ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 330 Part 1

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 330: Evil Is the Concept that Exists Solely in the Brain Part 1

「Tottori the Simane, huh……? I think I have seen or heard that name somewhere before…… Ah, now I remember. You are that player who found the tribe of Forest Elves and was tagging along with them, right?」

「And you are Sanraku…… Huh!? THAT Sanraku!? The one who every single player in this game want to hunt down!? Seriously!? This isn’t just a cosplay, right!?」

「You would have to show some serious dedication to get Luukan’s Carved Wounds on two parts of your body just so you could finish a cosplay, you know? Or there would have to be something seriously wrong with your head. Not to mention I would file a fraud lawsuit against players who would try to do that.」

Tottori the Simane. A player who was given such nicknames as: “The Last Hope of Elves”, Our Hero”, or “The One Who Cannot Forgive Death”. “Unique Hunting Methods”, “Suspicious Management”, “Perverted Exhibitionist Demon with a Bunny Girl Slave”…… my name, on the other hand. was all over various message boards related to gaming in general and ShanFro specifically, but not in the context that would make anyone happy. Oi, you bastards! What the hell is that supposed to mean!? Emul is not a bunny girl, but a Vorpal Bunny! And it is not a cosplay, but the effect of transformation! Get your facts straight! And besides, Emul is not my slave! And I do not go around half-naked because I want to!

「Uwah. So the rumors about you were true. You really ARE going half-naked all the time. I’m honestly impressed. Here, in the new continent, going around without a full set of armor is basically equivalent to suicide.」

「Well, up until now it was not such a big of a deal for me, since I was able to supplement the lack of proper equipment with my skills…… But let’s forget about that for now. Listen, do you have a moment?」

「Eh? Oh, yeah, sure, no problem.」

Alright, if my guess is correct here, Tottori is here by a mere accident, and it is not intentional. But even though he may be just a irregularity, I can use that opportunity in order to get some information out of him. From the meta perspective he is the only one I can rely on for now.

「You see, right about now I am escorting the former King Toravante and his daughter, First Princess Aphilia. It was a quest that I have received from the Princess herself not so long ago.」

「Is this Toravante guy the former king of the kingdom back at the old continent? Was he replaced or something like that?」

「So you don’t know? He was overthrown by his son, the First Prince.」


The fact that the old king was overthrown was not the issue here. The issue was the current situation that resulted from that incident.

「Here is what I think…… You see, this here king is pro-demi-humans, so I think that it is not a coincidence that we happened to run into an Elf when we were in distress and on the run. I think that it may all be part of the quest. Like a sub-event. What do you think?」


Tottori then falls silent for a moment, thinking about something deeply…… and then he casts a quick glace to the side, towards something that was located at the edge of his field of vision. The place where the Elf of the Forest People was standing at, now getting somewhat noisy when Emul and the royal pair joined up with us.

Gosh, so many templates gathered here in one place all at one: we have a tall and slim Elf, royal family, meeting of two completely opposite factions in a place where they would normally never meet…… But that being said, looking at Emul right now, he was gazing at the Elf with slightly fearful eyes. Could it be that the Vorpal Bunnies were not on the best of terms with the People of the Forest for some reason? It was also then that Tottori finally opened his mouth, making up his mind and speaking up.

「…… I’m currently in the middle of doing a Unique Scenario myself as well. It is called “Migrating Elves: The Great Relocation of the Forest People”. The condition of clearing this quest is to help the migrating Elves reach the front line base in this continent. So I guess that it would not be all that strange to come into contact with the former king from the old continent if he was in the vicinity. It actually fits the flow of the story quite nicely.」

So, he is also doing a Unique Scenario, huh……? I know that the Unique Scenarios with the EX at an end give you the most unique challenges and the most unique rewards as a result, but could it be that the “normal” Unique Scenarios can also be tied to some EX Quest down the road on this continent? Such possibility was always an option that one needed to be aware of most of the time.

However, if the story that Tottori here was saying was indeed true, then the Elf that I happened to knock to the ground…… Erina, was here name? It seems that halfway to the frontier base, the People of the Forest have grown restless and started to wonder off from the group, driven by strange “revelations” and “premonitions”. Right now it was all too vague to know for sure.

「Alright, I see how it is. I can see that our goals are more or less the same here, so how about joining us for now? It’s only a suggestion, but I think that both our parties could benefit from it quite a bit……」

「…… I get the idea of increasing the group’s size that will also increase the chances of reaching our goals in one piece and without incident. But what are the other benefits? What’s in it for us?」

Fufufu, yes, that’s it. Looks like this guy has no idea that from the very first moment this conversation started, he was already under my total control. This is not the type of negotiation where both parties have equal footing. For you see, we are going to offer both Tottori and the Forest People that we are going to protect them, and they are going to be completely at our mercy here.

「You see, the former King and the First Princess here are Pro-Demi-Humans. However, the currently ruling king is someone who has the completely opposite take on the idea of coexistence.」

「Ah…… So what you are saying here is that if those two won’t manage to reach the frontier base safe and sound, the People of the Forest might find themselves in a difficult position down the road?」

「Think about it: by maintaining a friendly relationship with the royal family, the people of the forest would manage to avoid getting turned into slaves or being treated as nothing more but pets, right? So it’s something that is worth a shot in my opinion.」

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