ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 317 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 317: Rock Hack Nano Ka Digest Part 2

Stowaway Saiga-san…… It can be said that it was thanks to me and my spare VR device that Saiga-san could be here in the first place. But it was also a good thing that the device was working properly. I would feel really bad if I lent it to her only to find out that there was something wrong with it or that it was not working properly. Not to mention that it would have undermined our plans here.

「Speaking of which…… Saiga-san, have you already cleared the “Invitation from the Bunny Country” quest? Or did you already obtained any of the true Vorpal weapons?」

I am quite certain that when she entered Rabbitz, Rei was using a Vorpal Sledgehammer or something alongside of those lines. So I wonder if it is going to be the same story with her as it was with me? I mean, depending on the weapon presented to Weissash, it can even change its type as the result of unlocking its true potential. Not to mention some additional functions that may completely change the way in which the weapon operates.

「Weissash…… -san, right? He is the one that can strengthen a weapon like that for you, is that correct?」

「Yes, that’s right. So, what happened? Did it change the type to something else?」

「Yes, in fact it did. It changed from the sledgehammer into an iron whip.」

In this game, a whip is a derivative of mace. It is classified as a blunt weapon, since that’s the type of damage that lashes deployed by it tend to do. However, whips can also cause slashing damage if they are equipped with elements specializing in that function. However, the judgement of the damage type can also be pretty wonky at times…… Thinking about it now, I’m pretty sure that iron whip was also one of the weapons that this whole Massive Dynamite was carrying on him.

「It’s range is really convenient most of the time, but it is actually pretty difficult to land a successful critical hit with it……」

「Hmm, I see……」

I wonder if iron whips and anti blade swords have something in common with one another? Thinking about it now, this game seems to have many hidden mechanics and parameters that we players are simply unaware of most of the time.

Could it be that each and every weapon has some sort of a hidden mechanic or stats? No, it could not be that overly complicated. Maybe it only affects the special weapons and corresponds to the weapon type out of which the special weapon was created? Like the anti blade swords are derivative from two one handed swords. …… But wait, if that’s the case, than what about Tonfa Edge? No, that weapon should mainly be of striking type…… Hmm, so much food for thought……

「Oh yeah, since we are talking about weapons and all that. Have you met the Rabbitz blacksmith yet? The Vorpal Bunny named Break? She is one of Weissash’s children and a skilled blacksmith as well, so she’s actually my go to blacksmith when I need to have some work done on my weapons and equipment. She may be a little bit excentric at time, but there is no better blacksmith than her.」

「Break-san…… Umm, that’s sounds a little bit difficult……」

「Difficult? As in…… hard to please?」

In this moment an image of Break quickly passes through my mind…… Well, she seems to be like Weissash in one regard, once she starts to work on something, it’s as if all of the screws from her head come loose. Plus she always freaks out when I bring her good quality materials…… Not to mention a whole bunch of other odd behaviors, like hitting your shin with a hammer……

「Hard to, please?」

How can I put it……? She’s like one of those types who are really restless during the time of peace and are always preparing to go to war? I think that this description might be correct, but that it is also wrong to some extent.

「There is this, but there is something more. Two more things, in fact……」


The mysterious “God Devil Sword” that I have dubbed as “Saiga Project” inside of my head. Something that is a weapon, but does not fall under the cathegory of weapons with unusual acquisition procedures. Such as Heroic Weapons, Brave Weapons or Remnant Weapons.

It seems to me that Weissash made a reference to that sword once, saying that it is a weapon of great power, but it is precisely because of that that it is dangerous to handle. But those are just fragments of information, nothing certain and nothing that I can actually base any real claims.

「What about Weissash-san?」

「“–––– The cause will never be known by sword. If it’s the truth you seek, then you shall find it only with your own hands……」

Was that supposed to be a riddle? No, maybe it is some sort of a secret password that you are supposed to say in a specific place at the specific time?

But one thing I know for sure about this.

「The flag regarding that sword is not an NPC. It is somewhere that can be found in this world, like an artefact or an item.」

「Really……? Is that right?」

「There may not be “someone” who knows about it, but that does not mean that there is not “somewhere” or “something” that cannot know about it.」

「I see……」

But having to find out clues and information is not all that bad of a thing here. It certainly is better mechanic than obtaining ten ultra rare materials dropped by super hard monsters and then having to fight a secret boss for a weapon. Only to find out that you were supposed to collect eleven items and that the number ten was just a typo. It is really sad when you see the developers having to apologize for something as stupid as this.

Of course, when you actually would get to fight the secret boss it turns out that you cannot actually beat it, but you must use those eleven items to make a prayer while constantly enduring the onslaught of attacks. Only then you can progress the event further. But then you die one-shotted by the boss, because it all of a sudden decided to focus you out of the entire party. You just cannot help yourself but laugh out loud when things like that ten do happen to you.

「We can also assume that it is on the old continent somewhere, since you got to know about it before learning of a new continent, right, Rei? So it could be somewhere on the old continent that is hard to reach, like top of a mountain or an underground cavern, or some ancient ruins like that……Hmm?」

By the way, Saiga-san? You said that there were two things that you wanted to talk to me about? So what is that other one?

「What else did you wanted to talk to me about, Rei?」

「You see, there is this one thing that I have been curious about all this time…… And since we are logged in this is a little bit hard for me to talk about, but……」

Hard to talk about since we are logged in? For some reason right about now Saiga-san looked as though she was hesitant about something, but ultimately she decided to open her mouth and voice her concerns out loud.

「Have you ever heard about a Unique Scenario “Diare’s Secret Training”……?」

For the time being, let’s try to gain some more information about that new bunny in question.

「Diale-onee-chan is someone that I absolutely look up to as a role model! She is the greatest magic user out of all Vorpal Bunnies, and one day I would like to be even as half good with magic as she is!」

「Hmm, is that right?」

「But, but! Lately she has been so busy with her work that I cannot actually meet her at all! Which sucks pretty bad, you know?」

「Yeah, I see…… I think I get it now.」

In short, if the younger sister starts to overtake the older sister when it comes to actual player skills and in-game achievements, it will cause the older sister to lose confidence and start to doubt herself and her authority as an older sibling.

Now I have to wonder: is this my fault up to some extent?

And just like that, the seventh day of the sea voyage has come!

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