ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 301 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 301: Job Hunting Is a Series of Ups And Downs Part 1



Ugh, for fuck’s sake…… If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you shall get!!


There would be no penalty placed upon me, for I have not committed any PK, right? At least that how it should be, right? Please tell me that’s just how it is! I beg of you!


However, if there is something that I regret about this whole situation, it is the fact that I have lost my opportunity to have a go against that Prize Hunters. And when it comes to this situation…… I still have my concerns about the possible penalties of going against the Bounty Hunter, but I have no other choice here! I just have to do it!


Oi, you there, Tango guy! Hold on to this for a moment, why don’t you?


Eh? O-Oh, y-yeah, right, alright…… Huh? What’s with this muffler? Why is so strangely warm?


Hearing Tango’s words, the Emul muffler in his hands twitched a little bit, but in the end he managed to control himself and keep the mimicry up. Besides, it would be very hard for me to actually focus on fighting while having to simultaneously worry about Emul’s well-being.


Having taken care of that hand having one less thing to worry about, I grip my sword tightly and proceed to go the center of the human ring that was formed around the Bounty Hunter and I.


Still, one has to wonder: why the sudden change of targets? Why would the Bounty Hunter attack some player that had not committed PK even once in this game since the moment he started to play it? And perhaps it is because this development was just too sudden for them to comprehend, but the members of the “Tias Dress—Up Corps” had little to no problem with letting someone like me, an intruder, to take part in their activities.


In other words, right in this very moment you could say that the pairing of Me X Ruthia-chan was more or less established here. The setting was more or less the same as the one before: a Tonfa Edge user versus a one handed sword user who was half-naked. And once the eyes of everyone present were focused at the two of us, our battle could begin for real here.







Now then, just whatever should I do here? How should I approach this issue? These tonfas suggest that Ruthia-chan here is a close range type of fighter. Probably a dual wielder with an insanely high Skill statistic. And as far as her weapons go, it is without a doubt that she can switch between the modes of her tonfas ridiculously fast, so fast that no normal player would be able to replicate such a maneuver.


On the other hand, yours truly here specializes mostly in mobility, so it means more or less that if I let even one attack to connect with me, I am done for. However, since my avoidance and evade are constantly improving with each battle and opponent I face, I am more than confident enough that I can hold on my own in a fight like that.


The question is: how do I want to handle this matter? Do I want to adapt a hit and run strategy, chipping away at the Bounty Hunter’s health while prioritizing evasion and staying alive? Or should I just throw aside all caution and just go all in with the damage, hoping to settle this as fast as possible? …… Oho? Took too long thinking? The Bounty Hunter apparently decided to take the initiative here.






The attack comes fast as the wind from the side, aiming towards my neck without fail. However, at that moment I activate “InFight” and bend my body backwards to avoid the first strike, and bouncing off the second strike with an accurate movement of my hand.


Speaking about ultra fast attacks with a chance of killing you on the spot, what comes to my mind right away is the Gravekeeper Wezaemon’s “Tachikaze” sword technique. However, that attack was only ultra fast, and that’s that. It was a single strike. But this opponent here…… This attack was just a first part of the longer combo attack, which means that it was leading to another technique right away.


This is still dangerous, but it also means that the next attacks…… are going to be telegraphed somehow!


Keeping the momentum of the sideways swing from before, the best course of action would be to shift into a rotary slash using the other tonfa, which would allow you to regain even more momentum and shift into a myriad of possible attack from there on out.


But on the other hand, rather than letting her continue with her own combo, I could go for my own combo, or simply attack with my own sword in order to stop her flow of attacks from occurring for a moment. I decided to do the latter, and once our attack collided, fortunately there was no critical effect from the collision. However, since her Strength stat must have been greater than my own, even though I blocked the attack I still ended up losing a slight portion of my HP as a result.


Guh, kuh…… God damn it!


What comes next makes me think of a flip book. A steady barrage of attacks that come one after another with such swift motion as if they were a single flow of the river, not a series of single actions that just happened to result from one another. Or just like page one naturally changes to page two.


However, the combo does not end with the intercepted attack. After all, as I have seen earlier, the attacks of this Bounty Hunter do not amount to equipped weapons alone. She tries to perform a leg sweep attack after closing the distance between us, an attack that is sure to be a start of a new combo altogether if I just let it connect like that.


Was she going to forcefully aim for a critical hit? I know that’s what I would try to do in such a situation, since it would have been a nice opening for any further attacks. So in anticipation of the inevitable onslaught of attacks that was bound to happen, I assume the defensive posture and brace my sword for impact.


No, this cannot go on like that. If I only stay on the defensive, there is no way for me to win this at all! I must take the initiative here and press on the attack! That is why I waited for the right moment, and then I activated the skill that would let me turn this attack around and leave a suitable opening.


Alright, ORA!!!


The skill that I activate boosts my movement speed temporarly, allowing me to hit Ruthia-chan with an attack of my own. Of course, the attack itself got blocked easily, but from this position the initiative for the next attack was still at my side. Then I used my free hand to summon another sword from my inventory, launching as series of multi-hit attacks that were meant to stop Ruthia-chan in place.


However, just like it should be expected from a Bounty Hunter, it must have come to a conclusion that allowing some of the attacks to connect would be best here, because right after them it pressed on the attack once more.




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