ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 301 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 301: Job Hunting Is a Series of Ups And Downs Part 2


「Guh, nuoh……!?」

My dual wielding prowess is based solely on “slashing” because I favor swords as my weapons of choice. But Ruthia-chan is closer to being the “blow” type judging by the nature of her tonfas…… But it all means one thing: both of us need to get as close as possible to our opponents, which means this is the time for the “InFight” to shine.

I avoid the blow of the left tonfa that was aimed at my temple by forcefully twisting my body to the side, and right after that I was forced to evade to the back in order to escape the uppercut of the right tonfa that was aimed at my chin.

That was close! Too close! If I did not back away and evade in time here, my chin would have been shattered to pieces for sure! …… Just thinking about it sounds painful enough.


Normally I would not be able to do such acrobatic moves combined with evasive actions, because I would have lost all the momentum due to that last backflip I was forced to do. However, this time around I had skill correction on my side, so I was able to pull through somehow. I then perform a summersault kick in order to put some distance between Ruthia—chan and I.

All around me, I can hear excited voices and shouts of the onlookers. I would gladly respond to some of them, but I was too busy staying alive in here to pay attention to such background noise.

「Legal defense!」


I then lean forward as if I was about to make a crouching start position, and the moment that I was almost on all fours I used that momentum to lounge myself at Ruthia-chan.

Tonfa flies towards my belly in order to stop my advance. However, that was only a bluff, a rather aggressive kind of diversion that no normal player would ever think of. In response to that I use “Formula Drift” to compensate!

I then spin my upper body sharply while jumping in the air, avoiding a fast leg sweep that Ruthia-chan wanted to perform on me. Thanks to that I managed to maintain my balance and…… No, wait. Jumping? Avoiding it? That was a lie! I have been had!


Using the help of “Flip Float” here, I kick the air behind me at a very low altitude, as if I was aiming to do the breast stroke in the air. Then I used that air foothold to launch myself forward at accelerated speed, barely managing to avoid the tonfa’s blade that slashed through the space where I was mere second ago.


The blade of the tonfa comes right after me, drawing a deep line on the ground. If I don’t avoid it here, I am going to be a goner for sure!

So first and foremost, I do a roll on the ground in order to escape the incoming blade.

Then I use my elbows as support and lift my body up as soon as possible.

And then I use the spinning slash with my swords to gain some much needed momentum that will allow me to escape to safety for a short moment.

Lastly, I get up while spinning vigorously, just in case there was a tonfa’s blade tracing right behind me.

「UUUUUUWWWOOOAAAHHH! My semi-circular canals! Do you best! Don’t let me down now!」

I crossed my swords and intercepted the two traces that came after me from the ground level. Another direct hit prevented, but the shock coming from this black was so severe that my legs started to tremble a little bit and my vision became blurred for a short while.

Again, if it was not for my mobility skills, because of my inferior Strength stat, it would have been all over. But the skills are still in effect, and I am alive because of that. The interlocked weapons cause sparks to fly in the air, and then I jumped back to barely escape from the danger zone.



After that violent exchange of attacks and acrobatics, there was a brief pause on both sides. Both of us were giving it our all, but even we could not keep on doing such things without at least a moment to catch our breaths. That’s the price you need to pay for being unreasonable in the first place.


I let out a small sigh in order to catch my breath, but I stayed vigilant just in case. Listening to my surroundings, I could hear a bunch of people doing the same thing, so it must have meant that the tension here was super high.

「…… How about a little time out, hmm?」


「Thought as much! You stupid asshole! Why won’t you drop dead already, ORA!!!」

Some mysterious player was right now fighting with the Bounty Hunter after being roped in on this fight by a total accident.

And in response to the show that this guy was putting together with the summoned “Ruthia-chan”, the members of the “Tias Dress-Up Corps” could only sigh in awe and admiration.

「Uwahh, just look at those moves! I wouldn’t be able to do even half ot that even if I tried……」

「Don’t you think this guy might be as strong as Saba-san?」

Firstia is the very first city available in this game, a starting point that every player has to go through at the beginning of their adventure. Therefore, it is not rare at all to see half-naked players here, who had sold their starting equipment for money and supplies. That is why the players around here misunderstood the nature of this new challenger here, taking him for a newbie who just happened to start his adventure with this game. But seeing how that player was moving around, they were coming to start to realize the very nature of their mistake.

「What’s wrong? Some of the high levels decided to mimic a beginner here?」

「I don’t know. We don’ understand it, either. Besides, is there even a merit for a high level player to mimic a newbie in the first place?」

「It’s the first time I see it. Besides Saba-san, I mean. Someone able to withstand the tonfa combo of Ruthia-chan.」

「Oho, did someone call my name just now?」

「Oh! Saba-san! I didn’t know that you were here!」

There was a certain player who appeared just now amongst the crowd, looking as though he did not understand what was going on here. The members of the Dress-Up Corps surrounded him in an instant, wanting to explain what was going on.

「Had some business to take care of in real life, but now it’s finally over…… Hm? Is that what the commotion is all about?」

「Yeah, I mean, it’s so nice to see Ruthia-chan here, but…… For some reason, all of a sudden her aggro changed from one of our own to some totally unrelated player.」

「Huh? Someone unrelated to us? Who is he, then?」

In this situation, that was the most obvious and plausible question to be asked. Therefore, that player did not need to wait long for an answer.

「I happened to take a glance at hi PN earlier…… I’m pretty sure it was “Sanraku” or something similar to that……」

「What did you say?」


Upon hearing that name, the expression and the atmosphere surrounding Saba changed completely.

「Sanraku…… Huh?」

The name of that player was “Survival”. And right about now, he was looking at Sanraku and the Bounty Hunter just like a predator would look on its prey. But there was also a strange kind of joy mixed into that gaze.

The only one who was able to hear the words that Survival muttered next was the one staying right next to him. However, even though he heard the words, he was unable to understand their meaning.

「No way…… A survivor of μ?」

However, that question was swept away by the loud cheering of the crowd when Sanraku and Ruthia-chan clashed once more.

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