ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 311 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 311: Big Burning Build Part 2

After all , the number of players passing as stowaways is quite large indeed. That being said, if you are found by the ship’s crew you will be thrown into the brig at the bottom of the ship, but since you will be arriving in the new continent just like you intended, suffering through some karma loss here is actually a small price to pay.

Thinking about it now, I got my boarding license thanks to the Saint-chan recommanation, so there must be some loopholes in the system that allow one to obtain the right to step on board besides the usual qualifications or lottery. But leaving loopholes aside for now, there is also an option of trying to play a stowaway. And I mean, with so many people playing this game, there must be endless other possibilities here. And there is also a probability that at least one person tried each option at least once.

「And that is why I need my gender to be back to normal here. So you’ll have to excuse me for a moment.」

「Yeah, sure. Yeah, sure.」

Sup, bitches! Guess who has come to play!?

Ah! There you are! Golden Scorpion-kun! Sorry to bother you, but do you think that you…… Guboah!?

「Alright, look what I have here. A quite nice souvenir, if I do say so myself.」

「Hooray! It’s Lapisteria Star Crystal. Who would have guessed?」

Alright, shall we go to pay Break a visit? See how she’s doing?

When it comes to Bunny Court, there are two blacksmithing workshops there: one belongs to Weissash, and the other one is the one in which Break resides.

Weissash’s workshop is…… bland and uninteresting, to put it lightly. Or should I say that it’s simple and sturdy design-wise? Now on the other hand, Break’s workshop recently was undergoing quite the remodeling, mainly because of my efforts thus far.

「Oh, so you have come, huh? Take a look at that! It’s the new type of furnace that was recently completed!」

「Ohh…… That thing? It’s quite impressive, but…… the two weeks’ worth of time is still ye to pass, right?」

「Yes, that’s right. But about that…… 」


Break pointed somewhere at the corner of her workshop. Looking there, I could see Aramis laying flat on the ground, looking as though she was about to die from exhaustion. …… Ah (sudden realization hits).

「Well, I guess that idiot over there helped me out quite a lot here, but…… Because you guys take care of the field work for me, I can have more time perfecting my craft. And I am getting better and better at it with every passing day.」

「I wonder, does that have anything to do with the quality of ore used in crafting items? Or maybe the difficulty of the items that were requested? Could the growth of one’s craft be yet another hidden stat here……? However, putting together a new furnace seems more like a construction job rather than. Blacksmithing work.」

Oh well, does it even matter right now? Lately, the good luck has been on my side, so it would be a sign of bad manner to actually doubt the good fortune that’s been gracing me.

As for the furnace itself, the ones that the blacksmiths been using in this game is similar in shape to the pizza oven from the modern times, but that’s hardly a surprise seeing as most of the technology in this world is a reflection of the Meddle Ages technology from the real world.

But when it comes to Break’s blacksmithing workshop, there is this one thing that stands out from all of the other tools and facilities: the strange operating table in the corner of the workshop, looking rather futuristic here. But once more I chose to ignore it for the time being, since the renewed furnace was the thing that would take priority. It looks like a reinforced drum, but the main difference from the normal furnace is that there is no place in this thing where you could feed it fuel. What’s up with that?

「There is also one more thing that I think that you should know. You see, that guiding light that you have brought me…… Well, to put it in terms that you can understand, it just keeps on burning and growing, and it never goes out.」

Long story short, it seems that if you leave the furnace on its own for too long, it may actually crumble from the inside from excessive amounts of heat being produced inside of it. That is why there was a need to reinforce it quite a bit, to prevent that from happening. It’s not like I am interested in production aspects of this game of any sort, so vast majority of those information were actually going into my head one ear and going out another, but to my understanding there should be no issue with strengthening the Aradval, thanks to the ridiculous amounts of high quality ore that I managed to procure thus far.

「With this, I do believe that I’ll be able to show you the very best of my abilities!」

Even though it was only slightly above average in size, for my human avatar Sanraku the Decaying Light Aradval was still the size of a large sword. You would think that there would be need for many materials to restore it, but apparently everything was already in place and there was no need for me to go hunt for more. Talk about convenient.

Break then took Aradval in her two hands and brandished it without any assistance. Then she placed the blade on top of the furnace as it was the most natural thing in the world to do. Finally, she procured a small red gem from somewhere, shifting it in her hands and taking a close look at it.

「Dance for me and burn to ashes!!!」

「She threw it! She just threw the damned thing in there!」

「Nice form. Very nice indeed. With a form like that, you could even aim at playing in some major leagues there, missy!」

The moment Break throws the jewel inside of the new, reinforced furnace, there was a bright flash of light coming out from it, as well as a loud, almost monstrous roar of fire. By the way, looking directly at such powerful display could not possibly be good for your eyes. That is why I pitied Emul, who gazed upon such gross incandescence without averting his eyes even for a moment. As a obvious result, he was now in terrible agony because of that.


「H-Hey, wait a minute here! Break, are you sure this is safe!? Poor Emul looks about ready to kick the bucket here!」

「This is nothing! We can go higher than that! Way higher! This is still lukewarm! More! More flame! More heat!」

「No, no, no, no, no! That’s not what’s important here right about now!」

You say it’s lukewarm, but it is obviously blazing hot! I wager that if you were to put your hand near it, it is going to turn into a lump of charcoal of a well-done-steak! Seriously! Can’t you see it!?

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