ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 302 Part 1

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 302: Setsuna No Kousa Part 1


「G-God damn it all to hell!」

A swirling strike comes right at me at high speed, the blades of the tonfas aiming precisely at my neck. It was terrifying that at this speed it was this accurate.

Right away I throw Duxalam in front of me to block that attack, however it seems that this one was only a decoy as well. The real blow here was aimed right at the center of my chest…… so this time around the tonfas were used like a slashing weapon above all else. And let me tell you, escaping the barrage of attacks from such tricky weapons is an art in itself, the one that was mobilizing all of your skills and acrobatic abilities, at that.


「God fucking damn it, I’m concentrating here as much as possible, so why……!? Nothing seems to be working here!」

Even though the Imaginary Roleplay: Ryuuguin Fugaku is fully operational right about now, I am still finding myself at a huge disadvantage here, not being able to seize any kind of initiative or put any kind of pressure on my opponent. Not to mention that Duxalam’s Durability was starting to fall well below fifty percent. And this sword should have been virtually invincible for as long as you are managing to land successful critical strikes! What the hell!?

I can also feel like the players gathered around me were already aware of the direction in which this battle was going on, and now they were simply watching for the sole purpose of seeing this through to the end. If this shit continues just like that…… Does that mean I am going to be killed for a reason that I am not aware of? Something beyond my comprehension?

If I go on the defense here, I am going to die. If I go on the offense here, I am going to die, but even quicker than while being on the defense. For crying out loud, I do not have nearly enough caffeine to figure this one problem out! Oh well, please do your best here, naturally generated adrenaline!

This opponent of mine here is by no means the fastest opponent I have fought against in this game, but that’s not what is important here. The important bit is that with its every attack it manages to trace the best optimal way of attacking, which is making it OP and downright broken in more than one way. I cannot even catch a single break here.

The Bounty Hunter swirls like a vortex and tries to get behind my back. I can also see that it brought the tonfas back to the striking mode, which means that its attack patters are going to be more complex and versatile in the nearby future.

However, the range of those kind of attacks are only that of fist weapons…… So for now it looks as though I still had a space to maneuver, so it did not manage to corner me just yet.


「Uwoah, that’s kinda amazing in it’s own right!」

It’s starting to get noisy in here. Is that the BGM playing ,or is it something else? Because if it is the BGM, then I need to pay attention to the melody playing just a little bit more. Man, I really want to listen to some rock music right about now…… Oh no, that won’t do! Need to focus! Once I stop hearing the music from the background, I might really be done for here!

「Speaking of which…… I am…… pretty much in some deep shit here…… am I……!?」

While talking to myself like that, I reflexively parry or block any incoming attack that the Bounty Hunter was throwing my way.

Then, I free one of my hands and open the inventory window, quickly browsing through its contents, at the same time doing my best to protect myself from any kind of danger that my opponent was throwing at me. It was hard to do, but fortunately I was managing to hold my ground just fine.

For some reason, even though I usually pay no attention to it, the speed at which the new weapons were deployed was extraordinarily slow. It was making me really, really angry.

Since the limit of the seven days was yet to pass, I cannot really use its Exceed mechanism, but that does not matter right now. But even so! I move to intercept the incoming tonfa strike with Dis Pater shield. How do you like that, huh!?


The muffler that covers the Bounty Hunter’s mouth prevents me from reading its expression. Same with that hood – it was so deep that I could not really see the look in my opponent’s eyes. However, from the way it moved right about now I could have sworn that there was at least a sight of frustration somewhere out there.

It is really regrettable that this AI targeted me for some bizarre reason and that it was attacking me with more and more ferociousness, but I have come so far right now! It would be downright miserable and regrettable if I were to just give up here and let it kill me just so that I can have this battle over with. If I’m playing this seriously, I want to win! That’s for sure!

And that is because this city here is the place where all of the new player that are starting their adventures in ShangriLa Frontier will arrive in the first place…… And needless to say, if I were to die here, I am going to respawn in a completely different place whatsoever.

Or maybe the reason lies somewhere else entirely. This is the city of beginners. So I do not want for the beginning players to see me lose. And especially not now, since such a huge audience converged on this location.

But it does not really matter what is the origin of this feeling that is rooted deep inside of me right about now. What is important is that it is there, and it is screaming out loud those words: I do not want to lose this!

「OOOOHHHH!!! Ready or not, here we go! I’ll even give you about five seconds of a head start!」

There is nothing unique to is to begin with, so there is absolutely no reason for me to try and hide it! So I use the size of the shield in order to push the Bounty Hunter back after he managed to push me in so much. It steps back a little bit, and it created a split second of a blank moment in this battlefield. And it was in this blank moment that a pair of gloves appeared on my hands and I slammed my right fist right into my chest.

「The real battle starts now! But don’t you dare to cry about it later when I shall blow you away! Even kill penalty won’t stop me here!」


While I am wearing this armor made out of Black Thunder, there is nothing that can stop me! Even the fastest of enemy’s attacks won’t be able to keep up with me! As I swing my fists around to psyche myself up a little bit, I could clearly see for the first time that the Bounty Hunter Ruthia had been upset by my actions.

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