21. The Farthest Ends of Blue

The next morning.

「Oh, Marge-san. Are you going somewhere?」

「Yeah, just over there.」

「How many people have talked to you now?」

「8th group, 14th person.」

More than 40 mercenaries were found lying on the ground, and the Kinui post town was briefly in turmoil. Things calmed down as the story spread that “Guran the Miser waged war against a talented traveler and was spectacularly defeated.”

「The weather is nice today. It’s great that we got to meet Marge-san and the others.」

「I heard that the divine wolf has the power to cut through everything. How do you learn such an amazing skill?」

「He’s the one who cut the building, right? Does he have a girlfriend!? Oh, she’s right next to him…」

I get a lot of people talking to me just by walking down the street. Some people kept their distance, but I was surprised to find that 80% of them looked at me favorably. I wonder just

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