22. [Altora] Life’s Biggest Chance/Middle

The horse-drawn carriages that travel around town provide the best riding comfort thanks to a technology called “suspension” that combines the wisdom and skills of craftsmen. While enjoying the elegant driving style and luxurious design, Altora slowly smoked sweet wine from a lead pot. As if he was still in his hotel room.

Gordon used a two-person seat to stretch out his large body and enjoyed the sight of people walking hurriedly outside the window.

「It doesn’t feel like we’re heading to a monster subjugation area. Were treated like a noble.」

「I guess the reception has finally caught up to my “status”.」

「We’re moving fast. This is fun and exhilarating.」

Altora and the party were heading to a corner set up on the outskirts of town. They were on their way to the “Unveiling Party” for Duke and Duchess Abik, the lord who rules this entire territory, and a noble house which started with

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