ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 312 Part 1

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 312: At the Crossroads Leading to Great Success Part 1

When it comes to blacksmithing, it is a process that consists of three major steps: softening the steel that you want to turn into the weapon or armor, shaping it into the shape and size that you want it to be, and then cooling it. Of course, the whole process is more complicated than that, but those three processes are a bare minimum, an essential part.

However, when it comes to bringing Aradval back to its full glory and potential, the whole blacksmithing process is entirely different from what you would be used to at this point.

「Nuh, NUUUOOORRRYYYAAAHHHHHH!!! Dance! Dance for me!!!」

Burning, then heating up some more, Break was constantly increasing the fire in the furnace, increasing the heat without end and letting the decayed blade burn right in the middle of that blazing inferno. The heat inside of the furnace was only increasing, not cooling down even for a moment. I was sure once the whole process is over, the furnace would be ruined from the excessive amounts of heat and that you would not be able to use it for anything else. It was honestly kind of crazy if you stop and think about it, just how rampant the flames were inside of that furnace.

「This blade is…… a flame incarnate. Now, the sleeping flame, the time has come for you to awaken…… With this heat we feed you, burn away and cast aside the decayed steel and be reborn as you should be……!」

「D-Does that mean that the temperature is going to be increasing even more for a while now……?」

Even though Break’s workshop was looking more like the inside of the oven or a sauna right about now, really pushing the boundaries of what games would usually allow, she would still continue to add to the raging flames, increasing their heat and the light emanating from inside of the furnace. Apparently the current heat was not nearly enough for her.


Break continues to feed the fuel to the flames, and they increase even further, roaring and dancing like mad demons. It was at that time that the amount of flames and heat being spewed by the furnace started to resemble that wave of heat blast that the Broccoli X was discharging. Incidentally, the mouth of the furnace was the only outlet through which the flames could escape from inside of it into the workshop, and poor Aramis was currently laying very close to it. At this rate, the poor kitty would most probably die, boiled alive by the ever increasing temperature.

「Emul, it would be for the best if you would evacuate together with Aramis for the time being. Come back here later, and bring as much water as you can with you.」

「R-Roger that……」

「I-It does bring shame to my heart…… For myself having to be dragged away by a beautiful maiden……」

Making sure that both Emul and Aramis successfully evacuated from the workshop, I close the door behind them and move towards the back of the room. Meanwhile, the light filling the room was growing so bright that it was almost hard to see anything in here anymore.

「Break……! I know that you want for the best in here, but if it starts to look as if your life is going to be in danger, I am going to drag you the fuck out of here, even if I have to do it using force……!」

「Hehehe…… Don’t you worry about me, lad…… Just sit on your ass right there and enjoy the show! You have seen nothing yet! This level of heat is still not enough! The true show is only about to start!」

The flames, huh? Or no, the firepower. The firepower……

「Say, Break? I have been wondering for a while now, but what exactly are those crystals you keep throwing into the furnace?」

「Oh, this little thing? It’s something that I had order made in Catzeria, you see. Basically, it is portable magic stone that has the essence of fire sealed within it.」

So making long story short here, it is an item that tends to work just like a disposable magic scroll, yes? An item that contains within itself a natural phenomenon that would not be able to occur naturally in any other way under certain circumstances, let loose and free upon destroying the case in which it was stored. A tool that would allow you to use magic even if you do not possess any aptitude for magic in the first place.

「So, in other words? You think that the magic power of those stones is going to be enough here? Will we get the effect we desire?」

「Nhmm? No, of course it is not going to be enough. Those stones are no good, in fact. Quite useless. They do not contain nearly enough fire power inside of them, so I’d wager that the heat is about to start decreasing soon at this rate…… Hm? Wait, lad! What the hell do you think you’re doing?」

If we need more fire power, then I think I have just the thing we need here…… An ore that possesses the “power of fire” inside of it.

「Amber Crystals “Louem Amva”…… They look like your usual amber ore, but upon closer inspection, you can clearly see that they have something closed within itself. Now, you can tell what that thing is inside of them, right……?」

This was the ore that was used in order to craft the Levin Trigger/Disaster Hand. I’m holding onto one of them now, and you could clearly see that there were sparks of black thunder raging inside of the crystal. And as to where I happened to pick them up, of course it was the ore that was dug from the bowels of the Crystal Cliffs. Now, onto the crystal that was of importance to us here. It was bigger than the rest of them, and you could clearly see some semblance of fire being entrapped inside of it.

Because up until this point in time I had no particular use for those amber ores, I just continued to store them inside of my inventory, without giving them that much of a thought to begin with. I had many of them, but upon closer inspection, this one seemed to be the most amazing of the whole bunch. Hopefully it will be of the outstanding quality here.

「Break…… You might want to take a step or two away. I imagine that this is not going to be pretty.」

It seems that Amber Crystals “Louem Amva” can have different effects closed inside of it, depending on the quality of the ore that you have managed to extract. If it is indeed so, then let us hope that I am not wrong in here and that this is going to give us the effect we desire here.

Even though I was still inside of the blacksmith workshop that was starting to turn into the actual depths of hell, I close my eyes and conjure the image of the baseball stadium. Then, I recreate the moves I used to perform y best throws while playing for the championship title! This is the skill cultivated by the shitty games!!!

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