ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 300 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 300: Inherited Dreams Part 1


If you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t understand something, all you need to do is simply to ask for an explanation.


Say, what are you guys even doing in here?


Uwah, what poor equipment you have there, my brother.


Yeah, as if your equipment was any better in terms of looks or defense. But I mean, I get it. I completely understand. I have removed my Star Cloak because it was difficult to move with it on through the forest, so right about now I must have looked like a complete newbie who sold most of his starting equipment, save for the bird mask.


The player who looked at me and said those words looked almost the same as me, but I am more or less sure that the reason for his look was exactly because of money problems. I even took the extra effort to remember his name because of that…… it was “Tango” or something alongside those lines. Not to rain on your parade, dude, but in your state I have beaten Unique Monsters and other difficult opponents, can you do the same? You are a Mercenary just like me, but you have a big sword on your back…… However, while I was giving Tango the look-over, he answered my question.


What, this thing……? Umm, how do I put it? I do believe that they fight for better clothing? Yeah, it’s something like that.


…… Ahh, now that you have mentioned it, I do believe that I have heard about it somewhere before.


I do believe that Pencilgton mentioned something very similar to that in the past? That there is a group of people who want to wear better clothes in this game, even if it means wearing a bikini armor dresses meant for little girls?


It is sometimes very difficult to say for sure about things like that, because this is a game and all that, but could people like that be…… “those” people in real life? I even heard that guys like that established their own guild where they could share their interests, but at their core they were nothing but PKers?


But what about Bounty Hunters? Surely they would come for their assess, since they are fighting within city’s limits……?


Oh, so you do know about them? About Bounty Hunters, I mean?


Whether I know about them or not is not really important here. But things like that are more like a history test.


Dude, could you like, not bring up studying while inside of the game world……? That’s just depressing.


Ahh, I see, I get it. So he is the “immersive” type of gamer as well, huh? It is a way of enjoying the game as if you truly were a part of the different world, you do not treat that world as merely a game world. Of course, there is no reason for me to deny the way in which someone else is willing to have fun inside of a video game, but it almost seemed like a joke when the one saying that was a half-naked newbie.


Hahaha, I see that young players these days truly pay attention to details. Talk about bold! But I guess it is this kind of baldness that makes one good at interpersonal communication.


When it comes to Bounty Hunters, they are like a true TAS Murder Machines, except they are all cranked up to eleven. Because of that, no one ever wants to have anything to do with them, much less summoning them with their own accord. Of course, even though they are specialized in the interpersonal type of combat and their movements are humanly impossible, it also seems that their equipment is not all that great or high-end to begin with.


However, it does not matter if you are holding onto a pair of wooden sticks or a pair of legendary swords. Even the most garbage of weapons can become murder machines in the hands of a skilled warrior.


Here we have a perfect example of that. A single warrior equipped with a simple one handed sword and shield is facing against a group of opponents wielding spears. And as for the lone warrior, he blocks the incoming barrage of attack of the spears with his shield, and counters them with the well-timed counters with his sword. However, knowing you own strengths and the weaknesses of your opponent is not all. You need the actual skill in order to be able to emerge victorious from the grueling battle. Simply swinging your sword around is not going to cut it.


When it comes to time and speed, the advantage is on the side of the spear users. However, no matter how fast or unpredictable their attacks would be, the lone swordsman would always manage to successfully block them, even if the motion would not be humanly possible to pull off.


Why won’t you guys use any skills for battle?


It’s because of the thrill. When you are fighting your favorite opponent, don’t you want to prolong the fight and make it as enjoyable as possible?


That being said, human players are not perfect. They cannot make decisions in a split of a second, and there is often a short period of lag in between their actions. And that momentary lag is all that the deadly TAS murder machine needs to make a difference. So the conclusion here was more than obvious for anyone who knew what was going on. In the next moment, the blade of the one-handed sword pierced the neck of the spear user deeply, and the match was over while accompanied by the flashy effect of the critical hit.


Kuh….. My dream of the naked apron……!


The enemy sure is strong. However, I still believe that Ruthia-san would be better suited for a naked apron here……


Tias-chan or Ruthia-chan…… It doesn’t matter to me, either of them would still be a win in my book…… But now! My dream…… I entrust my dream to you, guys……!


Then, the spear user shatters into a myriad of glittering polygons and the name of the sword and shield user gets dyed in red, thus branding him as a PKer.


Next, the “Karma System” is kicked into effect. It is a system that evaluates every single action of the players of ShangriLa Frontier, judging them either as good or bad. And killing someone inside of a city is a hugely punishable offense in the eyes of said system.


Phew, talk about lucky, only one this time around…… Oi, here he comes!


Stop Tooru, stop Tooru, stop Tooru……


For a moment out there I had no idea what that sword and shield player, Tooru, was talking about, but then it appeared before him. It came out completely out of nowhere, as if it fell right from the sky above the player in question.


The aura it was emanating was truly menacing, oozing out of its body with even the smallest of movements. Contrary to the poorly equipped player, this thing was wearing a long leather jacket and a deep hood paired up with a muffler, so that you could not read its expression in the slightest. Isn’t that cool? It is, right?




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