ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 311 Part 1

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 311: Big Burning Build Part 1

The captain of the “Cerest Terestial” was am experienced sailor who was drippiung with aura of confidence. He also looked like someone who was paid a hefty amount of money to make that voyage happen. But anyways, once the boat had set sail, I decided to go back to Rabbitz first, and then pay a visit to the mansion in which the Saint-chan was currently staying at.

「I feel like the only times when I turn into a female nowadays is when I need to deal with humans.」

I know that the only reason I am doing this right now is because Joset asked me to, but I wonder if there could possibly be some other reason behind it…….? But anyways, this is a job, and while on the job, it is important to not let your personal feelings make decisions.

「Sanrako-san, your head is wobbling way more than I would have like it to.」

「Shut up, blame my current skeleton for such stupid problems…… Now, Emul. Muffler mode, if you please.」

「Yes, sir! I mean…… Yes, Ma’am!」

Now, then. I know that the job that I got as an Avenger is a sort of a black market one, so I wonder if the ID card that the master of the bar gave to me is going to be proof enough here?

「…… Yes, if you show this card with this particular emblem before entering the ship, you are going to be let in on board no problem.」

「Alright! Now we’re talking!」

「Miss Pioneer, you are in the presence of the Saint! Please refrain from speaking in such a vulgar manner!」

「Please, Joset, leave it at that. I do not really mind.」

「Yes, Ma’am! As you wish!」

It was yet again all about the roleplay here. I cannot allow myself to be my usual self, or I would not be able to predict what exactly would have happened.

Well, every time I tend to roleplay I just go with the flow of the conversation, not really thinking all that much about what to say or how to behave. It just comes naturally here. I then look away from Joset who seemed to be elated by the fact that Saint-chan spoke to her directly. I cast my gaze towards the item I have received from the Saint-chan, an item called “Shoebill Emblem”.

「Is it just me, or is there an awfully lot of items designed after birds in this game……?」

Well, I guess that’s what you get from wearing a birdhead mask all the time, even if there is no one around. You just start to see connections and patterns where they do not belong…… But still, not that very convincing of an argument here. Oh well, best not to think about it too much.

「It is something that I cannot accept quite openly here, but this kingdom tends to tolerate the existence of the Avengers.」

「So, you do not really want them here, but they are a necessary evil that has its uses from time to time?」

「Yes, that is exactly right.」

I knew that Joset right about now was giving me the sting eye, but I decided to continue the roleplay here. So I turned toward the Saint-chan and asked her to tell me more about it, with as much details as possible.

「The setup of this incoming quest…… I want to know as much as possible about both escorting and protecting His Majesty the King.」

「The main objective, that is the escorting and protecting His Majesty on his journey stays largely the same. However, I regret to inform you that there has been a need to…… put some changes to the schedule.」

「And what do you mean by that?」

「We have received information that the first princess of the royal family is going to accompany His Majesty in his journey. And there is no easy way for me to say this, but…… I do believe that the first prince and the first princess are on…… not very good terms with one another.」

I expect that they are going to only add to my list of responsibilities during this quest, but I guess it is something that cannot really be avoided here. But they better have some appropriate compensation ready for me for this……

「We are going to mobilize more people on our end as well, but can I ask you to protect not only His Majesty the King, but also the first princess as well……?」

「…… I knew it was coming, but I guess since it is the Saint that is asking for my help, I’m in no condition to refuse, aren’t I? But I have one condition.」

I could hear Joset’s eyebrows twitch loudly. Could it be that she thought that such a role was not suited for me? You know, I kind of get it, but you don’t have to be so hostile about it.

「Alright, let’s listen to it.」

「I will be honest here and tell you straightforwardly…… I would like to take some friends with me to accompany me in this mission.」

Actually, the confirmation of this matter or a lack of thereof is of no importance to me. But I need to make sure that no one is going to attack Emul on the spot, especially since there will be a hefty amount of players involved in this.

But what is important here is the way in which the other party is going to react to the Rabbitz related topic.

「…… I see. But seeing as the two of you are always together, I had no intention of stopping you or limiting you in any way. I will tell Joset and all of her people not to attack any additional passengers, even if they were to be a Vorpal Bunny.」

「Affirmative! At the same time, do you have any intel on particular four dragons, by any chance?」

「I will see about that!」

According to their own roleplay, Joset and her follower salute and then leave the room one by one. Once the members of “Saint Shield’s Territory were gone, I waved my hand at the Saint-chan and went on my way as well.

「Alright then, let us go. We are going to board the Zuizui alongside some priest and other Church’s officials.」

And that is why we are in Rabbitz right now. What about the new continent research vessel? No worries, I already got on board and went into my cabin, creating a save point on the bed there. Then we used the Emul Warp to get here. I must admit, Emul one heck of a useful bunny.

「I thought that the first ever team to cross the ocean into the new continent was amazing, and that they created the save points somewhere out there once they reached their destination, but I don’t see sea voyages beating fast travelling. Not in a million years.」

「Uhhh…… And here I wanted to enjoy that boat trip a little bit more……」

Rest assured, Emul. This trip is supposed to last for at least few days, so you are surely going to get tired of the rocking of the ship before long. But I mean…… as long as Emul, or any of the Weissash’s children are with me, I can pretty much fast travel all I want.

「Alright then, since we are more or less free until we get to the new continent, we might as well do something else in the meantime to kill the time.」

It also seems that the way in which Rei got on board of the ship was through playing a stowaway. However, even though it was a nice way of getting things done, she also made a big mistake, because she happened to go on a different ship than we did. And she was very sad about this turn of events.

But what came to me as even bigger of a surprise was the fact that the Akitsu Akane plus Rust and Mold combo was on the other ship, heading into the new continent as well. I have no idea what those guys are usually up to when we are not playing together, but apparently they have received a quest from one of the NPC merchants to investigate the new continent. That is why all of them were able to get on board without much of a problem.

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