the only ones that get the rights to brag and snatch all the prizes and privileges, while the losers can only blame themselves for their inability to emerge victorious. That’s how it is in this world.


However, thanks to Kyo-Timate’s fight just now, we have all managed to learn a whole lot of useful information. So apparently, Saiga-100 still had some tricks up her sleeves, and those tricks were two additional fighting modes. Now we only need to figure out whether or not those extra modes were magic in nature, or if they were perhaps something else entirely……


What do you think? Just your thoughts at first glance: do I have a chance at winning this fight or not?


Not to put any pressure onto you, but here’s a friendly reminder, my dear Sanraku-kun: if you lose this battle here, all of the guild Wolfgang is going to be assimilated into Black Wolves. That being said, we are all going to be in one hell of a trouble should you lose this fight. So do your best out there and win this thing!


No, look, dude! No matter how you look at this situation, that woman is nothing short of a boss character! You have seen the shit she can pull off, right? And those four floating swords? Why do I get the feeling that in her “second phase” she’s going to receive another four swords in addition to her first set!? What would that be called, huh? Octet, or something else like that! I am going to legitimately break into tears should that happen!


However, just me standing here and complaining will not get anything done. And complaining surely won’t help me in defeating Saiga-100. So I guess as a Half-Naked Bird Person of the Wolfgang guild, there is no other choice for me but to step up my game and just do what needs to be done here.


Oh, just a fair warning, you two. If I am really going to win this thing, I shall be using this thing exclusively for the next half a year or so. So best to be prepared for that, and no hard feelings, alright? You sore losers.


Alright, man, whatever you say. However…… if you lose this battle, please be prepared. For if you lose, we are going to be using that thing exclusively for the next three years. But no hard feeling, am I right?


Ugh, I’d better do my best, then. Otherwise the incoming three years are going to get extremely hard and challenging for me.


Umm…… Sanraku… -san…… Do you have a moment……?


Hm? What is it?


Umm, you see…… The thing is…… Please, do your best out there.


Now, won’t you look at that. Just as I was about to face her own sister in battle, Rei decided to cheer me on and wish me luck. How nice of her. This scene almost seemed like taken straight out an old school RPG. I can get behind that.


Sure thing, just leave it all to me! This will require some serious work on my part, but I am more than confident that I can do it!


That being said, there are still some things that worry me from the battle between Kyo-Timate and Saiga-100 we just witnessed. There were still some questions that needed answering. And there were also things that I wanted to try out.



Now, let us take a moment here to admire my newest creation. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you! “Imitation Roleplay: Ryuuguin Fugaku”!




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