ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 322 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 322: Rebuilding, that is Restarting From Scratch Part 2

I twisted the sword in my hands a few time, and then gave it a couple of swings to get a feel for it. I then threw it in the air slightly and caught it right away. Normally I would also try to kick it in the air with my foot, but seeing just how dangerous of a weapon it could be, I decided to give this idea a rest for now.

「Good job with this one. I like it. I’d give it a perfect score without fail.」

「W-Well duh……! Of course it’s perfect! As long as Pops entrusted me with bringing it back to its full glory, you’d better be sure that I am going to give it my absolute best here!」

What’s with that reaction? Break, my dear, your mouth seem to be saying one thing, but your body shows something completely different. I wonder, why can’t you just be honest with yourself? It would be a whole lot easier for you and for those around you…… Speaking of which.

「Ooohhh…… So it is done, I see?」

「P-Pops!? What are you doing here!?」

For some bizarre reason, Weissash himself decided to appear here! But I do have to wonder, how is he doing that!? Appearing behind you completely out of the blue, without giving out as much of a sign?

Weissash then gazes at the weapon I was holding in my hand, at Aradval Rebuilt. It was then stolen from my hand by none other than Break herself, who appeared behind my back and snatched it for herself. What was that just now, a mimicry skill!? What the hell is wrong with this bunny family!?

「Ah…… You see, Big Bro, if it’s about tinkering with the sword’s size without permission, I’m the one who’s to blame for that. So please, don’t punish Break for that and……」

「I don’t mind that in the slightest. I told you, didn’t I? That it was originally a tip of the giant’s spear that got broken? Also, seeing someone so small trying to brandish a blade so huge would have been atrocious, so it’s all good. …… But Sanraku, I hope that the path that you shall follow is the one that will not bring shame to this blade or the ones who wielded it before you.」

「Sure thing! Leave it to me!」

Heh, just look at it! That’s some top notch roleplaying power, if I do say so myself! I guess that Joset and her people are pretty good at it as well, but this here is a close contended to the title of the best role play out there.

When I think like that to myself, Weissash suddenly turns around, as if he just remembered something. He looked at Break, but the look in his eyes was not that of a ruler looking down at his subject. It was the look of a parent who gazed at their child with affection.

「Break…… Good job with this one, I’m really proud of you.」


Ah, dear costumer, you mustn’t! Please refrain from saying lines like that here! Break’s poor heart is not going to be able to withstand it at this rate!

It took Break quite a while to calm down enough so that I could hold a coherent conversation with her. She was still weeping like a small child, but at least it was at a degree I could handle. And now that Aradval was out of the way, we could move on to other business, since it was not the only thing I asked her to do for me.

「Look, you are a grown up Vorpal Bunny, so you should not cry like that. Here, pull yourself together? Want me to blow your nose?」

「I’m…… not…… crying……! I’m…… not…… crying……!」

And what am I supposed to do with this Bunny here? Her actions and words do not align in the least. That’s quite a pickle.

However, even though Aradval was probably her greatest job yet, Break did not forget about her other assignments and she was handing them to me right now. Talk about a true professional Blacksmith!

「Heave, ho! Uhhh…… Right, I have done what I could with it, but don’t expect miracles here. What you see is what you get.」

「No worries, no worries, that’s more than enough here.」

When I think about it now, it’s the equipment that was with me the longest here, even though it was nothing special and all of its stats were actually shit. But that being said, I can clearly see that the leather of the mask has been strengthened, but what about the eyes!? Why are eyes just like they used to me!? Strengthen the eyes as well, god damn it!

「The “Mask of the Bird-Eye’s View” has been changed into “Mask of Bird’s Mind Eye”…… but truth to be told, it only got a little bit stronger than before.」

Hmm, let’s see the equipment here…… Oh, good, good! It’s defense stat is much greater than before! I must say, what an amazing growth potential! With that, my Vitality stat is going to go all the way towards twenty points!

What else do we have here? A visual correction effect? But what exactly does that supposed to mean? Does this allow me to see into the greater distance? Or maybe removes the motion blur that occurs when you move fast? It’s hard to tell from the name alone.

Next is the sword for the remodeling of which I had to obtain the materials from Dominion Hornets, the Sea Emperor’s Sword. Aside from that, I also needed some Crystal Scorpion stingers, some high quality ore and a few other components that luckily were already at my disposal. Quite the combination of materials, but what can you do?

It’s name is “Venomous Stinger”. It’s basic stats went up considerably, it’s durability was now decent as well, and it acquired the added effect of Poison status thanks to all of the venomous additions.

「…… So in other words, when someone gets damaged with this, they are either going to get poisoned or paralyzed, depending on the thing that gets them, right?」

「I get a feeling that this weapon is bad news, it sounds extremely dangerous.」

Aside from the Unique Monster, I get a feeling that this effect is going to be especially nasty against normal monsters. The only downside here is that the twin swords changed shape and type into rapiers, most probably as a result of using so many needle-type materials to strengthen them. So while using them your defenses are going to be even poorer than usual.

This brings the weapons and armor strengthening to an end. We have strengthen many of my equipment pieces, and while I feel glad that all of them are still going to be relevant, it was not a cheap endeavor, both money-wise and material-wise.

「And last but not least…… Here, this should be alright, huh?」

Break said something like this, but do you understand that my financial reserves have already took quite a blow here? Anything more and money is really going to become a problem for me once again. But the Break just placed one last item on top of my hands, seemingly unfazed by the kind of expression I was making at the moment.

「Good, good, I like that, I like that a lot…… Alright, how about we go and give this one a shot for the time being?」

Emul, you know what to do, so do the deed! And Bro, today it is going to be a festival! What kind of festival? Super Mining Can Can Festival, that’s what!

I equip the newly enhanced Bird Mask and the strengthen pickaxe on me. On a side note, this pickaxe had as much ore poured into it as Aradval did, so it is bound to be of really solid quality…… Seeing what was going on and feeling what was about to happen in a short while, Emul could not help it but to let out a long and deep sigh filled with resignation.

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